I, Walked

I often walked.

In my youth. At dawn.

When the day breaks and birds chirp and flock to life.

I often walked.

To the ocean at midevening to sunset. The salty spray stinging my cheek.

I often walked.

At the first fallen snow the snap of cold rippling into my lungs.

I often walked.

Through the hot dusty roads or into the lush cavernous green.

I often walked.

And when I was told I may




the ray of sun lost its warmth and a piece of my soul did die.

But still I often walked.  Maybe with a limp.

At the first twinkle of starlight.

I often walked to merryton, in my mind, a better Bennett sister inspired in kind.

I often walked in the springtime fragrant morning.

To find the flowers wild in bloom.

I often walked, to work then back again.

I often walked, to forage for caffeinated aromatic delight.

Kept it loose. I kept it free. But I often walked toward you, forever just