Sociopathy, Identity Theft, Terrorism and Narcissism Cozy Up In Enabling San Francisco

A sociopath has stolen everything I own by moving into my lawful apartment, changing the locks, assuming my identity, and holding my personal possessions hostage. Before you assume I have done anything to bring this on myself, because that is what we do in America, I assure you I have not. This is, quite simply, a pernicious sociopath so desperate to have a home that she has stolen mine out from under me, living out her own version of “Single White Female” except she is black and I am white.

Imagine yourself in this scenario and tap into what little empathy you might have left and think critically, if possible.

The San Francisco Police, the Tenants Union, private attorneys, The Rent and Stabilization Board, and The Homeless Advocacy Project all respond in unison: a crime has been committed against me and they, along with the sociopath and her enabling accomplice (yes my roommate of over 7 years seems to prefer the company of the sociopath over me and is an accomplice to this crime), are all waiting as to what I will do to insist justice be served.

As far as the roommate, her sense of what is meaningful is somehow challenged and like most people who come in contact with a sociopath, is easily charmed. It feels good to be in the good graces of a conniving manipulative sociopath. For instance, my roommate gushes about how the sociopath makes her breakfast, but in reality the sociopath leaves her leftovers from breakfast behind, offering them graciously so my roommate will be manipulated into cleaning up the breakfast dishes the sociopath left behind. Yet, my roommate has never once shown any appreciation that I have never been late on rent in over 7 years.

Despite the sociopath making me the victim, I have all the power. I have the power because I learned over time how not to be manipulated into an emotional reaction, even when I am the victim of a violent, malevolent crime. Which this certainly is. I have gone through the various steps and necessary measures to protect myself from reacting on an emotional level so as not to do anything that might put me at more risk than I already am. For I, a middle aged woman who suffers a rare, chronic, autoimmune illness for which I occasionally undergo chemotherapy to treat, am currently homeless.

I also have all the power because I know the sociopath’s true nature. We were coworkers in 2007. Curiousity always got the best of me over the years, as she disappeared in and out of my life ( as sociopaths often do) and as she made attempts to warm up to me and as she made attempts to pull me in, I felt more like an anthropologist studying the social behavior of a sociopath rather than a friend who could offer sympathy to the ongoing plight of her life story.

This is the story I have been told: Sociopath grew up having to run from the federal government. Her mother was a drug addict and always shacking up with her dealers. Baby sociopath recalls having to leave in the dead of night to escape some sort of traumatic event, leaving her toys behind. Eventually sociopath’s mother resorted to alcoholism once the drugs became too difficult to access.

Toddler sociopath was ripped from her twin brother and her family since mother and sociopath moved into sociopath’s maternal grandparents home where things stabilized, somewhat. Sociopath did not recall that she had a twin brother, until, in her 20’s, her grandparents and mother reminded her. Sociopath attempted a relationship with father and twin brother, while fighting off incestuous advances from her step brothers and could never really relate to her twin brother, who grew up in a less stable and secure environment than sociopath did. In 2015, sociopath’s father died suddenly, and when sociopath squeezed his hand to say goodbye while he lay in hospital, sociopath’s mrsa reacted and she became covered in boils. Months after, sociopath’s twin brother committed suicide. It is no wonder sociopath admitted to me she has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and seeks treatment and is on medication for the disorder.

I have personally witnessed sociopath go from job to job, always maintaining she is the victim of some sort of workplace discrimination. I have witnessed her have to leave her various living situations which never last very long, always maintaining it was the roommates or landlords being unfair. Sociopath is an alcoholic and years ago was arrested for driving while intoxicated, and nearly killed herself and other drivers in oncoming traffic. Her car weaved off the side of the road and landed in a ditch. She was arrested and now has a DUI on her record. I know this because she told me as part of her required Alcoholics Anonymous steps of admitting honesty (I believe this is Step 9 of the 12 Step Recovery Program). Had she not been required to do this, I doubt she would have told me. Sociopaths hate to appear flawed. In her twisted mind, she actually believed I was somehow responsible for the fact that she had to humble herself and admit her flaw, for I started receiving messages from her debt collectors demanding payment for her attorney’s fees.

Sociopaths blame everyone else. They actually believe the lies they spin. Her reason for locking me out of my own home? She claims I am not trustworthy and will steal from her. How is sociopath in my lawful space to begin with? Between her last failed living arrangement and her trip to Europe she needed a temporary housing arrangement. I was away for a little while anyway, and was paid up on my rent. Why did I willfully allow sociopath into my home knowing her history? Because I am NOT a sociopath and her need seemed compelling and her desperation I pitied. I make no apology for being a human being and showing compassion, even to the most diabolical and manipulative among us.

When I cited California Penal code law and stated I know my rights and sociopath and her enabling accomplice are in violation of my right, and when I demanded they remove the locks, the sociopath’s response was to claim I was untrustworthy. I, who have consistently paid rent on time, have never caused a disturbance, and respect my neighbors, am not trustworthy apparently and therefore deserve to have my belongings held hostage to the whims of a sociopath, and have my life and my home stolen out from under me.

When sociopath and her enabling accomplice said they’d be willing to sit down in a “Godfather” -like scene of intimidation and extortion to discuss times and dates when they would allow me access to my own lawful space, and access to my legal, personal possessions my only response was “I don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

When sociopath announced she would use the police to watch over me during which times she would allow me to retrieve my belongings, the police said “She actually has it backwards. If you need our protection from her since she is clearly committing a crime, call us. You don’t need our permission to change out an illegal lock and enter into your own home.” In other words, “drill baby drill.” (I apologize for continuing to quote Republicans.)

We have all heard the same sob story ad nauseum of the unfeeling tech bro coming in and dumping millions of dollars into the coffers of greedy San Francisco landlords who illegally displace people out of their homes. This is not that story.

This is the story of a weak, manipulative, calculated sociopath, a narcissist so desperate to have a home she is willing to commit a criminal offense and put an innocent chronically disabled person in imminent danger to do so.

These are the types of scenarios San Francisco creates by celebrating the billions of dollars infused into our communities, rather than protecting the communities themselves, which leaves the most vulnerable among us either victimized by power-wielding law manipulating money makers, or victimized by the sociopaths, such as this one, who live in constant fight or flight mode and live in a state of constant extreme desperation to have some semblance of stability. The threat of homelessness is an ever present panic that grips their every moment.

San Francisco’s resources are overburdened. The measures to which I have gone to have to help myself, the hoops which I have had to jump through, the complicated system which I have had to navigate blindly, are designed to discourage people from standing up for themselves and seek justice when a crime has been committed against them.

But one thing I have learned in this process is that all of the agencies within the City have one thing in common with me: they are aware of the nature of the sociopaths that walk among us in San Francisco. And our singular agenda is the same: to expose them and flush them. Even if it means that by exposing them, it may cause us great harm. To expose a narcissistic sociopath is to put yourself at great risk. I don’t recommend it. But, I don’t recommend living in fear either.

Sociopaths are only empowered and enabled when they control you through fear.

The Willfully Ignorant Manufacture Consent for Fascism

President Barack Obama was photographed on hands and knees in the Oval Office playing funny face with a baby. The New York Times droned on about his accomplishments and how he was a class act in the face of extreme prejudice and obstructionism. The collective “awwww” of the entire nation, Republicans and Democrats alike, followed immediately with “I’m really going to miss that man,” were a unified voice of reason against the backdrop of a 2 term Glass Ceiling Shatterer: the First African American as President. This will set the precedence for the First Woman President and these are the absolutes which we shall not question.

The willfully ignorant give rise to fascism.

In his two terms, President Barack Obama had every opportunity to ratify and challenge the Crime Bill, enforced upon us by the First Clinton Administration. This bill which makes modern day slavery legal incentivized the for profit prison and police industrial complex by making it legal for the African Americans in our country to become the private cash cow for an industry largely ruled by white billionaires. Taking money from police and prison lobbyists, he fast tracked the buildout of new prisons to keep the African American community from becoming a direct threat to our job market by infiltrating our educational system thus giving them the same opportunity through education that our white students have. 2.2 million inmates, largely African American, are kept in cages and their voices and votes are muted because of this bloated bill that has allowed slavery to continue its reign upon us as it did over 150 ago. For it is estimated that each inmate is worth $30,000 — $40,000 to the prison industrial complex. Discretionary funding is poured into the coffers of this industry and the black man, as he continues to vote against his best interest, is a willfully ignorant participant in this industry to keep slavery relevant and legal. For the Civil War was not about freeing the black man from their oppressors, it was about sharing the wealth. The South were experiencing immense wealth from free labor on the backs of black men and women and the North wanted to cash in, so they exploited the idea that all humans are created equal. We know that the continued executions of black men by police, and we know that the targeting of them for the cash they produce to the industrialized police and prison complex is just business as usual, while placing us as the most militant nation on the globe. This will prevail, for you are the willfully ignorant democrat manufacturing consent for the rise of fascism. And if you are a black democrat who continues to vote in office the Barack Obama’s or the HIllary Clinton’s of the world who take money from the lobbyists for this particular industry, then you are slaves beholden to your owners, have fallen prey to propagandized ideology, have been duped by your jailers and your owners. You are not free. When you are chased in the street and shot in the face and your assassins are celebrated as heroes, and you continue to vote their employer into office then you have no one but yourselves to blame. You, along with every willfully ignorant democrat, give rise to fascism.

The willfully ignorant give rise to fascism.

Donald Trump is a ruse and a farce, a propagandized joke meant to scare us into voting for Hillary Clinton. His supporters are uneducated and unaware of the machinations and inner workings of politics. They are ignorant and emotional and lash out due to the disastrous laws that your fascist vote has allowed. But you, democrat, with your world view and your advanced education, are willfully ignorant. You would rather laugh at, and point fingers at a group of people who represent the voice of millions of Americans who have been disenfranchised. Donald Trump is not the fascist dictator that you have decided to hold up as the clownish Hitler of the modern age. He represents what you voted into office, democrat. He represents the billions of dollars that are poured into austerity programs while those you have voted into office have slashed funding for educational programs, health programs, environmental programs. You are the willfully ignorant that has given rise to fascism. And without even realizing it you proudly display this when you intelligence-shame those who stay above the fray and refuse to “ get in line” with propaganda and manufactured consent. You would prefer to repudiate click bait articles that talk about Hillary Clinton’s fat butt, rather than discuss the fact that her Vice President wants to defund Planned Parenthood, your particular liberal agenda, for example. You are petty, ignorant, wasteful of your vote, and willfully ignorant. You give rise to fascism and we are tinkering on the brink of it because of you.

The willfully ignorant give rise to fascism.

The manufactured story goes that President Barack Obama was kept bound and gagged by a Republican ruling Congress that wouldn’t allow him to pass any progressive, reformed agenda. He had the majority vote for Medicare For All, a health initiative enjoyed by modern nations across the globe. Instead he decided to shred it, throw it in the face of the American people, and opted for the program that was first designed by a right wing think tank, The Heritage Foundation. This new program, Obamacare, keeps the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and various medical industries bloated and happy, for they are his (and Hillary Clinton’s) donors. The willfully ignorant give rise to fascism as they learn from propagandized commercials how the Obamacare health program has given hope to so many underprivileged in our country. As those in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Canada might say, democratic Americans who voted for the man who shredded a superior health program in favor of a program designed to keep the medical corporations in extreme and obscene wealth have given rise to fascism.

The willfully ignorant give rise to fascism.

President Barack Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders had every opportunity to prove that they were the “class acts” we have been told they are by openly condemning the DNC and the rigged primaries. But in typical fashion, it is business as usual in the Democratic Party so they remain taciturn and glibly silent on the subject. They seem willfully ignorant of campaign sabotage, voter obstruction, electoral fraud, questionable exit polls, and they thus give rise to fascism. Senator Bernie Sanders handed his 13 million newly registered Democrat voters over to a party that willfully embraces the rise of fascism.

The willfully ignorant give rise to fascism.

In her famous AIPAC speech a few months ago Hillary Clinton spoke of her desire to rise as a fascist. Her obvious ravenous longing for power, the insidious glint in her eye as she shouted for the heads of all terrorists, was not unlike how she shouted for the head of Edward Snowden, who exposed the NSA for breaching the Constitutional rights of every American citizen. The willfully ignorant who vote for this maniacal woman who creates a vacuum of terror and decimation in everything she touches, give rise to fascism. She promised to funnel billions of US dollars and military weapons and armed support into the grabby and ever-insatiable hands of Benjamin Netanyahu, who continues to this day to violate UN treaties by occupying Palestinian land. She funnels military weapons into the hands of Saudi Arabia who then sells the weapons to terrorist organizations. But the willfully ignorant who aren’t aware that President Barack Obama has kept us at war in at least seven different regions throughout his 2 term presidency under the guise of “Operation Inherent Resolve” and is at the expense of $8 million per day and paid for in the form of American tax dollars, don’t see that Hillary Clinton will do even more of exactly the same. They will vote for her and she will be President and thus they give rise to fascism.

The willfully ignorant give rise to fascism.

The subject matter of exposed emails, the fact that Hillary Clinton unknowingly breached national security through the use of her private server, is an alarm that democrats choose to ignore, and their willful ignorance gives rise to fascism. The Iranian scientist who recently was executed by hanging for accusations of being a spy, was mentioned in multiple exposed emails on Hillary Clinton’s private unsecured server. But the willfully ignorant will somehow make excuses because they are with her and this will give rise to fascism.

The willfully ignorant give rise to fascism.

The “Stronger Together” theme that the United States will see over the next three months as Hillary Clinton plays the role of “campaigning for the President “ is the message of unity between the Democratic and Republican parties, and it is not meant for the American people for they are too stupid to see its true meaning, but meant for the world at large.

The willfully ignorant do not see this manufactured rise of fascism, for this theme is the message of party Unity: the United States is a war profiteering mangler of human rights, a corrupted society that manufactures consent through fear mongering and Brand Clinton while capitalism runs rough shod over the American people, especially the middle class; it runs amok, wildly exploiting our civil liberties while maintaining a global military presence for no other reason than to keep the industry alive and thriving, in continued destruction of our planet and people and peace.

Oh, but look at that cute picture of Hillary holding her grandbaby. Or, that cute photo of Barack making funny face to a baby in the Oval Office. Emotional manipulation of my vote is more important than manufactured consent for the rise of populism, and fascism.

Vote for Jill Stein as if your life depended on it, because it does. ( Or don’t and remain willfully ignorant of manufacturing consent for fascism.