From us with love

it would come to this

the art

of the takeaway

architecture in faces

grounded in those spaces

solemnly step and wait

and wait

and wait

he makes diplomacy average

A lyrical step

As gentle as a souslik








The Great Con of 2016

It seems as if every evangelical Christian out there has been conned and is dancing with deception.  They made up the majority voters who cast their ballot for Donald Trump and just squarely served the very thing the Bible warns about: false prophets.

The true Christian in me feels deep sympathy and concern for them.  I can’t blame them.  The disenfranchised, the poor, like the mother who posted an ad on Craigslist to shame herself publicly just so her kids could have Christmas  ( ), felt they had no other choice but to vote for the greatest con man of 2016.

“But Trump is a great businessman, ” they might argue.  Great businessmen don’t file bankruptcy multiple times to avoid paying taxes and short change their employees and dry up the surrounding small businesses, causing an entire community to be left without jobs or without opportunity.  He learned this skill from the Walton empire ( Wal-Mart) actually.  And that is the very definition of NOT great.  “But he wants to reverse Roe v. Wade,” they beam.  No, that’s his insidious woman-hating, poverty encouraging, closeted Vice President who wants to do that.  Trump himself  is actually pretty liberal, being that he was a lifelong Democrat and just became a Republican to run for POTUS.  Face it.  You’ve been conned.

How is it that we have the capacity to help the woman who reached out on Craigslist but we don’t have the capacity to vote in our best interest?    This is THE con of 2016:  that it’s our job, not the government’s job, to take care of each other.  Never in my life have I seen more gofundme accounts, or more desperate pleas for money for survival than I have seen in 2016.  Why do we even have lobbyists, Congress, politicians and elections?   If you’ve been conned into believing that our votes matter then why did Eddie Vedder have to come to this woman’s rescue when he handed her a $10,000 check so she could get up to date on her house payments?    You’ve been conned into thinking that a government that is regulated by the people and for the people, and has social programs set up to help people get an affordable education , or offer free or affordable healthcare is somehow embarrassing or un-American.  It’s embarrassing and un-American when nearly 60% of the wealth trickles up to just a handful of people leaving billions of us struggling.  It’s embarrassing and un-American when our elected officials who are meant to protect us from an oligarchy are emboldened by it.

This isn’t an article celebrating the human kindness of Eddie Vedder.  This is an article about being conned.   It’s not Eddie Vedder’s job to rescue this woman, nor is it mine, or yours or anyone else’s.  But the leaders of our free world think it is, in fact they’re on record as saying it’s “uniquely American” to do things like work 3 jobs just to make ends meet, so that you can secure a financial future for yourself and the children you never see.

There’s been a systematic con of the American Dream for the last 40 years as the wealthy get wealthier, and the poor get poorer.  Half of the United States  of America lives in extreme poverty.   This is not normal.  Truly socially democratic countries are wondering when we are going to wake up to this con, this hijacking of our future, and this exploitation of the American Dream.

You have been conned and in 2016 there was no hiding this fact. Donald Trump is President Elect, and although he has not been sworn in yet, it looks like we’re out of Hail Mary’s. A lot of people right now will say, “Thanks a lot electoral college!”

Your next 2016 con was when you realized your vote didn’t even count. That it all just boils down to about 538 men and women, who can make or break the state they hail from. They’re called the electoral college and they have what’s important: the power to elect the next President.  If their entire state they represent voted for Hillary Clinton they have the power to say “What? You thought your vote mattered?!? Bwaahahahahaha!” , then they can vote for whoever they want.  That is a con.   It’s why some people want to do away with the electoral college and make it a one-person, one-vote system.  The con with that though is that California and New York, the two most heavily populated states in the country would then hold sway every single time, and every single time it would be a Democrat elected into office (because they always vote blue) , and that’s not democracy in action.  That’s giving way too much power to one or two states.

Let’s talk about power. Who has it. Who thinks they have it. Who really has it. Who wants it. The corporate entities that work with lobbyists to pass eradication of policy that would help and lift up the American people into a thriving healthy economy are the people who have the power. Those corporate entitities and the lobbyists who serve them hate you.  If you think otherwise you’ve been conned.  They just hate you and they want you destroyed. Accept that.

The politicians that are voted into offices throughout this country from your state Senator to your county’s school superintendent don’t really have any power. They have opinion. And opinion doesn’t really get anything done. They think they have power. That’s cute. They don’t. You voted for them and they took power and they ran for their office because they wanted it (power).   This is evidenced through the crisis in Flint, Michigan.  Thousands of children are brain damaged because the people they voted into office decided to make the executive decision to turn off the valves to the clean potable water that filters through the households of Flint.  The people of Flint, Michigan were conned and paid a big price for it.  It’s why the state of Michigan had such record low turnout at the polls this last November.  They weren’t so much interested in a fascist conman or a corporatist conwoman, they were more interested in  getting their local conmen and conwomen out of office.

The President of the United States of America doesn’t even have all that much power. It’s Congress that has the power as far as getting stuff done. Who really has the power though? You do. The voter and the citizen. This may be the single most greatest con of your life, let alone 2016: you’ve been told you don’t have power, but actually you have all the power. You have the power to legislate, you have the power to convince, you have the power to stay woke, and you have the power to organize and you have the power to push back. If you can step away from mainstream media for a minute or ignore your self made pathetic drama in your life, and start thinking about what’s really important you can initiate that power and the potential for improvement  is right there.  The fact is there are more of us than them.  Don’t be conned into thinking Stockholm Syndrome is the way a functioning democracy works.  It’s not functioning and it doesn’t work.

There are a multitude of one-off issues that seem to act as distractions to the great con of 2016.    But the number one issue is the racist rhetoric and racist behavior that takes over our social media and our social conscience day in and day out.    We all have our political agendas and issues.   Mine is income inequality and political income initiative.  All of the problems that we face in our country today:  the targeting of the black and brown man by police, the lack of affordable higher education, the lack of healthcare, the fact that so many of our communities especially in the south and throughout middle America look like bombed out third world countries, the environmental issues that beleaguer our world and communities all comes down to the political income initiative.  The con is to distract you from that one basic truth.

If you shut yourself off to the rhetoric, and the emotionally charged videos that rile you up when you see massive police brutality or when you watch the Aleppo devastation, you can simplify it down and not fall for the con.    Simplicity is the key to a successful life and if you want a successful democracy then you must simplify it to one issue, and mine is the political income initiative, or income inequality.  This initiative does not benefit you.  It benefits those that run the corporate interests, like those that sit on the board or hold the position of CEO,  that pull the strings of our democracy.  And it benefits the puppets that are manipulated by the strings they pull.

I have to wonder about the people that have been conned into believing that it’s perfectly acceptable:  this systemic targeting of the black and brown community by the militarized police force in our country.  I wonder if there are any critical thinkers out there that see this targeting and mass incarceration as a direct correlation to our unmoving and stagnating minimum wage, despite studies that prove our federal minimum wage should be about three times where it currently sits.

What does the fact that we are the most incarcerated nation in the modern world have to do with the minimum wage?  It has everything to do with the minimum wage.    To target the black and brown community and throw them in these for profit prisons we can keep our labor force at an all time low by hiring prison labor at less than $.22 an hour and the corporate interests that run our country can keep widening the income gap between the very rich and the very poor.    In fact, our wages are so low that a billionaire in a communist country (China) wants to move his manufacturing business to the USA, to save money. (

This is why it’s so crucial to keep this minimum wage dialogue relevant and out in front.  Don’t be conned into thinking it will kill your local economy.  You don’t have to be a billionaire investment genius to know that if people make money, they spend money, thus lubricating the local economy.    If corporations spend money to keep their employees living on a survivable wage then maybe the for profit prison industry which banks on prisoners to keep their slave labor relevant and in competition for a global manufacturing market, will start to crack a little around the edges.  Don’t be conned into thinking that everyone who is in prison deserves to be there.  Human beings are disposable money makers.  The roundup of African Americans and other minorities in our community is modern day slavery in motion.  It’s America.  If you think you’re free, you’ve been conned.  All it takes is one signature for the law to change.

Speaking of signatures.. Let’s look at this latest distracting con.  Barack Obama, over the last few months, has pardoned more non violent offenders than any other president in history.   These are people who have served long prison terms for offenses that have gone out of style.  For instance, in a lot of states it’s legal to hold a weapon or it’s legal to hold a certain amount of marijuana.    These people were thrown in jail and are serving decades for such offenses.  Since they’ve been incarcerated the laws have changed.  These are not murderers or worse.  These are just normal people that were walking from point a to point b and happened to find themselves victimized by a system that banks on their incarceration.  Keep in mind that that the for profit prison  industry is often funded by the federal government and for every prisoner incarcerated and booked into the system that officer, or judge or county gets incentivized.  So once the prisoner is in, it makes no difference to them if he gets pardoned.     After all, they already got paid.  So what happens to all those empty beds?  Not to worry, Obama has that covered.  (This is where the distracting con comes in so you might want to pay attention).

On Christmas Eve Eve Barack Obama signed legislation offering more incentives to our military under the National Defense Authorization Act.  What’s wrong with that?  Nothing.  My brother is a commander in the armed forces and I want him and his family to have financial security.  It’s the language within this legislation that should give you pause for thought crime.

The dystopian sounding “Global Engagement Center…”

“…shall be to lead, synchronize, and coordinate efforts of the Federal Government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United States national security interests.” (

I suppose if you’re not doing anything to undermine USA security interests you should be ok, right?  But what if this article I’m writing right here could be considered an undermining of national security interests?  The problem with the language in this is that it targets anyone who has a differing opinion other than the manufactured rhetoric that is meant to manufacture consent.  Remember how frustrated you felt when you wrote Bernie in despite your deep blue democratic friends chastising you and unfriending you for not voting for Hillary?  Remember when you voted for Jill Stein and were called a commie?  The language in this legislation makes it so that your friends and family can target you and call you out for having a different political agenda.   And now Barack Obama, your President who you are going to miss so much, just signed into action the single most damning threat to our First Amendment Rights and freedom of the press.

I know of what I speak.  I had an injunction placed on me because I wrote an anonymous story on Medium where I explained, again in anonymous terms, the illegal and outrageous behavior of my landlord and subletter.

If a self proclaimed deep blue democrat, the first openly gay judge to sit on this particular San Francisco bench can affect my civic freedoms for something so innocent and innocuous, then what of the larger publications out there who have greater influence than me?

This, not Donald Trump, not the stolen election from Bernie Sanders, is the greatest con of the 2016 election.    You have the right to think differently, to think aloud, to write about it, you have the right to offer a differing opinion and illustrate that in whatever form you need:  through activism, through writing, through creative artwork, through stage readings, through the medium of media and the entertainment industry.

This legislation as part of the National Defense Authoritization Act enacted by the Administration of Barack Obama , is now in the hands of a demagogic man who may or may not overturn it.    You have been conned.  And it is your moral imperative to criticize that con, to offend the administration that wants to punish you for not falling in line, and consenting to the con.  You have a right to criticize the world around you.  Throughout history, these criticisms have been instrumental in progress and movement.  Don’t let fear con you into remaining silent, taciturn or even believing in the lie of the con.

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when Chief signed it on the eve of Christmas Eve we had our Orwellian manifesto

and I wondered of Moscow, steeped in snow, would the river swell, the Red Square scare?




You have to abandon it

release and free fall from it


the prayer, the man, the will, the thought and  awareness of it

you have to neglect it

trash it

destroy it

negate it

for only then can you

survive it

lose hope

gain flight


It is very Godless, earth-less, us-less. Swallowing sound, noiseless. At its worst it is serene, temperate and hinder-less. Beneath its surface lifeless. It is faithless, passion-less, at times systemic. Scientific crystalline precipitation harmonizes, yet human-less.


I’d like it if you jumped

jump out of this frame

back in time

forward in motion

arms out

sever your connection and


really jump

A consciously rebellious leap flipping the finger to Life

Fall off the mainframe of the

Constant Surveillance State

fly under it undetected

essentially dead

I’d like it if you jumped


This awful amalgamation of everything all at once

This exciting recyclery purified and extracted that same unexplored and uninhibited


This untapped mannerism

Holding guitars now holding infants now holding carbon emissions

It’s a glint but not the same glint not when


is captured in its crystallized rainbow stint

Seems the same With all transference and transferable affection

but on the face of it or you or him or them


Injunction Junction What’s Your Function

This week ( week of December 15, 2016) is the week to file my motion to appeal the one year injunction that has been placed on me.

It will cost $1,000 and will take about a year to navigate through the SF court system, and there is no guarantee the injunction will be lifted. Since it takes a year, and the injunction is for only a year, it seemed a waste of money and a waste of time and emotional energy. This is our democracy at work, set up to keep you from defending your freedoms.

I can actually afford the cost but what of other innocents out there that cannot ? They become enslaved and chained to a system emboldened by corruption.

The emotional toll that has taken place has been a cancer on me. First, I was unlawfully locked out of my home, with all my possessions still inside, for nearly two months. The agony of not knowing if I would ever see all of my property and cherished items I’ve collected over a lifetime was a nightmare, literally.

This was a horror film in slow motion as I witnessed my landlord who I paid rent to diligently and faithfully for 7 years decided, on a whim, to keep me from my home and threaten me with police action should I try to retrieve my belongings.

The person she conspired with, a troubled friend who I had given refuge many times over the 10 years I’ve known her as she faced eviction after eviction for whatever reason, both fabricated a detailed story and convinced the SF civil courts that I was to be restrained, and an injunction was placed on me. She has a history of throwing roommates, friends, employers under the bus of the civil system when she doesn’t get her way.

It was a mistake to ever let her in my life.

My mother had to fly in to SF from out of state to help my partner retrieve my property.

Never in a million years would I ever expect that such evil would exist in people I had grown to trust and who I had been there for in their times of need. I was a faithful tenant and friend.

I took to a blogging platform to detail my frustrations and horrors at the situation in anonymous terms. And the judge placed the injunction on me because of my anonymous writing, failing to even acknowledge that for months I had been actively living this anxiety ridden nightmare. He made a situation that was unbearable, practically unlivable by branding me a “criminal” and placing an injunction on me.

I contemplated suicide. My mother and my partner, who also happens to be my hero and the love of my life, flew into action and stood up to the bullying landlord and former friend who were using the court system to further ruin my life. Thoughts of ending my life evolved into a plan of action, which is to tell my story to anyone and everyone I can.

San Francisco is a City that makes fertile soil for sociopaths, narcissists and sycophants who live in desperate conditions, clinging to the fantasy of solvency and stability in a city where income disparity widens the gap and homelessness is at an all time high.

My next step is to file a formal complaint against the judge and work within the legal system to to file for damages due to being unlawfully locked out of my unit.

Here is the video I did.

Now more than ever our Constitutional protections are in a brittle, fragile state, dangling in the balance.

History is Made Today

#nodapl #waterislife

The news broke today…

Thousands upon thousands descended upon the Dakota territory months ago and continued to pile in in droves to fight the #dakotaaccesspipeline .

For the first time in our nation’s history indigenous peoples of all tribes and all walks came together to fight the pipeline. There are hundreds of Native American tribes that are still in existence in our country and the leaders of these tribes met in solidarity of a singular purpose: protect the sacred Sioux land and protect the water that millions of Americans rely on.

Non-indigenous people and indigenous people fought together against the incessant brutality of The Morton county sheriffs department who used attack dogs, rubber bullets, water cannons and concussion grenades to scatter those who came together in prayer, peaceful assembly and citizenry. One citizen had her arm blown off and many others suffered vision loss and painful beatings and unconstitutional incarceration , and some were thrown in dog kennels unsure of their release date. Some have been jailed for months and have yet to be released. The powers that be that control the moneyed interests behind the pipeline tried to use intimidation and fear mongering brute force to keep the citizens down and to scare them away.

Journalists descended upon the area and started doing their job which is to inform the American people about what is happening in the Dakota territory. These journalists were threatened with decades long imprisonment , or worse, were charged with the crime of journalism.

Over 3,500 veterans who have dedicated their lives in service to our country descended upon the territory a couple of days ago, to provide a shield to the citizens and indigenous people who are braving the brutal weather conditions and the brutal beatings – this charge led by Tulsi Gabbard, an Iraq War vet.

Bernie Sanders andJill Stein, Van Jones and Jordan Chariton just to name a few, spoke openly and consistently about the environmental dangers of this pipeline. Multiple veterans went live on social media and gave truthful, wrenching poignant accounts of the environmental dangers and impact the pipeline will have on millions of Americans.

Today Barack Obama went public and made good on his 2014 promise to protect the Missouri River and the indigenous land and halted the last permit to push the pipeline through. The Army Core of Engineers has acquiesced to this decision.

He would not have made this decision if the moral outrage of our entire nation hadn’t come together and demanded the pipeline be stopped. Civil disobedience and activism and standing up for the moral imperative of our nation is a responsibility many , like my friend Ed Higgins, Rose Aguilar and Chris Hedges are not afraid to take on.

I hope Donald J. Trump can step away from his Twitter account and reflect humbly on how history has been made. But I can almost guarantee you will never read about this historical moment in our nation because it does not reflect the corporate interests that control our government.

But for today, it was a victory .

People : 1
Corporate structures of power that have seized our democracy : 0