Injunction Junction What’s Your Function

This week ( week of December 15, 2016) is the week to file my motion to appeal the one year injunction that has been placed on me.

It will cost $1,000 and will take about a year to navigate through the SF court system, and there is no guarantee the injunction will be lifted. Since it takes a year, and the injunction is for only a year, it seemed a waste of money and a waste of time and emotional energy. This is our democracy at work, set up to keep you from defending your freedoms.

I can actually afford the cost but what of other innocents out there that cannot ? They become enslaved and chained to a system emboldened by corruption.

The emotional toll that has taken place has been a cancer on me. First, I was unlawfully locked out of my home, with all my possessions still inside, for nearly two months. The agony of not knowing if I would ever see all of my property and cherished items I’ve collected over a lifetime was a nightmare, literally.

This was a horror film in slow motion as I witnessed my landlord who I paid rent to diligently and faithfully for 7 years decided, on a whim, to keep me from my home and threaten me with police action should I try to retrieve my belongings.

The person she conspired with, a troubled friend who I had given refuge many times over the 10 years I’ve known her as she faced eviction after eviction for whatever reason, both fabricated a detailed story and convinced the SF civil courts that I was to be restrained, and an injunction was placed on me. She has a history of throwing roommates, friends, employers under the bus of the civil system when she doesn’t get her way.

It was a mistake to ever let her in my life.

My mother had to fly in to SF from out of state to help my partner retrieve my property.

Never in a million years would I ever expect that such evil would exist in people I had grown to trust and who I had been there for in their times of need. I was a faithful tenant and friend.

I took to a blogging platform to detail my frustrations and horrors at the situation in anonymous terms. And the judge placed the injunction on me because of my anonymous writing, failing to even acknowledge that for months I had been actively living this anxiety ridden nightmare. He made a situation that was unbearable, practically unlivable by branding me a “criminal” and placing an injunction on me.

I contemplated suicide. My mother and my partner, who also happens to be my hero and the love of my life, flew into action and stood up to the bullying landlord and former friend who were using the court system to further ruin my life. Thoughts of ending my life evolved into a plan of action, which is to tell my story to anyone and everyone I can.

San Francisco is a City that makes fertile soil for sociopaths, narcissists and sycophants who live in desperate conditions, clinging to the fantasy of solvency and stability in a city where income disparity widens the gap and homelessness is at an all time high.

My next step is to file a formal complaint against the judge and work within the legal system to to file for damages due to being unlawfully locked out of my unit.

Here is the video I did.

Now more than ever our Constitutional protections are in a brittle, fragile state, dangling in the balance.

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