Green or Bust

Our congress “which is the equivalent of a coterie of half-wits, criminals, racists and deviants who play the role of the Snopes clan in William Faulkner’s novels “The Hamlet,” “The Town” and “The Mansion.”

The Snopeses rose up out of the power vacuum of the decayed South and ruthlessly seized control from the degenerated aristocratic elites.

Flem Snopes and his extended family—which includes a killer, a pedophile, a bigamist, an arsonist, a mentally disabled man who copulates with a cow, and a relative who sells tickets to witness the bestiality—are fictional representations of the scum we have elevated to the highest level of the federal government.” (Chris Hedges)

The grotesque visage that is Steve Bannon’s influence on the useful idiot (the currently installed figurehead) is a stark and eye opening comparison to what’s happened in the Netherlands as our officially ranked Flawed Democracy flaunts its hypocrisy in the form of political theatrics. Russia, Trump’s taxes and a travel ban all take center stage as we celebrate hypocrisy and propaganda in this new era of McCarthyism.

We are gibberish-ey and arrogantly stupid and give rise to fascism as we allow ourselves to be manipulated by main stream media’s constant stream of garbage duopoly rhetoric with The Rachel Maddow Show at the helm.

Meanwhile in actual functioning democracies *my* Party has quadrupled its presence in Parliament.

We must be mocked and ridiculed and spoken about in hushed tones as the problem country full of imbecilic inbreds and magical thinkers that wishes away our human rights to healthcare and privacy. We must be pitied and looked down upon as insufferable children as the constant, pernicious policies of neoliberalism have corrupted every facet of our lives and choked our environment and polluted our rivers and oceans. Even the Christian Party in the Netherlands believes in climate science for Christ’s sake.

And we must be shunned as we vote for these policies because we allow ” feel your pain” democrats to throw fringe-ey rhetoric at us and like overgrown children with ADHD we are incapable of actually focusing on policy.

Wake up slaves. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are both exactly the same – they exist as the useful puppets to a tiny cabal of oligarchs and elites who have devised a pollutant future for you and your children. You are nothing more than a blight to their vision and you are of zero use to their ultimate plan.

As always, the Green Party is on the right side of history. Get on board. They are your only real, honest hope.