BART! (audio)


View of the inside one of BART’s new train cars during a media tour at the South Hayward BART station in Hayward, Calif., on Monday, July 24, 2017. BART is in the process of replacing its 669 train cars with 775 new ones by the end of 2021. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Los Angeles criminalizes sleeping in your car.  People who live and work in Los Angeles spend a third of their time in their car.  With the cost of living rising, more and more people need to work two or three jobs to make ends meet.  Between each job, they may need to pull over, get a little sleep in their car for about an hour or so, before heading to the next job.

Taking its cue from this new law in Los Angeles, BART wages war on the sleepy, to the tune of billions in tax payer dollars.  Click the link below to listen to my 15 minute audio:


Hyperbole (audio)


Espousing fantastic-hyperbole or hysterical-rhetoric as a way to support your point or lead into subject matter that is actually legitimate, loses your audience.

Three (audio)

The three characteristics to look out for when someone is about ready to take everything from you.

1. Love-bombing

2. Ghosting

3. Attacking

Listen to the 10 minute audio:



I started to wear roses

every varietal of roses

and at Jad I swore I scented the tail end trail of roses

today she took all the roses

To divest from the dahlias

And make way for more streetlamp shaped roses

And with or without the little swoosh

it’s still

coming up roses