Omnibus (audio)


The American people were thrown under the Omnibus. We talk about Trump’s theatrics around his reluctance to sign it and how the American people might fare after being run over by this legislative dumpster fire. Note: there are more mixed metaphors in the description than in the audio.

Moonrock (audio)

Example of a moon rock… or is it?


Pieces of the moon were handed out to 120 countries and told that they were actual moon rocks. As it turned out these specimens were petrified wood. So if the specimens distributed to 120 countries were not actually moon rocks, what does that say about the moon landing itself?

Noticer (audio)


Noticing things is a double-edged sword. In this current “snitch-culture” we are asked to report things we notice that are out of the ordinary. However, if you notice something and talk about things people don’t want you to, then, there can be a problem… for you.

Bullying 2.0 (audio)

Bullying 2.0

Bullying has taken on a new meaning in today’s digital age. Alternative news and information content creators are now being accused of bullying by simply speaking the truth, which is not the mainstream narrative.