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Patricia Negron gives one of the most comprehensive  explanations on 5G I’ve ever heard. Patricia goes live on Facebook at noon (US East coast time) every day and discusses the latest in political and cultural appropriations, offering insight due to her own professional experience.

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5G explanation by Patricia Negron 

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We dish on the latest, bizarre attack in Toronto and its most likely fabricated movement of frustrated young men that are behind it.
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In this piece we reference the attached article from The Southern Poverty Law Center


This is Frisco, Bitch!


San Francisco is a crazy place. Very corrupt. Very much the west coast version of DC.  Here are a few unknown factoids that might give you pause for thought the next time you think about moving to or visiting The City By The Bay.

In the 1970s, a district supervisor, Dan White, murdered San Francisco mayor, George Moscone and Harvey Milk, a district supervisor. White’s plan was premeditated, as he had avoided the recently installed metal detectors by climbing through a window of Moscone’s office.

His plan was to also murder California Assemblyman Willie Brown (who eventually became mayor) and Carol Ruth Silver, also a district supervisor at the time.

Charged with a double murder of two politicians, and attempted murder of two others, the stellar justice system here in San Francisco let White off with “manslaughter.” And he was sentenced to just 7 years in prison.

How does one get away with a double murder in broad daylight with multiple witnesses?

Because the day before, our murderer had ingested too many Twinkie’s and was not in his right mind.  Hence, law students everywhere learn of the value and highest standard of legal gymnastics by hoping one day they too can argue the “Twinkie Defense”.

An adult nightclub in San Francisco, called the Mitchell Brothers , still in existence today, has a sordid beginning. One Mitchell Brother, Jim, murdered the other, Arty, in broad daylight and totally got away with it.

The San Francisco jury rejected the murder charge and found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter.  Former Chief of Police Frank Jordan who later became Mayor, spoke on behalf of the murderer Mitchell and begged for clemency on his behalf.

This is probably because Jordan, like many politicians and moneyed interest folks, had visited Mitchell’s various seedy massage parlors, drug dens, adult nightclubs and underground gambling parties. Mitchell knew everyone’s secrets and could expose many skeletons in many high end closets. Because in San Francisco it is not only who you know but what you know about who you know.  How else can a murderer get away with just a few short years in prison after murdering his own brother in cold blood?

You’ve probably heard of various reports over the years where people who attempt to give food to the homeless or needy are often targeted by police and even arrested for their Good Samaritan efforts.  The very first case of this terrible crime of empathy took place right here in San Francisco.
In 1988, then mayor Art Agnos, began the first known case of keeping the hungry hungry by targeting “Food Not Bombs”, a non profit known for sharing free vegan and vegetarian food with others, and arrested 9 do-gooders, including the co-founder of “Food Not Bombs,” Keith McHenry.

Despite Agnos’ progressive policies, he was more interested in suppressing “Food Not Bombs”, preferring to promote his own policies of targeting hunger and homelessness, and putting a stop to self organization and direct action.

And Frank Jordan, yes that same Frank Jordon who begged for clemency on behalf of murderer Jim Mitchell, continued Mayor Agnos’ policies of targeting San Franciscans who want to feed the hungry.  Thanks San Francisco!  You have set the precedence for the national laws that are now in place to arrest and criminalize people who feed the hungry.  Proud moment indeed!

Have you ever wondered where the term “Drank the Kool-Aid” came from?  It seems to be something that you here all over social media.  You often here people say, “This person drank the kool-aid and they believe the lie,” or something like that.

This actually comes from a very real place,  in a very specific example of a group of people who drank actual real Kool-Aid, and believed a man who told them a bold faced lie.  Many bold faced lies.  Or, so the Kool-Aid story goes.

Jim Jones, a man who started a church in San Francisco called The People’s Temple, convinced 909 of his parishioners and their children to leave their home and move to Guyana and live a communal life free of oppression and control of the government where they worked with each other in an actual functioning democratic society where mutual aid, respect of ideas and living off the land were the basic tenets and requirements of living this existence in a place called Jonestown.

Since Jones was able to convince the 909 parishioners to move all the way to the remote island of Guyana, it’s not difficult to believe he could also convince them to drink cup after cup of a Kool-Aid cocktail of drugs, including cyanide.  Men, women and children died after drinking the Kool-Aid.

Some actually believe that Jones and his followers, who wanted only to live away from the oppression of the government and live free of modern society, were targeted by government officials who became concerned that his ideology of living a life outside of the control of the government was becoming too popular, too fast.  Some speculate that the deaths of these people were actually at the hands of the State, and not by the hands of the magnanimous leader.

Some people drink the Kool-Aid about this story, and some don’t.  But either way, when you hear someone saying “Stop drinking the Kool-Aid,” you can think about San Franciscan Jim Jones and his followers and ask yourself, “Who gave them the Kool-Aid to drink in the first place?”  And have we all drunk the Kool-Aid in general about everything we know about this story and many others like it?

San Francisco is known for its alleged progressive politics.  But what it should be known for is its duplicity.  On July 4, 2013, in a disingenuous gesture of solidarity with our Fourth Amendment right to privacy, San Francisco held a protest demanding “NSA go away!” and “Restore the Fourth today!”  Clad in typical San Francisco “protest” attire that is somehow a strange combination of the ridiculous and couture, one always has to wonder how much those who actually develop and modify the apps and technology in San Francisco which are designed to do nothing more than track our digital footprint and offer a lens into our personal and private lives, are genuinely and meaningfully giving any creditability to these protests.

Protests in general in San Francisco  are nothing more than an excuse to party in the street, and don’t represent the real meaning of protesting.  They are police-authorized and police controlled, they have scheduled Eventbrite invitations, Facebook groups, and all the pretty signs can be found on thousands of Instagram pages.  When I chatted with someone who is participating in the years-long protest “Nuit Debout” (Up All Night)  based out of Paris, France, they laughed and said “That’s not a protest.  That sounds like a party.”  Protests are meant to inspire change, to put the fear of God into legislatures who don’t submit to the will of the people.  They are meant to disrupt, make life difficult for those who go along with the policy that continues to oppress the citizenry.  For instance, Nuit Debout was able to shut down the Eiffel Tower when its workers refused to go to work and joined the movement to demand their labor protections stay in tact.  I can’t imagine all the cable car workers in San Francisco just refusing to go to work one day and standing in solidarity with, say, for instance, hotel workers who are demanding a fair wage.

The only real protest that comes close to this and could be considered a success is the regular, once a month bicycle protest called Critical Mass.   It satisfies because it draws the ire of just about everyone in the community, especially the citizens who refuse to exit their murder machines, also known as cars.

San Francisco is synonymous with the tech industry and is responsible for coining the term “disruptive technology.”  These hero disrupters glad-hand their way through Silicon Valley and force the closure of City streets, like in the yearly SalesForce event.

You can hear their voices drone on in robotic unison, lifting up the power-phrase “I’m here to make the world a better place.”  As these robotic disrupters awkwardly amble in and out of Uber and Lyft, two Saudi Arabian funded transportation businesses that have gutted the taxi industry, San Francisco is the place of millennial play dates with their boutique dogs in tow, their entitle-ism and strange anti-social awkwardness where genuine, sentient connections based on organic meetings are whispered of in secret.

The fact that I met a man in San Francisco organically and in person, not through a dating app, and the fact that we actually married each other is the stuff of legend in San Francisco, CA.  I am the last of my kind in this town.

With its reputation for its total disregard for respect of privacy, and its mounting homeless population, which is a sign of crony tech capitalism, the last thing San Francisco wanted to be known for was its brutal murder of unarmed men of color, at the hands of the San Francisco Police.

Unfortunately, Police Chief Greg Suhr had other plans. After he was appointed, suddenly San Francisco saw an upturn in murders of unarmed men of color by police officers.  This was starting to make its way into mainstream media and make the local politicians nervous.  It took 5 men, now known as The Frisco Five, to starve themselves for 15 days while simultaneously demanding that Greg Suhr step down, which he eventually did.     Sad that it took negative media coverage, embarrassed politicians and having to starve oneself in order to fix the systemic problem that seems to be on the rise in the country, with no signs of slowing down.

Ferry building with vintage street cars

San Francisco is home to the new version of the First Amendment.  Countless voices that don’t pander to a left-of-center, democratic sentiment are shut down by Twitter, which is based in San Francisco, CA, and which building I pass nearly every day, and Google which owns YouTube, and of course Facebook, which has strong ties to DARPA and the various unconstitutional agencies that spy on you like the NSA, also based in the San Francisco Bay Area.   These Big Three giants of industry, are recording, storing, targeting, and assimilating their attack on practically everyone on the planet.  This is all so that you can put a puppy dog nose on your Instagram photo and ignore their pernicious agendas.

These tech and social media giants strong arm their position and hoist their power over genuine voices that question official narratives.  Many innocent people who only want an opportunity to tell their story, or speak in a language that offers insight different than the official channels of “insight” that is demanded we obey, have found their various social media accounts shut down and destroyed, with no explanation from the tech gestapo that shuns these digital activists.

And these two giant tech companies are supported by an installed, not voted in,  San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Judge Joe Quinn, who has laughed at, placed restraining orders on, and abused his power to target these voices of dissent.  And if these voices of dissent attempt to appeal Quinn’s unscrupulous decision handed down in San Francisco Civil Courts, they are met with a brick wall, for they have to face his husband in the Appellate Court.

Looks like San Francisco has all their bases covered to screw you out of your First Amendment right and will target and punish you for using your voice.  Do you have all your bases covered?

San Francisco, CA can only be described as very pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside.  Disingenuous, robotic, unscrupulous, corrupt, paid off, murderous, and a highly dysfunctional caste system has everyone easily played.

The only thing good to come out of San Francisco is Anton LeVay, who founded the Church of Satan right here in San Francisco.  The main tenets of the Church of Satan is they are vehemently against corporal punishment, which means that no parent who belongs to this church will spank or raise a hand to their child, or any child.   That’s pretty righteous in my opinion.