Trish & Bish

Just about every day I tune in to The Trish and Bish Show on Facebook.  Despite increased surveillance on the social media site and constant feed interruptions, these two citizens remain diligent in their dedication to sharing their knowledge and insight with the world.

Patricia Negron and Albert Bishai have made it their number one priority to create open, truthful, critical thinking dialogue and share it out.  In their show, there are no scripts, no controlled talking points and certainly no partisan viewpoints.  All that is required of their audience is an open-ness to discover and embrace information, even if that information makes one uncomfortable.

Now that the United States media has a legal right to lie to and propagandize to the American citizenry though the Smith Mundt Modernization Act, passed by Barack Obama in his last term of office we need open, honest and truthful dialogue more than ever.  Trish and Bish recognize this crucial need and stepped into the foray, along with  many other podcasters, at exactly the right time.

We are in the throes of transparency and enlightenment right now and knowledge is the number one threat to the State.  The general zeitgeist movement of citizen podcasting is at an all time high.

Sometimes these two spar and disagree with each other and that makes for healthy analysis of the world around us.   There is laughter, tears and an indignant righteous anger over the mounting injustices in the world.

Here is a snippet of their show from Wednesday, May 23, 2018:

Trish & Bish

Theranos (audio)

How a little blood kit could have democratized healthcare.  Instead its proprietor, Elizabeth Holmes, became the scapegoat of the industry.