Media: How can we distract the citizens from our economic crisis which is just around the corner? Will you wear this jacket?

Melania Trump:  No problem.  Maybe it will inspire people?



Separating Children From Families (audio)

In this 19 minute segment I wonder about the selective outrage being orchestrated by social and mainstream media.  I discuss the long term agenda that is orchestrated when children are allowed to be brainwashed by adults.

Listen: Separating Children From Families

I also reference this NPR article which exists for one purpose: to placate us by normalizing the real agenda of Casa Padre, thus we become complicit in the long term goal.




CA DNA 1983


If you or someone you know was born in California after 1983, then your DNA has been stored.

Were you made aware?  If so, did you consent? What could be the reason for storing every Californian’s DNA for the last 25 years plus?  Who benefits from this? Is this warranted or warrantless? What if your DNA could be attributed to a crime you had nothing to do with? What are the Constitutional protections regarding the taking of Californians’ DNA?  What are the moral implications? What are they doing with your DNA?  What are the names of the institutions or biological companies or scientific companies that are storing your DNA?  What if your DNA was being used as a biological weapon somehow?

If this doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, then you have already given up your sense of self, your actuality and your autonomy.

I’ve taken a couple minutes to talk about this.  Please listen and share this post and start the discussion:

After 1983 every Californian’s DNA is being stored 

Here is the local article for reference :


Suicide In Headlines – Sane Progressive (audio)

The original title of this was “Suicide In Headlines – As Fearmongering On Mentally Ill Becomes Weapon for Rights Revocation”

This 90 minute audio was captured off a livestream Facebook video on June 10, 2018.  The original video generated over 13,000 views, roughly 540 comments and approximately 300 shares.

Based on that activity alone, we can see that this is a topic that people are open to discussing.  In this video, Debbie Lusignan, also known as Sane Progressive warns of the more sinister agenda at play:  weaponization of the mentally ill by the State.  The media exploits our natural born tendency toward empathy to support the will of the State.

She speaks candidly on the topic and uses her personal battle with depression to reach an otherwise marginalized audience.

You can follow Sane Progressive on Facebook, YouTube and Bitchute.

Listen: Suicide In Headlines- Sane Progressive


Awans (audio)

Lifted from the #TrishandBish show that live streams every day at 12noon Eastern time on Facebook.

Here is Patricia Negron breaking down the Imran Awan story and why it is so crucial to pay attention to the details surrounding his actions in Congress.    Listen: Awans

Vigilantism (audio)

Social media has blown up around a story involving two individuals claiming that they’ve discovered evidence of a child trafficking encampment. We talk about the story and how it’s being reported by the media: alt-media and mainstream.

Listen to: Vigilantism

We want to give props to Lift The Veil and their reporting on this story: https://youtu.be/q5Qy-PHQZLc

SB-606 (audio)

Governor Jerry Brown has signed permanent legislation into law that will limit the amount of water each California household uses to 55 gallons  per day starting in 2022. And in 2025 water usage will be reduced to 50 gallons per day. We feel that this legislation is less about water savings and more about State control.

Listen here: SB 606

California SB 606: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB606

California AB 1668: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billCompareClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB1668

California Policy Center: A prickly conservative interpretation of these laws: https://californiapolicycenter.org/permanent-water-rationing-coming-california/

Environmental Protection: An environmental report web site:https://eponline.com/Articles/2018/06/01/California-Gov-Brown-Signs-Water-Efficiency-Bills.aspx