Senate Bill 10 (audio)

This new California Bail law is just a happy face on a pernicious piece of legislation that will only keep people incarcerated.  Listen to us talk about how Senate Bill 10 could affect us personally, based on an arbitrary algorithm.

Vegans! You’re next. (Audio)

The Russian-bot boogieman is influencing the vaccine debate in the US. If you’re questioning anything about vaccines from, “Do I need them?” to “Why so many?” then you’ve been influenced by Russian bots. Of course, we think that it all comes down to big-pharma, late capitalism and the inverted totalitarianism world that we live in today… Vegans, You’re next!

Here are a couple videos we referenced:

The Jimmy Dore Show: CNN posts the dumbest & funniest RussiaGate article yet:

Comrade Maxwell: How Anarchists Can Educate Others

If It Doesn’t Make You Feel Squishy, It’s “Fake News”

Densely packed articles from Zero Hedge to 60-second blog blasts from Caitlin Johnstone to dry impartiality from Truthdig have no room in the palm of the hands of the liberal or progressive mindset. What I would give to have an intelligent, intellectual discussion over a CounterPunch article with a Hillary Clinton supporter!

Emotionally manipulative, soothing words of Barack Obama cooing and coddling his breathlessly loyal followers is the equivalent of a grandmother loading up her fat, spoiled grandchildren with candy and sweets.

If it’s a Truthout article chock full of facts, historical references and hard, difficult-to-digest truths that make one uncomfortable it’s got to be from some hate-filled, anti-American commie who should be run out of town, or at least have his Twitter account suspended.

It’ s been enlightening, actually horrifying, to watch the liberals and progressives in this country demand we pay loving homage and show respect to a mass murderer, someone who the State Department should have tried for acts of treason against the United States, based on their own by-laws. I’m talking about John McCain. The screaming and hollering and temper tantrums to vote for and support the most sociopathic people that have ever pounded their fist onto America is nothing more than school-yard bullying. Barack Obama lifted Posse Comitatus, for example, making it perfectly legal to militarize local police. He also made it legal to target and assassinate American citizens without due process.

The kids are fucking anarchists because liberals keep whacking society in the back of the head three times and calling it suicide, and democracy. They keep pandering to the mob, then act indignant and butt-hurt when someone like Trump is ushered in. Let me put this in plain terms: if you didn’t want Trump, you should have never creamed your pants for Obama.

Mushy-brained, and touchy feely, if it’s not from the New York Times, it’s a Russian Bot, in the form of Fake News and it has introduced a level of McCarthyism that would make Joseph McCarthy squirm in discomfort and Edward Bernays voraciously cheer in his grave.

When Chris Hedges so eloquently and patiently calls for the collective unity of the citizens to fall away from representative democracy, I’m saying “Pull your heads out of your asses. Please.” We’re both met with marshmallow intellect and emotionally-controlled responses, perfectly timed in cue with the digital opoids that stimulate that controlled response. Maniacal in their reactions, I’m called everything from a communist to a Trump supporter.

We’re anarchists. We’re anarchists because the entire system is DESIGNED TO HURT YOU, to enable their own bloodthirsty agenda at YOUR COST. YOUR taxes are going to pay for the worst genocide in human history (Yemen). Your taxes are paid to further genocide of other innocent human beings (Palestine).

Stop it. At some point, you’re going to have to accept the fact that you’ve been played. Duped. Hornswaggled. Swindled. Used. And you KEEP making excuses for the violent abusers of the planet, and you.

At first, I gave you a pass because you were a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. But now that you’ve been diagnosed it’s time to take your thumb out of your mouth and risk your life, your job, your friendships, your freedom, your comforts, and realize your energy needs to be put into reminding everyone around you that the United States of America is a terrorist organization, run by unstable mobsters, and each player, even the cuddly squishy ones (Bernie Sanders) are complicit in making you forget about the truth of your origins.

You cheer and support and are related to terrorists. T E R R O R I S T S. It’s time to knock their hand away from the kill switch and tell them to knock it off. You’re not buying the fake news they’re selling anymore.