Borders Dispute

Refugees Street Art, 2013 © VangelisB | Flickr

The left is arguing over whether open borders are bad for American workers and unions, or that we need to support migrants who’ve suffered from US economic policy and military action. And yet:

“There is nothing fundamentally low-wage about migrant work. Migrant workers are paid less because they are more politically vulnerable. Even in spite of that vulnerability, migrant workers will struggle to raise their wages and working conditions. End the state’s facilitation of migrants’ specific vulnerability to employers, and the things (Angela) Nagle is really complaining about — the erosion of workers’ rights and economic power — will be fixed.”  

No Gods, No Masters, No Borders, No States!

Read the article:

Attacking Migrants Does Not Help Labor: A reply to Nagle

This is the article being critiqued:

The Left Case against Open Borders by Angela Nagle

Trumpenleft (Audio)

In this hour long discussion, Trumpenleft we diagnose and speculate why Paul Street, a well known celebrated author and investigative journalist, who finishes his article with the subheading of the same name, would accuse a rogue lefty journalist out of Australia for pushing people into the Donald Trump camp, while ignoring a once lefty journalist gone full on Trump supporter, like HA Goodman, who actually HAS pushed progressives into the Trump camp.

It seemed hypocritical and confusing.

Here is the article:

We also mention the book “Imperialist San Francisco” :

Imperial San Francisco, Gray Brechin

Science and Signals

We don’t always post other’s media productions here on our blog , especially producers we don’t always agree with however, this particular video talks about things that we talk about and are interested in as well.

Land Grab (Audio)

The US was founded on lies, land grabs and scapegoating. Based on the history of the United States, we feel that California is undergoing a land grab by The State and it’s being done in a similar manner to how it was done at the beginning. From the time of the colonies to the revolution the wealthy class took land away from those occupying it. JP talks about the fires in California, US history and how the two fit together in this audio podcast. Notice: this podcast was recorded in a van traveling in Pittsburgh, PA and there is lots of background sound. 

List to Land Grab 24:14 minutes.

How To Decipher A Headline (Audio)

Illustration von Gewalt gegen Kinder

Lots of news is coming at us every day.  We barely have time to recover from one scenario when the state instructs the spin doctors and propaganda masters to throw more emotionally draining news at us.

The goal of propaganda is to keep you emotionally traumatized.  Here is a trick on How To Decipher A Headline and not become enslaved to the trauma they bring.

Here is an article I referenced:

Ventura County Man Who Pleaded Guilty to Identity Fraud Charges in Russia Probe Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison

Here is the link to the website of the bar.  It’s also very curious that about 20 years ago the bar left the high fashion high rent coastal location of Malibu and relocated to a more suburban, middle class location: