CinemaSins Doesn’t Know How Gravity Works (Audio)

From Julie:

When YouTuber “Shaun” did a video criticizing CimemaSins’ rather lazy critique of certain movies, it got me to thinking about the larger scope.

What does an Empire attack when they wage war on its own citizenry?  They attack critical thought, education, enlightenment just to name a few.

On the surface CinemaSins is just a fun channel that pokes holes in movies and has fun showing how the movie industry seems to churn out so many flawed productions.  If the state weren’t using Big Tech to shut down critical voices (especially on the Left), I might just shrug this off as a silly harmless channel.

But, CinemaSins is an agent of the state, designed to redirect our critical thought into group think.  Not only that, they make patently false statements and promote those statements as truth.

This may get a little meta, but here is a 20 minute audio discussing the larger implications of channels like CinemaSins

CinemaSins Doesn’t Know How Gravity Works

In my audio I refer to Shaun as “Shaun Jen”.  It’s actually just “Shaun.” “Shaun_jen” is their twitter handle.

Here is YouTuber (and anarchist) Shaun busting CinemaSins for their lackluster work ethic:


Busman’s Holiday: Gang Of Four and The Gotobeds at Mr. Smalls (Audio)

JP Collins

Listen to Gang Of Four and The Gotobeds at Mr. Smalls review

In this audio podcast feature Busman’s Holiday: Art, Music & Culture while driving a van through Pittsburgh, PA, I talk about the Gang Of Four performance at Mr. Smalls Theater on Sunday 2/17/19. This was our first time at Mr. Smalls and I talk about the venue as well as the opening band, The Gotobeds.

The Gotobeds on stage at Mr. Smalls Theater

In the audio review, I include a song by The Gotobeds that I cannot find the title to. Anywhere. I’ve looked and listened. Hmmmm. Good song, wish I knew the title. I also included the classic song What We All Want by Gang Of Four.

My impressions of Gang Of Four in this current line up and their live performance aren’t entirely positive. Julie and I tend to not go see older bands even if we were fans of that band in their heyday. Unfortunately, that rule of thumb we have for ourselves regarding older bands often leaves us disappointed, I’m sorry to say that we were once again… disappointed. Here’s my review of the show along while driving my school van along with thoughts on musical performance and finding a place to eat in Millville, PA on a rainy, Sunday night.

Gang of Four on stage at Mr. Smalls Theater

Listen to Gang Of Four and The Gotobeds at Mr. Smalls review

JP Collins is a mixed media and conceptual artist who works in collaboration with his wife Julie Collins as Book of Ours. JP works as a school bus driver in Pittsburgh, PA and records his Busman’s Holiday commentary while driving his van through Pittsburgh. And in case you were wondering, his students are never on board while he’s recording. Busman’s Holiday is a feature of the Book of Ours blog. You can contact us by email: info at

Green Book Wins!!!

Once again Hollywood doesn’t disappoint in its innate ability to pat itself on the back for being racially tolerant while being completely blind to its self-importance and ignorant to its white-privilege world view. So, with that in mind we present three Oscar, best picture winners that all do what Hollywood does best, recycle ideas and push false narratives with all the glitz and glamour you expect.

Jeff Adachi

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi died on Friday February 22, 2019 of a “heart attack.”

Death & corruption once again are defining San Francisco politics, which by proxy define politics nationwide. Jeff Adachi’s death from a “heart attack” has San Franciscans rattled.

He took on corruption in the San Francisco Police Department, who were consistent donors of Kamala Harris in her San Francisco District Attorney campaign as well as her Attorney General campaign. In December 2017 our former mayor Ed Lee also died suddenly of a “heart attack.”

The 2002 film “Presumed Guilty, Tales of the Public Defenders” showcases Jeff Adachi’s difficulty in navigating a deeply corrupt criminal justice system in San Francisco, CA.

This film is his legacy as it exposes San Francisco Police misconduct as well as the embedded fraud in the City’s Attorney’s Office. The film, and its timely release, should have been a direct threat to Kamala Harris, who, in 2002 was planning a campaign against Terence Hallinan, two time elected District Attorney and her former boss. In the end, Harris beat out Hallinan and won the race.

Jeff Adachi, San Francisco public defender who suddenly died last night, caught Kamala Harris withholding evidence when she was San Francisco District Attorney. Her office violated defendants’ rights by hiding damaging information about a police drug lab technician. And her office was indifferent to demands that it account for its failings.

Adachi’s values as a progressive public defender were in direct contrast with Kamala Harris’ values. He wanted to reduce the amount of repeat offenders in the prison system, and end the cash bail program. Harris wanted to open more prisons, instead of funding schools, and was known for her harsh rulings when fining defendants. For instance, she fined and jailed parents of “truant” children.

I saw San Francisco mayor Ed Lee just a day or so before he died in Dec. 2017. Cause of death? “Heart attack.” Jeff Adachi, San Francisco Public Defender who took on San Francisco Police Department and Kamala Harris has also died of a “heart attack”. This seems to be the go-to cause for high profile deaths in San Francisco.

London Breed, San Francisco Mayor who replaced Ed Lee, who died suddenly in Dec 2017, and Kamala Harris are groomed Women of Color who come out of an organization called “Emerge California.” Their home base office is in San Francisco, California. The only other “Emerge” office is in Washington, DC. London Breed is a surrogate for Kamala Harris and can pass local legislation at the whim of DC’s orders. It seems as if Kamala Harris and London Breed are politically one in the same.

London Breed, mayor of San Francisco, and Kamala Harris, former San Francisco District Attorney, have a vested interest in undermining San Francisco Tenants rights lawyers. For instance, In December 2018, former San Francisco Tenants Rights Attorney Carlos Argueta was acquitted of murder charges filed against him.

Jeff Adachi, former San Francisco Public defender who died just two months after the ruling, was the defender in Argueta’s case. In 2015 a judge actually dismissed the case when it was first presented. However, the Assistant District Attorney at the time forced an indictment against Argueta by bringing the case to a Grand Jury.

Despite these shenanigans from the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, and despite the case dragging on for three years, a Jury deliberated and Argueta was cleared of all charges.

Jeff Adachi San Francisco Public defender has died suddenly. He was the Attorney for Carlos Argueta, a San Francisco Tenants Rights Attorney who was accused of murder.

Tenants Rights attorneys are known for their rigorous cases against slumlords in San Francisco, who often violate tenants rights through unfair housing practices. Argueta was acquitted.

When London Breed ran for Mayor in 2018, notorious wealthy San Francisco slumlord Bonnie Spindler held fundraising parties for her mayoral campaign.

Prior to his sudden death former San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee had affordable housing legislation in front of him to sign. He died before he could sign it.

After his death, his replacement London Breed, Kamala Harris’s west coast surrogate, wined & dined with tech giants who have a vested interest in expensive build-outs and costly housing. To date, Breed has done nothing to build fair and affordable housing for San Francisco.

Today is Saturday, February 23, 2019 and Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris has tweeted,”Shocked & deeply saddened last night to learn of the passing of my dear friend, San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi.”

Less than one month ago, Adachi was interviewed by KQED. When he was asked if he and Kampala Harris were friends, Adachi skirted the question, and simply said, “You can’t help know someone well, when you are adversaries.”

Music in the video is Perception by Evgeny Teilor from the Multiverse album.
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JP Collins

In our research in the unrelated subjects of Surveillance Capitalism and Rojava we discovered this speech by Murray Bookchin recorded in 1988 at a venue named “The Farm” in San Francisco, CA. Incidentally, I was in San Francisco in 1985 and went to The Farm on several occasions but I unfortunately missed this. Enjoy!

Me Too Are Red Guards of the 21st Century

Julie Collins

The latest hashtag-idpol/metoo action has attacked Indie-Rocker, Ryan Adams. The typical dog pile followed and Adams has lost out on signature product deals, a record release and his tour has been canceled, all without a shred of proof except for his ex-wife’s allegations and accusations in an interview. We’ve seen this before and now it’s going on in the Indie-rock world. Ultimately, creativity will be on trial and we’ll all be forced to listen to banal music, watch state-approved art, movies, television and read insipid books. Welcome to the inverted-totalitarianism of 21st century America.

Who were the Red Guards:

#metoo is controlled opposition to movements that could break molds culturally, economically and socially.