Busman’s Holiday: Xiu Xiu at the Warhol Museum (Audio)

JP Collins

In this audio podcast feature Busman’s Holiday: Art, Music & Culture while driving a van through Pittsburgh, PA, I talk about the solo acoustic performance by Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu at The Warhol Museum. Listen to   Busman’s Holiday: Xiu Xiu at the Warhol Museum.

JP Collins is a mixed media and conceptual artist who works in collaboration with his wife Julie Collins as Book of Ours. JP works as a school bus driver in Pittsburgh, PA and records his Busman’s Holiday commentary while driving his van through Pittsburgh. And in case you were wondering, his students are never on board while he’s recording. Busman’s Holiday is a feature of the Book of Ours blog. You can contact us by email: info at book-of-ours.com