We agree with NonCompete (Emerican Johnson and Luna) in many ways.  It’s important to note they live in Vietnam and so take that for whatever it’s worth.

As a disclaimer,  we are unusual anarchists in that we recognize the influence of 3 letter agencies that operate within, and outside of, the United States in order to perpetuate events to further stigmatize.  This is a very run-of-the-mill mercenary and military tactic with the end result always begging the question “Who benefits?”

That being said, we appreciate NonCompete’s analysis of the Christchurch event even though we may not agree with it completely.

The Theatrics of The Green New Deal and AOC

By Julie Collins

We’ve been saying over and over again that this particular administration, Democrats and Republicans alike, are nothing more than well trained actors with business or law degrees. Plucked from the wealthy sectors of society they play the part of “voted in” people who pretend to play fealty to the needs of the common man. They recite the script which tells them to play the part of an empathetic person.

And in Town Halls, where the public should be pummeling the actor with questions about policy that will radically effect lives, you’ve instead got Cory Booker telling the audience how nervous he was asking for Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson’s phone number, for instance, when they were first dating. Dawson is an actress that played the part of “Naturale” in the movie “25th Hour”, and played the Nurse and love interest of Luke Cage in the Netflix show “Luke Cage.” She was also often seen introducing Bernie Sanders during his 2016 campaign tour. And now she and Cory Booker are apparently dating. Or are they? Is this a story line that was pitched to his campaign for presidency to force us to be interested in him? Most of us don’t even think their relationship is real.

Please don’t fall for the theater.

The most popular actor in this theater production called Politics in Government is Actress On Call (AOC) because she is young and pretty and snarky and there’s lots of videos of her pushing back against draconian legislation that has thrown the country into poverty. Poverty, by the way, causes sickness, diseases, depression, drug addiction and criminal behavior. Poverty is a purposeful goal of the state to enslave and incarcerate and keep classes divided.

But AOC with all her recorded antics in the halls of Congress and perfectly timed pitch and tone somehow recorded on camera for all the world to see is not who or what the story tells you she is.

She’s a privileged woman who grew up in a posh suburb of New York and was trained and vetted for her role to represent a district in New York City she has very little knowledge of. This idea that she is “AOC from the Block” is a fabricated story, completely made up, to make you forget that Joe Crowley, who was the representative of her district before her, was slated to take Nancy Pelosi’s seat as leader of the House and now speaker of the House. Unlike Pelosi, Crowley actually promoted and advocated for progressive policies like Medicare for All for example.

But because Pelosi’s goal is to keep moneyed interests very wealthy and her goal is NOT to promote legislation that would care for an impoverished community, this bullshit Narrative was created that a Latina upstart from the Block was going to kick that old white dude out of his seat because of identity politics.

AOC actually didn’t have the vote to win her seat. She was installed. The video that was made to promote her campaign was crafted by a multimillion dollar marketing firm. She has gone on to sign a $10 million Netflix deal that will fabricate a documentary promoting this fictional story that she raised herself up out of poverty to become a powerful fixture in politics.

This is total fiction and that’s not how the story goes.

Even more insidious is the lie that is being forcefed down the throats of the general population that the Green New Deal is something we all need and we urgently must support.

Yes of course climate collapse is a thing. But let’s regulate the fracking or stop it altogether. Let’s stop pushing crap into the air from factories. The major multimillion dollar corporations that are forcing pollutants into the air or tainting our water reserves which are diminishing rapidly are what we should focus on. Spraying particulates into our skies from organizations that come out of The Bill Gates Foundation, Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon are also major contributors to climate collapse. This propaganda psychological guilt trip that you drinking out of plastic straws, for instance, is what’s causing climate collapse is only meant to distract you from the truly bad actors whose money and power and hubris are what’s destroying our planet.

The Green New Deal is a vast give away to private venture capital firms, most of which are residing in the Silicon Valley. The San Francisco Bay Area. Pages 40-47 of the Actress On Call’s Green New Deal hands all of our tax dollars, yes we will pay taxes for this deal, over to private, unregulated, secretive powers that we have no say in whether they are voted in. Tax dollars, in other words, are going directly into a few pockets of some very wealthy people in San Francisco. And you don’t have a say in any of it.

This Green New Deal is draconian legislation that is a get rich quick scheme for moneyed interests presented as a plan that is going to get the environment back on track. There’s actually very little mention of the environment in the policy itself.

It’s so vastly important to understand what legislation is being presented to you and what it really means and what its true agenda is.

One way you can get an inside look on legislation is to subscribe to Naomi Wolf’s channel on YouTube called “Daily Clout.” You can also check out the Daily Clout’s website and take a look at Bill Cam.

Naomi and her staff research the bills and then read them aloud so the public may have a full understanding of what they really are.

Dr. Naomi Wolf is a San Francisco native who has spent ample time in the White House, has written multiple books and done deep investigative work during the Bush Administration where she wrote about and spoke openly about how the Bush Doctrine and all of the legislation that came out of it paved the way for a closed democracy.

A closed democracy is when the Constitution is nullified and fascism and authoritarianism take its place. Like what happened in Nazi Germany.

This is how you can see that the theater that’s presented before you is a farce to push and pull your emotions. It’s easy to get distracted from the truth when legislation has been reduced to who’s dating who or what someone wore.

AOC will be a flash in the pan. Her district is being rezoned in less than two years from now. This means that she won’t even be representing the district anymore because with the rezoning comes new geographical coverage which means it will be put to a vote again since constituents living in the new rezoned area need a say in who represents them. She will probably move on to movie deals, get engaged to some powerful handsome political figure or actor, always have her image somewhere in the political theater, and maybe try out for the role of president in the future.

The theater of politics isn’t doing you any favors. It’s keeping you from engaging your brain. It’s making you ok with being enslaved to a system that feeds off you. It’s forcing you to complicity and acquiesce to wealth inequality. Look around. There’s been plenty of Administrations in the past that picked up the climate change mantle. From George W. Bush back in the 1980’s to Barack Obama back in the early 2000’s and now the Orwelian named Green New Deal.

If there was any seriousness around these thirty plus years of concern over climate collapse we’d have a coast to coast high speed rail system that ran on solar and wind power like they have in other countries. We’d have solar panels installed in each and every home and apartment building in America that uses stored solar energy to heat, cool and light our homes. Instead what we got were front companies handing out slick pamphlets that promote planetary crisis, forcing us all to react by donating to these companies, insisting our taxes get raised so these companies can be funded to save the planet. Meanwhile take a look at our country. There’s still nothing green about it.


We’ve seen Andrew Bird live quite a few times. He’s our favorite modern musician in this genre of music.  He has sold out some very fancy venues, played to millions at open air festivals. He’s known globally and his tickets always sell out within minutes.

We recently found out he is touring this Fall and concentrating his efforts to hit economically depressed communities.  He’s coming to our community and playing an old theater that is in the process of being revitalized.  He could have played some of the fancier more posh venues in our region but instead chose us. This is a huge boon for the community.



To The Voters

I remember when we used to be like that, all obsessive over the latest politician, then we remembered that the department of homeland security controls our election infrastructure and we can’t even see correct exit polls, because every ballot is sealed from view if we try to match actual votes with exit polls;

That our obsession with colonizing and homogenizing other countries is a hubris that has broken every law, every moral code and every human right known to man. We murder and pillage across the globe, for profit.

that AOC’s green new deal is nothing more than a vast give away to Silicon Valley venture capitalists; that she’s a fraud actually; this will throw us all into tax peonage with very little help to the environment

they’re all frauds actually, the politicians, existing only to distract us with their stupid inspid rhetoric while they make piles of money doing so

that no real beneficial social safety nets exist in a representational democracy; that all politicians serve the state – the state being controlled by corporations; if you can’t attach a multimillion dollar check to your vote then your vote is trash and useless

That a constant steady stream of lies is being fed to us by state propaganda agents

That the CIA has infiltrated every social media platform

That surveillance capitalism can and does exist outside and inside of social media leaving your carcass behind as it colonizes your essence and feeds off your heart and mind

That we are getting poorer through tax cuts for the rich, through no means of worker owned labor, decimation of Unions, and a decimation of a middle class

that we are getting sicker due to what they spray in the sky and put in the ground , and what they grow our food with and what they mandatorily inject into us and that we are being marginalized by the hour If we talk about it or criticize it or ask questions about it

That our movements are controlled, that we need special ID’s just to travel from state to state within our own country

That our brains and bodily functions are at risk just so we can have speedy internet –

That creativity is being attacked right now as we speak , along with critical thought, in-depth analysis, and fact or policy based narrative.

And you think a politician is going to save you from this? You’re either in deep denial or very very privileged and can afford to vote your life away.

I’d be more concerned about a judgment coming from a higher authority, or a large mass of the population who pushes back against these draconian times, as you sit smug and comfortable in your easy privileged life, looking down on everyone else who doesn’t believe the stupid, ignorant belief system you have.

You’re a voter.  What a detrimental waste you are to the rest of us :  the aids, the investigators, the criticizers, the carers, the auteurs, artists and speakers, the questioners.  We all may have our own internal squabblers but one thing we all agree on which you, voter, don’t seem to get is that you’re engaging in a process and giving rise to a process that has waged war on all of us.

Free Speech

Text from the video:

Striking down the laws that govern free speech are not necessarily the goals of Antifascists.

Antifascists are usually more in favor of free speech than liberals.

The difference between what somebody says and the act of saying it, is in the effect it has.

For example saying something racist in the home is much different than having a racist rally in an African-American neighborhood.

In this case, the rally has a more chilling effect.

Fascists don’t value free speech. They only pretend to when it works in their favor.

Liberal Democracy does value free speech but doesn’t differentiate between the content and the act of saying it, nor the effects it may have.

Liberals assume that everyone who has something to say is coming to the table in good faith. Fascists exploit that.

Allowing fascist speech into political discourse gives room for their ideas to slip into the mainstream-liberal “marketplace of ideas.”

Because Liberal Democracy treats all speech more or less the same (with some exceptions) based on social bias or current norms, fascist speech will be permitted.

Fascists will claim that they have a right to their free speech, even though it may run counter to existing, current social norms.

As a result, the state will allow fascist speech into a community even if that community opposes what that speech is and who represents it.

When fascists’ free speech is advanced on paper, it’s enforced in the streets by the police. Police protect fascists and fascist speech.

Taking away the platforms to speak disallows the normalization of fascist propaganda.

To claim that shutting down fascist speech is a fascist act is a false equivalence because fascists will take away more than just your speech when you give them the space to take control.

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