On April 29, 2019, we attempted to go live to address some questions and comments that our followers and subscribers had asked.  However, we discovered that YouTube has changed their live streaming policy quite recently.  In order to go live from a mobile device, a YouTube channel is now required to have 1,000 subscribers.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that we can build up that 1,000 subscriber number and go live in the future.  Our YouTube channel is “Book of Ours” and here is the link to subscribe:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL17omUxm36gOYVerD3630A

In the video below, we address some of the questions that our followers and subscribers have asked.  We talk about three upcoming projects (video essays) that are in the hopper and we just chat a little bit about our big life changing move across the United States.

Indigenous Viewpoints Cultivate Strength


In the broadcast I mention Cory Morningstar and relate her as being an indigenous woman, or First Nations. Her specific ancestry (I’ve since discovered) may not be but her essays and interviews reflect an indigenous perspective.

It is my firm belief that we must passively disappear off the landscape of forced colonized media and allow the voices and research from our indigenous communities guide us and teach us.  We must learn from them, for they can sense colonization in ways that we can’t even see because of our limited perspective.  If we stifle their voices or try to capitalize or co-opt them, we lose everything.

Not only has Morningstar been able to illustrate a disastrous and devastating future that the Green New Deal holds for us, but she speaks true environmental language.  “What if instead of going to a protest we all planted a garden? Can you imagine what a world would look like if 50,000 of us planted a garden?”

Indigenous Viewpoints Cultivate Strength

Our Lady of Paris

Capital has been running out of ways to make money and it has turned to the State, media and NGOs to help it create new markets. Through disaster capitalism or convincing the public to demand a program or a war it wants the State to provide or execute, Capital and the elite who are behind global corporations get rich from the resulting government-funded projects. 

In this light, we discuss the possible ‘why’ an 800 year old cathedral burned and was nearly destroyed after surviving centuries of fires, floods and two World Wars. 


Welcome to the new normal

Restriction of Movement

The Real ID Act was introduced in 2005 and will become Federal Law on October 1, 2020.

This modification of freedom of movement has prompted a wider discussion about the nature of its agenda.

What does it mean when a society is forced to show a specific ID in order to travel freely within their own borders?

Have we lost our capacity to understand what freedom is?

What will it take for us to take back our sovereignty of movement?  Please watch our video as we attempt to address what it means for the state to restrict our movement in modern society.