Corona Talk

“Healthy immune system is paramount here in limiting the effects across society. Which requires solidarity and security not isolation and economic hardship.” Molly Klein, Heiress

Can the wealthiest among us really truly grasp the gravity of this statement? 

In some countries the elderly, who are in nursing homes kept from their families, are not being treated for the common cold. The staff are told not to treat them! 

This is fascism: letting the weaker people among us die even though you could treat them like you always have.

Keeping the elderly from their families for two weeks or more is what’s going to kill them. Not the coronavirus. 

Will the nurses and caretakers revolt & disobey orders and treat granny anyway when she has a fever?

There’s already talk of baby boomers refusing to self isolate. 

How long will this last before people start to revolt?

This is not going to end in 2 weeks. These are permanent fixtures & the ruling class are already selling off stocks, quitting their CEO or board positions and the government agents are shoring up their lives. 

I’d love to be wrong. But I wasn’t wrong 20 years ago when I said this moment would happen – Closure Of schools, closure of businesses, and the use of a “virus” to enact fascism – when 9/11 was foisted upon us through careful orchestration. 

Most critical thinking skills & analytical minds were suspended due to 9/11. Most lost the most basic understanding of physics or even what the event is or who was behind it. Pile on the subsequent smaller trauma events (shootings) & dependence on screens. We’ve been primed for this fuckery for decades – maybe longer

Think about water treatment plants, how clean water will come out of your faucet, food supply, utilities. 

We have hookworm in Alabama. Lead in pipes all throughout our country. These are easily fixed issues that are not that expensive. Proper infrastructure throughout our country would be a paltry expense compared to our bloated military or Wall Street budget. But these mishandling and laziness of caring for infrastructure was done on purpose. Because third world countries which we are- are easy to sanction, destabilize and make desperate.

How long would we watch the USA masochistic destabilizing of middle eastern and Latin countries take place throughout our lives before we would finally realize the ruling class would do the same to us. The state wants your pension, to overtax you and to burden you into slavery. Even you, liberals, whose lives have not been adversely affected in any way by any Administration over the last 40 years.

That’s about to change though. 

Are you ready & prepared.

Fiat currency where money is printed to bail out banks in order to keep the Dow industrial average from crashing is not a sustainable system. When there is no one spending money in the system, then there is no value to the dollar. The dollar has lost its value on the global market. 

There are less food trucks on the roads. The wealthy and ruling class are having their exquisitely organically grown produce and free range meats shipped to them on private carriers, unaffected by the obvious food shortage that I personally have witnessed on grocery shelves over the last near year. 

I’m not being hysterical. 

This is just math.

In a system where coastal cities are already offering rent vouchers to their tenants who can’t afford to make rent due to lack of funds, what are the conditions for having your rent waived? Nothing is for free. Everything comes with a price. 

A desperate society will do anything to make it to their next meal. What exactly are Americans willing to give up to fill up their gas tank, put a little food on the table or keep their utilities running? 

France has defied the orders to stay inside. Their cafes, theaters, shoppes, bars, restaurants, museums have all shuttered. French citizens have been told to stay home so they don’t infect anyone. Yet, they continue to don their yellow vests and take to the street protesting neoliberalism and US backed austerity measures that have stripped them of their labor protections, their national health system & their solvent monetary system.  #giletjaunes I believe will never stop fighting and a 21st century French Revolution is on the horizon.

Solidarity to all.

How The Coronavirus Has Affected Us

By Julie Collins

On Friday, March 13, 2020 Governor Tom Wolf closed all schools throughout the state of Pennsylvania, the state we moved to a year and a half ago from our home, San Francisco, CA. From what we understand, teachers unions in Pennsylvania are still pretty strong which is good, since teachers will continue to get paid. This closure of schools, though, is a sign of darker times to come.

We’re sure of it.

Forced time off due to manufactured hysteria and panic over a virus (that our current Administration refuses to routinely test accurately) in order to manipulate budgets and austerity measures that further deplete the middle and lower classes of their incomes, as well as move us closer to chipping away at our autonomous rights such as freedom to move, freedom to gather and freedom to speak aloud is our final, hard shove into fascism at the hands of the ruling class.

We are now without an income as our medical benefits have deteriorated, and our only source of income as a bus driver (bus drivers don’t have union protections) has been removed through this latest move by Governor Tom Wolf.

We are asking for support from our leftist community. We make leftist content on our “Book of Ours” platform you as you can see here: Book of Ours is on YouTube

To give a little history for six years JP has struggled to find work in his field as a UX Designer after he was unceremoniously fired from Moody’s Analytics in 2014. Since then he has gone on hundreds of interviews and each and every interviewer has rejected him. After six years of rejection, you can only imagine what that does to a person’s self esteem.

After being renters in San Francisco for decades, we decide to take 2016-2017 to travel the country and look for an affordable place to buy a home and begin a fresh new perspective on how we could engage the public in modern, creative leftist ideology and work out of our own home without getting into a mortgage. We ultimately chose a small, underprivileged neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

Here we transparently illustrate some of the work we have done in our neighborhood. We have opened up this video, which you can’t find on our YouTube page, to the public. We demonstrate in real time, the classic leftist components of mutual aid and direct democracy. You will see a largely black population, rubbled out sidewalks in great need of repair, but you will also see resilience in a community in Pittsburgh that has withstood years and years of systemic oppression not unlike we see in third world countries. Please watch:

If not for support of friends who believe in our work we would not have been able to pay last month’s gas bill after we received a 10-day shut off notice. We are the statistics you read about.

We always have to come to that final decision every month: let utilities slide this month or pay the cell phone bill? Cut down on groceries this month or purchase prescriptions? I am a marginalized component of society living in a great deal of pain (which I mask) due to an aggressive and rare autoimmune illness. I have had multiple joint replacements, retina detachments, have lost the use of some of my muscles and am under the care of half a dozen specialists. It’s not something I talk openly about but as I see the disability community affected so adversely by the Coronavirus forced quarantine, I feel I should be more bold and transparent in who I am. I am on Medicare, but it doesn’t cover my exceedingly expensive medical care. PA Medicaid, which offsets any costs that Medicare does not cover, has recently denied me benefits and I am working on appealing that decision.

Our income is paltry and to be honest this latest attack on us through Governor Tom Wolf’s decision to close all Pennsylvania schools feels personal. Even today JP turned to me and said “I know it’s not personal, but the constant struggle for survival is starting to feel very very personal.”

Despite our economic hardships we continue to remain active in our community, starting community garden projects, heading up Neighborhood Associations and appealing to our at-risk neighbors in real-world, direct ways.

We have supported each and every one of your channels and through our support your subscriber count has exploded. We are now asking you do the same for us. Whether you simply forward this message out to your leftist community, or you become a Patron for just $2.00/month on our Patreon page or make a one time small donation to our PayPal page:, it would make the world of difference in all of our lives.

Thank you,

JP & Julie