How will it end?

I am more terrified of the Liberal Bougie Class Karens of the world than I am of the cops or some invisible god-Virus that has the power to apparently murder everyone in their sleep

But even more terrifying than that is people ACTUALLY think they have some other-worldly power to save humankind from the virus by practicing social distancing

That is a level of ego I don’t even think #Freud could define.

But all I can say is, as an anarchist, I see things in terms of class. In class warfare, the bougie class feel they have the authority and power to save or take lives at their slightest whim and will, because the fascist ruling class makes them believe they can.

Let’s all come back to earth and humanity and sensible thinking. You don’t have the power to kill me because you have been told an unseen, nonexistent invisible virus lurks silently under your skin.

And the same goes for me. I may dislike your stupidity, your obsession with your bougie privilege, your sycophantic behavior toward the ruling class but I promise I won’t accidentally murder you if we hug

This thing is a poorly executed scene from a Dead Zone show from 2003 and a very sloppily badly executed production of any stupid low brow horror movie.

How will it end?

Are the bougie class going to hide in their smart-city-by-the-sea all masked up with shaved heads and special virus free clothing, sitting in restaurants and schools that look like insane asylum pods while the underclasses are pushed to the margins, living off the land and off the grid, copulating to populate, vaccine free, virus free, planting their gardens and creating a new brand of currency based on exchange and gratitude?

Mask Up

More archiving.

The mask. All symbolism.

These photos found on Zuzana Čaputová’s (President Of Slovakia) Twitter page are meant to glamorize fascism.

A symbol of obedience to the state. Of purity. Of allegiance.

The mask can mean “I speak into truth” or used as a muzzle, like put on a dog to stay quiet. Never argue. Keep your mouth shut.

The mask will be the thing that separates the obedient citizens, enslaved into wrongthink versus the rebellious dangerous free thinkers.

The mask is the new Nazi Flag.

I am an essential. Or, I want to become an essential, enslaved forever to my masters. I am eager to identify with my masters.

I believe the story. I will put on the mask in solidarity of the story.

When the flag isn’t placed on a flagpole outside your home, or the mask isn’t worn on your face, then you are an enemy of the state.

The mask symbolizes the death of Agency, the death of autonomy, the death of democracy, the death of the most crucial parts of the self- the death of your own thought.

To put it on is to erase the self. Only the thoughts of the state remain in your head.

The mask is fascism. All words filtered through it are fascist traitorous words that will urge you to join the cause or urge you to die ever quicker for the good of the globe.

The mask symbolizes oppression, acquiescence and dejection.

The last picture of course is the character June, a Handmaid from the “Handmaid’s Tale”, who the state rapes repeatedly so she may bring forth a useful thing for it to exploit so the cycle of fascism may continue.

Collectivism and Autonomy are not Mutually Exclusive

I really don’t like polemics. I don’t like reading them and I don’t like writing them. Although I’m not writing about an individual, I am concerned that like everyone else in the world, leftists and especially anarchists have lost their minds. 

I’ve been stunned and saddened over the last month or so from the willingness of anarchists to obey and comply with lockdown orders, sheltering in place, social distancing and wearing a mask in public while at the same time condemning protests in the US and around the world. This is the kind of reaction I’d expect from the liberal, center-left and all its boot-licking, obedience to government officials and the mainstream media apparatus.

* From a PM Press email, Art by @neet.seeger

Whether it’s social media, blog posts or the compliant messages coming from leftist-owned businesses*, the level of fear and obedience to the pandemic narrative is shocking. I’m especially shocked at the anarchists who seem to have halted their common sense and independent thinking only to accept fascism into their lives.

Anarchists who lift up science and rational thinking are now embracing the propaganda and lies spewed by mainstream media, government officials, the CDC and WHO. 

They are rejecting the scientific message of doctors, immunologists, epidemiologists and virologists who’ve come out to remind us that we have an immune system that can cope with viruses, bacteria and disease; and what we are doing is the opposite of what we should do to stay healthy against a respiratory illness.

Doctors from all over the world including Stanford University and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have produced data that conflicts with the Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx narrative

My comrades have embraced the virus/pandemic narrative. This is hard for me to get my head around. The mere fact that these people have absorbed the lies and regurgitate the mantras put out by capitalists like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and the World Economic Forum, fills my heart with sadness. 

The idea that the only people pushing back and protesting the closure of our society are right-wing, gun-toting, Trump-supporting, conspiracy theorists who want to put everyone at risk is a false narrative being embraced and adopted by anarchists.

They have fallen prey to a reductive and reactionary, multi-million dollar marketing/PR campaign from those who stand to profit from this pandemic. Their response is that anyone who wants the state, country, hell, the world to open up again is putting us all at risk of infection or even death because they’re selfish and that all they want is to bring capitalism back. 

That may be the case in some circumstances. The pictures I’ve seen of these protests show a lot of nationalism through flag waving, American flags and yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, people whose politics I personally don’t like. But the people I talk to who want things to open up are average people who want to see their extended family again, need to feed their children and pay their rent or mortgage. 

They don’t see their protests as a demand to bring back capitalism. They want the lockdown to end and for things to go back to the way they were; not because of capitalism but because that’s what’s familiar. And although they don’t necessarily want to go back to those jobs they hated, they do want a sense of normalcy that is missing now. None of us really want things to go back to the way they were before.

None of us really want things to go back to the way they were before.

My comrades are instead focusing on the wrong thing. The protestors don’t necessarily equal all the negative associations with capitalism. Some protestors like the Michigan farmers want to be able to go back to their fields during planting season. Sure they want to continue to work in their fields to make money, they have bills to pay after all. But they also need to work because that’s what they do, they farm and get fulfillment from that. Beyond that however, they have good reason to want to plant again because Michigan is one of the few states that feed the nation and if they don’t start planting soon we will be facing starvation from a famine that could have been avoided. 

Instead, a lot of anarchists, like liberals are making a false equivalence between the demand for our human rights to be restored and selfishness. Their criticism is a reductive, binary argument that freedom and collective responsibility are diametrically opposed. That if you are demanding your rights to express yourself, gather together with others, defend yourself and freely move about is the equivalent of putting others at risk of death or disease. This makes no sense to me at all, especially coming from anarchists who are saying that our responsibility to the collective overrides the rights of the individual. 

This once again is a reductive and one-dimensional attitude because the collective (society) cannot be free unless the individuals who make up that collective is free. “The collectivity needs individuals to be free, because without that freedom the social organism would be dead.” Paul Cudenec

“The collectivity needs individuals to be free, because without that freedom the social organism would be dead.” Paul Cudenec

By condemning those who are demanding freedom; by focusing on the disease and not the secondary effects of the lockdown, we are ignoring fascism. Because what’s coming is far worse than any virus. 

While we are all inside sheltering in place a complete restructuring of our society is going on without our notice. We are experiencing a paradigm shift on a tectonic scale. The capitalism that protestors are accused of demanding is morphing into a monster we’ve never seen before. Governance as we know it is shifting from national to global, economies are being destroyed to usher in something new. And the population of the world is being targeted for a massive reduction. 

The secondary effects of the lockdown are happening now. Suicide rates are increasing, substance abuse, child and spousal abuse is on the rise and with with the elderly locked away from their families, we can only guess that elder abuse is rampant behind the closed doors of the care facilities they live in. 

What’s coming is far worse. The collapse of the food supply chain is going to bring a massive famine and cause starvation in wealthy, western countries as well as around the world. The shutting down of legacy structures and systems are changing the way children will be educated, how we work and how we exist as humans. This is not only an economic crisis, this is an existential crisis that goes far beyond what people can even imagine. 

With COVID numbers actually shaping up to be like any flu season, not the biblical plague we were told it would be, I’m surprised at the attitudes toward people who want to go outside, socialize and get back to work. Going outside is good, not bad, and pushing back against the lockdown is the only way we can slowdown the oncoming rise of the radical centrist corporate, global governance that is behind the real plague we’re facing.

Anarchists, of all people, should recognize that the ruling class made up of billionaires supported by governments, government officials and NGOs like the World Economic Forum are pushing agendas to change the world in a way that will negatively effect all life on the planet and bring about a fascism we have never seen before.

The fascism of global governance that is coming will not arrive in a grand, bombastic style like the historical fascism of the German Nazi party but it will be just as cruel. It will instead arrive in a bland, corporate style with policies spelled out in neutral language. Our future will be a beige, colorless world–a color-blind society that will be just as racist, ageist, ableist, classist and prejudiced as corporations are when they’re not regulated or shamed into accepting marginalized communities. 

Instead, we will be shamed for not doing what we’re told. And what we’ll be told will be wrapped in corporate feel-good language that claims to support community, the environment and the economy. But this will be nothing more than the same sort of scrubbing we see in corporate reports and will be translated into actions that look progressive, positive and trying to make the world a better place. Instead, these will be more shaming campaigns to keep people in their place, take away liberties, freedom of movement, speech and association. This new corporate governance, cannot have us expressing ourselves, defending ourselves or being who we are, human beings. 

Leftists, anarchists, you need to pay attention. You need to wake up. What is going on is not what you think it is. What you believe as “me-first” individualism as capitalism and selfishness is really self-preservation. We need to recognize that people who are pushing back, may not know what is coming but they know something isn’t right. We need to drop our left-right divide and really adopt a collective approach to fighting the future enslavement of all people by the ruling class. Stop believing the lies that the governments of the world and the media are pushing. Start to look around and remember that we’ve evolved with viruses and bacteria and that our bodies have the ability to adapt and fight off disease. The time is now comrades, start educating yourselves about what is going on and ignore the propaganda being fed to you. I will provide links to help you get started. We really are all in this together but not in the way they say we are. We need to oppose the ever oppressive surveillance state and we can simply proceed as if they do not even exist.

Title taken from “Total Football” by Parquet Courts

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The Fascist with the little “f”

Larken Rose does what some of the anarchists won’t. He explains how it’s being done wrong and that millions of people are going to starve to death. I don’t even like LR that much. I always thought them ancap.

There’s some very tasteless posts going around on social media. Insipid. Willfully ignorant. Tasteless. I know I said that already but I’m tired so fuck away. They are base, these posts. All coming from this empty air space of privilege and disconnect.

“Let’s have a virtual dinner!” “Come on a walk with me in my upscale neighborhood!” “My Zoom meeting was SO FUNNY yesterday!” “Look at me posing against my brightly colored wall!” (For that last one it took every last ounce of strength I had not to quip, “I see you’ve already lined yourself up nicely for when the revolution comes! Thanks, essential!”)

You can literally say “Millions of people are going to die across the globe.” And the response will be “You sound like Donald Trump.” Or, “Look at the album cover that changed my life.”

This empty language has sunk to gibberish. They have to be bots. They’re bots, right? But they’re not bots because I’ve been to their houses and gone out to dinner with them and walked with them and laughed with them. But they are really insipid, these people. These bots. These glib, smug tasteless bots on a social media feed.

Everyone should be railing and engaged and researching and focusing their laser sharp minds on: Supply chains are drying up. People are going to starve to death. Children are getting arrested, violently, by police. Sustainable development models are being implemented. Military planes are flying overhead day in and day out. Brown countries are holding onto the last shreds of their autonomous sovereignty. Human capital. The death industrial complex. The poverty industrial complex reinventing itself. Nothing’s open. Everything’s gone. Capitalism is over. The engorged wealthy have all they need. It’s neo feudalism and the demon said it best, back then.

The masks are murder. The social distancing is murder. The immune system is collapsing. It’s being done on purpose which is murder by design. Murder literally by a highly funded, heavily designed marketing campaign with executives, and board meetings and investors and capital markets and global puppeteers. It’s literally murder in the making. This is murder. Murder. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s murder. How many times can I say murder in one paragraph. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. We are being told to murder ourselves and our children. It’s being suggested. It’s not. even. law. Just do it. Just put the mask on, breathe in too much carbon dioxide and slowly suffocate yourself and your children to death.

There’s a good little corpse.

And the dead-eyed response through a menagerie of tasteless self indulgent banal social media streams is the only response to fascism, as it stomps its boot on your neck and crushes everything inside of you, around you, above you, beneath you. You’re done. Toast. Kaput. Murdered.

There’s the Fascist with the Big F like the Governors and Bill Gates and Fauci, then there’s the fascists with the little “f” like liberals, and the privileged and everyone who’s super down with smothering their babies to death over unnecessary masks and forgetting basic immunology 101 and seething with self righteous anger calling anyone who casually says “I kinda think herd immunity is what we’ve been doing for thousands of years and that’s probably the best thing for a virus that isn’t even as harmful as a common cold.”

And these little “f” fascists scream their self righteous spittle on your face. Well, they can’t because they’re wearing that stupid, stupid mask.

And every little lie from the Fascists and their media entourage is held up as a precious golden flower of truth as the future murdered fascists sit in their haloed self-important poses, sheltering in place by reminding the world that they’re helping the Fascists by flattening the curve.

Some people say “If these super smug fascist people saw that a despotic leader was doing these things to another country, they’d raise their fist in righteous anger.” Don’t kid yourself. I know these people. They could give two shits if some far off despotic psychopath was murdering his own people to oblivion. Honestly. They really don’t care. They’re fascists.

And, it’s only going to get worse. From the Fascists and their fascist bootlickers and their adoring fash-fans.

I’m starting to wonder if I should just remind them to tighten that mask a little tighter. There you go. Nice and tight now. Watch their immune system completely collapse. After all, they won’t starve to death. These condescending essential bots socially distancing like good little Fascist wannabes will social justice warrior your ass all the way through to the snitch line.

Murder by Fascists. Then fascists.

Doc Takes

The doctors in our latest video, Doc Takes are experts in their field. They are serving the interest of the very thing they went to medical school for: to heal the sick.

I have an auto-immune illness. This means my blood and DNA have been studied and re-studied again and again to find out why I am less susceptible to viruses. As a result of my donations, my blood has helped fund the research into autoimmune illnesses. I wasn’t aware that my blood was being used for these purposes, until recently. Both Stanford and UPMC, and many other hospitals, have most likely received millions of dollars in funding as a result of my willingness to hand over my DNA and blood. This is me, being monetized for the benefit of a healthier you.

But that’s a different story.

These research programs are not necessarily evil. But they can be co-opted for evil purposes. They are pressured by eugenicists to come up with a designer human. The goal is to create a human being that has an in-born anti-body to a virus strain.

The problem with eugenicists (men who think they have the right to play God or the Devil), thinking this way is that there are millions of virus strains. They reinvent. It’s what they do. If you kill one, another will pop up.

It’s something doctors understand but they are in a constant battle with the eugenicists who want to stop these natural occurring viruses.

These doctors – immunologists, epidemiologists, virologists- are sounding the alarm that by allowing the virus strains to go unchecked they can become bigger than they need to be. Sheltering in place, keeping a distance from other human beings and wearing a mask is allowing a virus to grow.

Wearing a mask causes an increase of Carbon Dioxide. The wearing of the mask can cause blurred vision, dizziness, nausea just to name a few symptoms. Children don’t need to wear masks. They have resilient immune systems. This is just basic common sense.

Healthy people who are exhibiting no signs of a virus do not need to wear a mask. This is also basic common sense.

I’m not seeing common sense reactions to the doctors who have stepped forward. Their voices are being censored. Their information is being squelched. Their reasonable responses to unreasonable and obviously whipped politicians barking out insanely stupid orders is never heard on Fox News or CNN.

The doctors in this video we made are the heroes of the story here. They are speaking out not only against the dangers of these shelter in place, “mask up”, and social distance orders that are coming from arrogant, idle-brained government officials who don’t care about the very constituents who voted them into office. But they are also pushing back against the eugenicists. By coming forward with common sense, practical language based on their years of study, these experts in their field are making it very clear they will not be used for purposes that defy morality.