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Bookmark – Episode 1 – June 29, 2020

Communitarianism Is Not a Religion

Despite its virtue signaling and rituals, Communitarianism is not a religion.

JP went to the local corporate grocery store on 6/23/20.

He told the security guard & one of the staffers he wasn’t going to wear a mask. The staffer said “It’s store policy. If you don’t like it you can shop somewhere else.”

“No. I can’t.” he argued. ” I don’t have a car and you’ve put all other grocery stores near me out of business. This is the only one I can get to on the bus line near my house.”

Do you think the staffer understood that what he was describing in real time is “Sustainable Development?” Sustainable development is a feel good Orwelian term used to promote initiatives to shut down necessary components of civilized society like safe roads, grocery stores, access to water, etc., in order to force a society to move into more claustrophobic urban settings.

Side note: If you start hearing the managerial class in your community talk about sustainable development models at your local town hall meetings, or community meetings consider that a red flag.

The staffer insisted he wear a mask. So he put on his mask that has the word “Coercion” emblazoned on the front in strong red letters, and said “Do you know what this means?”

She shook her head so he explained that “coercion” means to force someone to do something against their will with the threat of death or punishment.

Just then an old guy walks up to JP and says “Do you know what the mask thing is about? Is it Luciferian? Is it spiritual?”

JP said “No it’s not. It’s basically about changing our economy.” He scribbled our YouTube page on a piece of paper and said “Just go to my channel. We explain everything there.”

Now, this is now the second or third time that some local has described these Communitarian practices as Satanic or Luciferian.

So I have to address it and put these superstitions out to pasture.

I can understand why certain people might think this is a spiritual or even Satanic ritual of sorts. What we’re witnessing is the underlying philosophy of Communitarianism, which is not a religion, but it feels like one because of all the rituals and virtue signaling.

Christians in Western Society are very accustomed to rituals: the church services, the prayers, the taking of the sacrament or Communion- rituals are very important in religious communities because ritualistic repetition often brings success to whatever goal is in mind, which is usually to enlighten the darkened masses.

When you do something over and over again it’s easy to repeat back to someone and educate them on your knowledge of the thing you are being taught, whether it’s religion or math.

Marketing uses repetition over and over in ad campaigns to manipulate the masses to buy whatever product is being shilled out to them.

Virtue signaling also seems to be at an all time high right now doesn’t it? How many people have screamed at you that you’re murdering people and being selfish because you’re not wearing a mask?

The communitarians among us, or the supporters of these Communitarian practices, are virtue signaling their love of the masks, and vaccines and love of a narrative that imposes control on a society.

This virtue signaling is also an identifiable characteristic that Christians can relate to in Western religions. They hold themselves up as virtuous before God and signal that virtue out to the masses.

The reason the man asked JP if this was a spiritual attack or Luciferian was because he probably recognizes his own Christian rituals and virtue signaling in the empty pantomiming of the rituals and virtue signaling coming from these controlling practices.

As a result, when philosophies take over religion then the religious in society tend to get scared because they’ve been taught a very foundational belief that comes out of Hebrews 11:1 :

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” It comes from this idea that although God and his infinite wisdom may not be seen or understood, that as long as we have faith then He is real.

I would argue the goal of this thing was to take that particular Bible verse and turn it on its head to confuse the Christians among us.

For, I can easily see the technocrats who modeled out this hoax in the Event 201 scenario in October 2019, saying, “How do we make sure the masses never fight back? We adopt their Christian practices of rituals and virtue signaling and make it an unseen and invisible force that is difficult to pin down.”

If you feel you are being threatened by an unseen, Satanic or spiritual force, invisible to the naked eye, then it’s impossible to fight against what cannot be seen.

But it’s not unseen, it’s not Satanic, it’s not spiritual, and it IS easy to fight. Just because Christians have been taught to believe that unseen things are true does not mean they are ignorant of the fact that their faith is being exploited.

However, some are allowing this exploitation and corruption of Hebrews 11:1 to take away their agency and the fight they would normally have in them for other causes that are easy to identify and target.

Communitarianism, as we have mentioned, is not easy to pin down but it is based in philosophy, which has no ideology. Religion is based in ideology. In Communitarianism, the driving force is to enslave a population to the will of just a few people in order to create vast wealth and power through oppression of a society. Religion, however flawed some of them are (and if not exploited) is grounded in enlightenment and the goal is peace.

The Western Christian religious among us have every right to continue to practice the faith that they choose and believe what they want. That’s the beauty of choice. They also tend to believe God has given them discernment. Some are using that discernment right now to address the inconsistencies with the practices certain corporations and governments are imposing on the people.

Our belief though is that the rituals and practices and virtue signaling coming out of this Communitarian philosophy in a post COVID19 world are easy to identify, easy to illustrate and even easier to banish precisely because they are based in a flawed philosophy derived from fascism.

Thus, Communitarianism is not a Religion.

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Ferris Wheel

Hi Guys!

I recently read a blog post

At the end of the post, the author writes “Side note: I have also found out that in 2018, America has declined being a part of the Agenda 2030 because America would like to keep its sovereignty. “Around the world, responsible nations must defend against threats to sovereignty not just from global governance, but also from other, new forms of coercion and domination.”

And she may be right, because as my Pittsburgh friend pointed out in a comment: US President Trump rejects globalism in speech to UN General Assembly

So maybe globalism will be rejected. Great! The end! Blog post over.

Not so fast, you.

Globalization is still something very real. After all, trillions of dollars have been invested into the most strategically designed marketing campaign of our lives, in the shape of.. a Ferris Wheel.

A Ferris Wheel? Yes, a Ferris Wheel.

No doubt by now you’ve heard of the statue toppiings that have taken place all across the globe just this week. In case you haven’t: here’s one and here’s another one. The shared global outrage has no doubt pummeled your feeds.

Wait. Am I having deja vu all over again?

Speaking of 2017…, well, I’ll get to that in a minute.

As I was watching the videos of the toppled statues and looking at photos, this photo I saw on Twitter got me to thinking. (Oh no that can’t be good)

Paid agitators spray painted the base of this statue in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. June, 2020

Behind the now toppled and defaced statue is a Ferris Wheel.

This Ferris Wheel was installed in March 2020, just about the time London Breed, the Mayor of San Francisco, declared all my friends prisoners for the foreseeable future.

The Ferris Wheel was mentioned in January 2020. And then it arrived, just a few months later. Just in time for no one to be allowed to ride it! Here’s a photo my good friend in San Francisco took on March 19, 2020 when it looked like a giant PacMan, which to be honest, I think I’d prefer.

This is a giant PacMan monument

Ferris Wheels are the first ride you see from a distance when you travel to the State Fair or to a Carnival. They represent joy, fun, celebration, repetition and the cycles of life. 

They also indicate a need to make changes, or move forward into the future without being thrown off course. Steady as she goes, as the wheel goes round. The wheel keeps on turning. But they can also represent a longing, a need to fulfill something missing.

Look here at the fascinating way Ferris Wheels have been the center of philosophy. Even Carl Jung states, “”Which element we think outweigh the other, whether meaninglessness or meaning is a matter of temperament. If meaninglessness were absolutely preponderant, the meaningfulness of life would vanish to an increasing degree with each step in our development. But that is – or seems to me – not the case. Probably, as in all metaphysical questions, both are true: life is – or has – meaning and meaninglessness. I cherish the anxious hope that meaning will preponderate and win the battle.” (He’s talking about Ferris Wheels)

What is the movement of the rotating wheel called? it’s called a “revolution.” Did you know that a standard Ferris Wheel ride has twelve revolutions? Count it next time you’re up in one with your sweetie.

Where in the World (Economic Forum) am I going with this? Funny you should ask.

Remember when I said above, “Speaking of 2017..” In 2017 the Presidio (a super fancy area in San Francisco) was launched as home to the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial… Revolution

Ok, so big deal. What does this have to do with the installation of the Ferris Wheel in San Francisco at the time the entire country went into lockdown?

It’s a signal, a message, an outer beacon to the World that San Francisco is moving forward with the hundreds of globalization strategies (especially tech surveillance) we find on the World Economic Forum’s website, and specifically The Fourth Industrial Revolution panel portion of the site.

What does the interface remind you of? Go ahead. I’ll give you a couple minutes to think about that.

Still haven’t figured it out! Gosh guys! The Strategic Intelligence Platform’s interface that we all love playing on all day everyday is shaped like a Ferris Wheel!

Saaaay.. What’s the big idea?

As fun and interesting and philosophically profound a Ferris Wheel can be, they also represent some aspects of “communitarianism,” which is the philosophy that we are all being indoctrinated into right now through the transition into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Each individual must sit facing forward, never looking back. The revolutions in life must be at a specific pace, with no interruptions in time or speed, just like a Ferris Wheel. There must be a specific amount of space between individuals just like there must be a specific amount of space between the carriages on the Ferris Wheel.

Seriously, I could fill your entire day with the metaphors and symbolism behind the Ferris Wheel. But i’ll just leave you with what I’ve written so far.

And, what the author of the blog post said at the end of her post, which I highlighted at the beginning of this post, and what Trump said about rejecting globalism, I really really hope it’s true. Because you know, the UN and politicians never, ever lie to our faces. But hey! There’s a first time for everything right?

In the very near future, Book of Ours will be using imagery and video of Ferris Wheels as a transitional interstitial (the spaces between talking points we’re making in the video essay) into one of our next video essays called “The New Model: Resilient Cities.”

And so, if you get nothing out of this message, then maybe when you watch our next video and you wonder why a bunch of Ferris Wheel imagery is used to transition from topic to topic you’ll at least know why.

As of the date of this blog post, we are about ready to finish our latest piece “The New Model: Communitarianism”

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