Mask is Binary

Masks don’t work to keep everyone safe but there is no need to explain the evidence. 

Because it’s a cult now, a world view, scientific evidence is not part of the conversation now.

Since it is a cult, I believe it takes 12-16 weeks for the indoctrination to “set.” This is anecdotal based on reading about cults.

For person A, this “setting” or “gelling” process was fairly seamless and it was an easy transition. 

For person B, it never set or gelled and the process has been a nightmare. It isn’t about wearing a mask to virtue signal like it is with “A.” It remains a choice. And that choice is usually framed with coercion.

“I am being coerced to do something against my will. If I wish to partake in necessary life functions like shopping for food, then I must put on the mask to avoid conflict.” So for person “B”, it becomes about coercion and the implications of that are serious in an open society. 

Because to live under coercion means to live under fascism.  Fascism can only function in a closed society.

Not that I personally care, but have you been able to self-reflect and decide whether you are “A” or “B” in this binary mask delusion?

Unlike a typical human experience which leaves room for nuance and inconsistent viewpoints and the freedom to switch back and forth, open dialogue and seeing the person’s perspective through the lens of empathy, the mask is either just “A” or “B.”

This is what makes it binary, like a computer program.

Masks, like cigarettes, are a choice.

Those who are discriminating against people for not wearing a mask need to understand this.

Whether we choose to wear mask, which isn’t law, or choose not to, shouldn’t matter to the order followers and self appointed mask authoritarians because they’re still getting their paychecks whether consumers wear a mask or not.

The transactions are still taking place. 

But blatant violations of civil liberties and civil rights can no longer be ignored.

Also, masks are the final nail in the coffin of the mass indoctrination necessary to roll out AI. 

Yes the recognition software improves itself and focuses on your body’s movements and other aspects of surveillance when wearing mask.

But what mask really is is psychological training, to make you ok with any number of invasive treatment protocols be it vaccine, nanobots injected under your skin, panopticon surveillance, childhood capture of children pushed onto screens instead of playgrounds, classrooms or socializing.

And for some human adults mask represents the wiping away of memories and humanity. 

Many adults are having psychotic episodes and don’t even realize it.

Usually person “A” is flooding their Facebook pages and social media accounts with nostalgia: memories of family get togethers, human experiences like travel with friends and events and festivals, and there is a sentimental attachment to these images they signal but there is an ironic dissociation of it as well.

This is why the mask hysteria is binary in nature. It has no nature. To try to capture human nature within its binary-ness is meaningless and pointless.

Announcing to the world and to themselves the revelations that life is over, since they have integrated comfortably into mask, they live each day between languishing in memory and despairing in it, not understanding their despair and the flickering cognitive dissonance wreaking havoc on their reality. 

I imagine many mini earthquakes taking place in the interior of their sanctimony.

Person “B” rarely lives in this kind of sentimentality or nostalgia.. Person “B” is hitting social media hard: framing their arguments with white papers, scientific evidence, reasoning out their REAL reasons why they wear mask, calling out the hypocrisy, exposing the censorship and maintaining laser sharp focus on the issue of “coercion through a mask” and the ramifications to come.

In my armchair anthropological social media study of “A” and “B” , “A” lives in privilege and treats this experience as an extended vacation. Or, opposite and adversely, “A” lives in deep poverty with little intellectual understanding of the world, is often a victim of abuse, has substance abuse issues and little, if any, education. This “A” sincerely believes that everything that controls and oppresses a society is about protection of that society. Their humble need to wear mask and follow rules comes from a place of innocent ignorance and a lifetime of following orders as opposed to developing a world view.

Conversely, privileged “A” uses mask as a weapon to virtue signal and attack anyone who lives outside their carefully curated world view. Typically these two versions of “A” are polar opposites in socio-economic status and political affiliation. Yet, they come together as one under the benevolence of mask.

This is ironic, for the very people that “privileged A” has blamed for a Trump presidency, for instance, and called “deplorable basement dwellers” or “racist” are the very people that hold their same worldview-in-mask.

“B” comes from the same status, usually, as privileged “A”, but holds on to a philosophical allegiance to sovereignty. Although equally intelligent and often sharing the same basic socio-economic and political class, “B” has never had the financial or career meritocracy that privileged “A” has enjoyed.

“B” has always been able to mingle with “privileged A” since they share similar education, world views, status and socio-economic status but unlike “A”, “B” has struggled financially at times or struggled for respect, often being scapegoated at the office or in social settings.  “B”, typically throughout life, is more open to different world views whereas “A” remains staunchly rigid.

But now the mask has separated the privileged “A” and “B.” Mask has made it impossible for these two, who co-existed so easily before, to co-exist at all.

This is having profound impact on society psychologically and emotionally, in my humble opinion.

But within the “B” category exists a person or two (or three) who holds philosophical understanding of the need for sovereignty while also coming from the very same privilege and meritocracy and opportunity that only “privileged A” comes from. They too have a curated life and even world view. But, unlike “privileged A” , they allow their academic responses to guide them rather than their emotional responses enslaved to a world view that is often found in the virtue signaling “privileged A.”

I write this armchair analysis with no qualms about admitting my own status, that of “B” without the meritocracy – so clearly this piece is written through that lens.

However, as this situation gets worse and worse I feel I’m shedding my class status and see myself more as a humble oracle or someone acting as an indifferent witness to these global atrocities. Like a lot of people, I have to cut out the emotion and even cut people out of my life, because the totality of this fascism and malignancy has already shattered my soul like glass and the shards may cut the innocent within close range.

So I make the sounds and the words with the hope that people are moved to action.

I want them to be in love with their sovereignty and autonomy as much as I am. 

Many of the “B” and even the “privileged A” types are influential to me. Even those “A’s” who have demeaned my work. But, I’m able to set aside my world view and feelings to allow both sides to help guide the message. 

I recognize the futility of reaching out to and reasoning with “A” because my meritocracy-less status is a filter they cannot see through, no matter how profound my message or medium is.

However, the “privileged B” and “privileged A” could meet as class equals. Often the “privileged A” are the managerial class that are rolling out and setting into motion these plans that set pace for an excoriation of the human out of humanity. Perhaps the only ones to reason with them to stop this are those who have circled with them in the same meritocratic class – the privileged “B” who I described above as being led by academia rather than emotion.

We, the “B” without meritocracy, or the artists or oracles or light bearers or keyboard warriors – whatever you want to call us – need to see ourselves as bridges somehow to connect these two similar classes.

Class analysis is always mysteriously missing in the media’s analysis on the war of terror and now this War on a Cold. 

But without this class analysis and without our skills to bridge these two classes, I fear humanity is lost to us forever.

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