Everyone in the service industry is a power drunk bullying terrorist

Your doctors want you to die so they can get the COVID bucks

Swallowing semen cures COVID19

You think wearing pool noodles on your head and a mask on your face makes you look like a sanctimonious virtue signaler but really you look like an idiot

You think wearing a face shield on your face makes you look like a bad ass but really it just makes you look like an idiot or like an infantilized adult finally realizing his dream of playing storm trooper

The mask is placebo

You don’t know what placebo means

Children are building the new panopticon digital slavelization society and are trained to snitch on you

Gramma actually hates you by now and thinks you look like an idiot with a mask on. Most likely you’re out of the will

Your government is laughing at you

Rich people and the managerial class are laughing at you

Glory holes help stop the spread of COVID19

Acting is a hate crime

Activism and voting are the new sport/leisurely passtime for the bourgeoisie

Real doctors who care lose their websites and get yoinked off the Internet and their words are memory wiped

Cats carry COVID19

Artificial intelligence is writing the news

Vaccines that have never been trialed and are human GMO modifiers are good but healthy diet, exercise, sunshine, a little vitamin C and social gatherings are bad

No law was ever passed to wear a mask, shut down your business, shelter in lockdown but you did it anyway because you don’t know what words mean or even how laws work

You’ve voluntarily given up all your rights

You’re in love with your oppressors. You can’t wait to vote them into office and have them stomp their boot on your face some more

COVID19 is less deadly than the common cold, and theres no evidence it even exists, but the world is acting like their hair is going to catch fire if an asthmatic with a medical exemption doesn’t wear a mask

Police tape has been wrapped around playgrounds and you’re ok with it because you hate kids at play I guess

The guy who told the world a couple hundred million people were gonna die of a non existent virus has since retracted his whoopsie bogus statement and disappeared with his mistress and a bunch of money

All the famous actors and bullshit artists are drinking mai tais on their private islands while you think they’re doing time for crime

A daddy’s boy rich kid so called software developer with a severe personality disorder whose foundation only exists because he lost a lawsuit is in charge of jabbing the world

It’s Russia’s fault

You already get molested when you fly and now with your mask on you can’t even make polite conversation while you’re being felt up

You never ask when the shit that is bludgeoning you to death is going to end. You just describe it incessantly

You’re not on the street yellow vesting this tyranny so you must love it

It’s Russia’s fault

The media or your governor could tell you to shave your head, cut off your arm, sacrifice your first born, eat a bag of dicks and you’d be first in line to do it

Trillions of dollars is invested into media manipulation, Ponzi schemes with your taxes, every social movement you’ve ever been involved in, every facet of your life and efforts for globalization and slavelization have been simulated, documented and proven but it’s Trumps fault

A reality TV show host with a trail of personal debt and shady business dealings is going to save us

It’s Russia’s fault. No, wait. Maybe it’s not. No, it is

There’s civil and human rights violations happening every second of every day just around the corner from you but oh well. Stop complaining Karen

You throw walnuts at people who can’t wear mask, hurling walnuts and screeching like a deranged poop throwing monkey

You’re treating this collapse of society like an extended vaca

You’re in a cult, having one long continual psychotic episode and you’re allowed to walk free instead of being hospitalized and treated for your delusion

You’re healthy and robust but you believe you’re a bio weapon, a vector for a deadly virus

You have a god complex, imposing your will on others

You’re unstable, irrational and irritating and somehow I’m the bad guy for describing you

It’s only July and this is how many people have died

It’s the red dots in case you don’t know how to read

Since you don’t know what numbers or scale mean you’ll have another Hysterical meltdown

And because it’s you, it’s doubtful we will even make it to October

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