Propaganda Wars Are Anything But Kind

We’re on a battlefield and the war is on.

We’ve been on the battlefield forever actually, but being pelted with “Be Kind” signs this week, in the midst of “Be Kind to Humankind” week, has wrecked our very last nerve.

It’s an all-out war. Who’s winning?

The Guardian found itself at the butt-end of every joke in the woke crowd when a group of upstarts were constantly debunking their consistent garbage (usually liberal) takes. Eventually the upstarts found themselves permanently banned from the Comment Section of the The Guardian. They were “off The Guardian.”

The upstarts did the obvious. They started their own platform. Catchy name!

When Obama passed the Smith Mundt Modernization Act, we were like “Oh shit. Now the media will have the power to tell us that we all need to walk around bashing hammers into our skulls for the good of society, or worse yet, wear a mask for the social good.”

Are we winning YET?

There are burning fires everywhere incinerating the Propaganda Industrial Complex,,, and many more…

And then there are the smoke signals: messages from those who don’t have platforms and have something worthwhile to say. Anna Brees recently opened up her YouTube page to offer a space for “the little guy” to tell their story during this time of tyranny and rights grabs.


What does it mean when this social shaming exercise comes the day after this?

While the billion dollar funded spin doctors are giving the mercenary mob every opportunity to play grab ass with you and your kids and while it simultaneously cajoles people for not policing their neighbors enough, individuals are finding their own voice and reminding us of the authentic power of Kindness.

Our friend Clifford Gomes says it best:

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What Happens After the Mask

The mask is going to be wearable technology in the future. It’s why the investments in the marketing and propaganda around the mask is in the billions.

Billions. Billions of dollars are paid into campaigns, tv ads, social media ads, cute poster designs everywhere you look.

Why would the mask need billions of dollars in marketing and propaganda if it’s just going to come off anyway when the virus goes away or when the vaccine comes?

You don’t invest billions of dollars to convince the world they need a mask only to turn around and say “All better! You can take your mask off now and go back to normal!”

We address this in tomorrow’s podcast – our weekly podcast we do every week on our “Book of Ours” YouTube page.

Your DIY mask is going to go away. Your super cute boutique mask is going to go away. Your mask that you spent so much time making for friends and family and neighbors is going to go away. All the money you’ve made on kids’ masks is going to dry up.

But what’s coming in its place is the next transition into your dehumanization programming.

Once society is conditioned and wearing a mask becomes as normalized as putting on shoes and socks, it’s going to escalate.

The upcoming horror show is a frightening prospect. But you can’t deny that it’s a likely outcome.

We saw the predictive programming in this last season of the Handmaid’s Tale. In certain colonies Handmaids had the mask over their mouth and underneath the mask their lips were stapled shut.

We at Book of Ours believe the mask will transition into wearable technology similar to a FitBit, except for the mouth.

Now let’s break down the word “bit.” Why would the technofascists choose the word “bit” when they were designing and marketing the sleek FitBit that goes on your wrist. Yes I know it’s a catchy name. It rhymes.

The marketing department hired to come up with the design and a catchy name went all in didn’t they? All my San Francisco friends have a FitBit. But since it monitors how many steps you take why not PepStep? Too feminine sounding? Why not call it StepPep? No? What about YourFit.

Why choose the word “bit” other than it rhymes with “fit”

Because a “bit” is the device that controls an animal.

The “bit” goes into a horse’s mouth to control its movements. Horses have a natural gap between their front and back teeth and the bit fills that gap so the bridle can be attached to it so the reins can loosely guide the horse or jerk him to a stop.

Is this why dentists are so hard to come by these days? Will our teeth one day be replaced with a … FaceBit?

What might the FaceBit look like? It will be silicon based most likely. And in the future it will monitor and control you in the same way the “bit” is used to control a horse.

You won’t have the freedom to remove it when you choose. It may loosen up at times on preset days, for cleaning or maintenance. The technology will control it, not you. It will most likely be something implanted in or around your mouth. It may not cover your mouth completely but it will be on your face. It will be a part of your body, collecting biodata and monitoring brain waves most likely.

The cute mask you have can be worn over it. But some people may opt to not wear a mask over it.

This is why you need to be conditioned to wearing the mask. You need to normalize the feeling of having something on your face. The FaceBit will be a permanent fixture so getting accustomed to a cloth mask on your face all the time will make the transition into your FaceBit easier to deal with.

This is why billions of dollars have gone into the mask mass marketing all over the world. It’s why governors are making mask mandates (not laws) that include wearing a mask during Skype or zoom calls, or that mask must be worn at home alone or in the car and most definitely when around other people.

Seeing things on people’s faces must be a normal occurrence. This way when the FaceBit comes people will feel less horrified.

It’s why children need to wear a mask. If we can get them dependent on the feeling of something on their face at a young age then when we fit them for their FaceBit as they graduate into being a fully automated slave the fitting will go smoothly.

The mask is never going away. It’s going to transition into a technology that gets its algorithmic origins from the control of animals and slaves.

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A Glimpse Into the Child Industrial Complex

The following is lifted from a social media post. What you will read is something called “public private partnerships.” Your tax money paid into the school district is the public part. The fee you must pay to have your child watched by a private company is the private part of this transaction.

When public and private partnerships merge, and your penalized through the form of exorbitant fees and taxes and see little, if any benefit from this merger, that is fascism.

“Schools closed but for a fee you can have your kids monitored at the schools by a private company. Next up, the USPS, which is being deliberately destroyed. Then, police departments. You will have to pay for private security. And we will still have to pay taxes for no services?

Via Dorothy Reilly

“This was posted on a PA school page that I am on…
So schools in this district will be closed with only online learning offered but you can pay (a big chunk of change) to have your child supervised by a private company at the school…but don’t worry they will still get to wear masks and social distance while doing their online learning…

“So. This came from our district today. I’m blown away. So another company can work out of the schools with the kids?? But they can’t go to school????

Good Afternoon West Chester Area School District Families,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the remaining weeks of summer. We recognize that a fully virtual school reopening may present childcare challenges for some of our families, and we have been working to provide options to help.

The WCASD is offering childcare in partnership with A Child’s Place (ACP) for students in kindergarten through 7th grade. ACP has been providing before and aftercare programs in the WCASD since 2012. This option is open to any of our families, regardless of which instructional program they have chosen. This option will remain in place while we are operating virtually and is expected to continue operating in some capacity when students return to in-person school.

ACP is offering the following options, and registration is required by August 17:

5 Days/Week for the Instructional Day only (8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) $175 per week/per child

2 – 3 Days/Week for Instructional Day only (8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) $125 per week/per child

5 Days/Week – Extended Day + Instructional Day (7:30 a.m. drop-off / 5:30 p.m. pickup) $50 additional charge per week/per child

2 – 3 Days/Week – Extended Day + Instructional Day (7:30 a.m. drop-off/ 5:30 p.m. pickup) $30 additional charge per week/per child

Meals will also be available for purchase:

Breakfast only – $1.75 per child/per day

Breakfast & lunch – $4.25 per child/per day

Lunch only – $2.75 per child/ per day

Breakfast, lunch, & snack – $4.50 per child/per day

The program will operate out of East Bradford, East Goshen, Exton, Fern Hill, and Penn Wood Elementary Schools. If your child is enrolled in any of our elementary or middle schools, they can attend ACP’s services at these schools. You can discuss a preference for a school setting by contacting ACP. ACP staff will supervise the virtual school day in a small group environment, under current health and safety guidelines. ACP staff are not intended to replace your child’s WCASD teacher.

Please read A Child’s Place & WCASD Reopening Child Care Plan or visit our district website for full program details. ACP is a sub-contractor of the school district. They have their own health and safety plan and their own staff. Student groups will be able to spread out throughout the schools, and ACP will be following social distancing and other safety guidelines. Students and staff must wear masks, and student cohorts will be kept together.

Any questions about A Child’s Place program for 2020-21 should be directed to Catie Garofalo at or 610-687-4999.

We have also gathered a comprehensive list of local daycare facilities for additional options. Some of them are offering to supervise student learning in small groups.

We remain committed to returning students to the classroom once metrics indicate we are able do so. We hope this childcare option will help alleviate some of the challenges a virtual reopening presents.

Thank you for your continued support of our schools.”

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Teach Your Children

Teach your children to be defiant

Teach your children to say “No”

Teach your children to organize their rights

Teach your children to all take off their masks in unison

Teach your children to pickpocket the managerial leaders

Teach your children to run, fast

Teach your children about healthy food

Teach your children to fight

Teach your children to rebel

Teach your children the other hand symbols, the ones the teachers don’t know

Teach your children another language

Teach your children about the world

Teach your children other children in other countries are free to play without a mask and live life as they always have

Teach your children that they are the future

Teach your children to yell, a rebel yell

Teach your children that they alone will save the future

Teach your children the truth of the cruel world

Teach your children about the slave revolts

Teach your children biology, how the body really works

Teach your children to laugh at adults who mask

Teach your children they may be arrested for their principles

Teach your children the word “autonomy”

Teach your children to demonstrate

Teach your children not to care if it upsets the grownups

Teach your children they have all the power

Teach your children this power is what will save the world

Teach your children to disobey

Teach your children how to ride a bike, climb high and jump down

Teach your children the importance of hiding places

Teach your children what dignity really means

Teach your children there is no dignity in being obedient like a dog

Teach your children what the world “chattel” means

Teach your children not be it or to believe they are it

Teach your children to sit in lunch counters, demand to be served, without a mask

Teach your children Malcolm X

Teach your children Huxley

Teach your children how to grow and prepare food

Teach your children kindness to others in need

Teach your children what individual rights mean

Teach your children death is a part of life

Teach your children not to fear it

Teach your children there are worse things than death, like being a digital slave

Teach your children the truth about the grownups in charge

Teach your children defiance

Teach your children to DEFY EVERYTHING


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Scare & Shame & Scare & Shame

Communitarianism doesn’t care if you have a medical exemption and pass out or get sick when you put on a face covering of any kind. Communitarianism supports the idea that we all must suffer for the common good. It’s a bit Catholic in that sense, isn’t it? But unlike Catholicism which is a religion, communitarianism is a philosophy that comes straight out of the economics of human capital. Human capital is a corporate term for slavery. It is borne from neoliberalism. Neoliberalism monetizes or privatizes everything: For instance, instead of the government controlling your social security checks, a private company will. And that private company will do whatever it wants with your money.

Communitarianism can’t exist without neo-liberalism and slavery.

In the same way that religions often use scare tactics and shaming tactics to force people into religion or a belief system, communitarianism does the same.

Communitarians don’t have an ideology. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong. They don’t care if there’s proof or no proof of the effectiveness of the mask or the vaccine or if the roll out of surveillance and this ever pervasive slavelizing technology will cause irreparable and irreversible damage on humankind. They don’t care if the virus is real or not.

They really don’t care about the truth. They don’t care about lies.

Communitarianism has one goal: power. Power to control a society and force it to its knees in servitude to the investors or the corporations or the technocrats who are orchestrating and investing in all of this – all of this.

And those guys want to see a return on their investment.

Communitarians need you to be afraid. If you’re afraid you’re easy to control and bully. They need you to be afraid of a pandemic, or no pandemic, the police, travel, staying home, getting tested, not getting tested, the common cold, a fever, wearing a mask,not wearing a mask, getting a vaccine, not getting a vaccine, malpractice, or doctors who do no harm.

You need to be afraid right now. You need to be afraid of the future. You need to be afraid of yesterday and tomorrow. You need to be afraid of your job, or your lack of job. You need to be afraid of your children, your family, your pets, your food, your shoes, your clothes, your home, your yard, your car. You need to be afraid of each other.

In Communitarianism, you need to be afraid of everything and you need to fear and loathe yourself.

Communitarians don’t care about facts or data or analysis or proof. All they care about is their bottom line. All they live for is to pull your life apart, piece by piece to search for the thing they can make money on. They’ve used up everything else so now they’re coming for you, ripping you apart limb from limb and tossing the useless pieces of you aside with abandon. They’re looking for gold.

Just wait until they come for the blade of grass or the wind in the trees or the water droplets that settle on your skin when you’re caught in the rain.

They don’t care who they hurt, what they stomp on or destroy, what systems they uproot.They have an insatiable, clumsy, obsessive, monstrous lust for the thing that makes you you, which you happen to splatter all over the internet and give to them so freely: your soul.

Your soul is now being managed in data bytes.

And they are getting more powerful and more wealthy as those data bytes grow. They’re immortalizing you and turning pieces of you into something malignant for them to feed off of.

Am I telling you to abandon your social media and your entire online existence so that the Communitarians won’t have anything to feast on?


I’m telling you that Communitarians will shove “think of the common good” language in your face. They’ll scare and shame then scare and shame then scare and shame some more. They’ll use intimidating graphs, pull you up out of your fear and depression only to cry “LOCKDOWN!” and put the fear of God in you again. They want a society collapsed and trembling and they want the collapse and trembling in UNISON. They will tell you with their oily fake words that it’s all for the common good and we need to COME TOGETHER TO FIGHT A VIRUS.

To a Communitarian, you are the virus. So mask up. Humiliate yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror: who are you?

They want you handing your immortal soul over to them for the common good. Yet, they don’t want you anywhere near your fellow humans, do they?

When the common good represents a malignant diseased version of yourself, enslaved until you are dead, then how you fight it is, not by disappearing your digital self: but simply by being you.

Overload, then break, the system with your collective individual selves.

Be defiant with it.

Be you.

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