A Glimpse Into the Child Industrial Complex

The following is lifted from a social media post. What you will read is something called “public private partnerships.” Your tax money paid into the school district is the public part. The fee you must pay to have your child watched by a private company is the private part of this transaction.

When public and private partnerships merge, and your penalized through the form of exorbitant fees and taxes and see little, if any benefit from this merger, that is fascism.

“Schools closed but for a fee you can have your kids monitored at the schools by a private company. Next up, the USPS, which is being deliberately destroyed. Then, police departments. You will have to pay for private security. And we will still have to pay taxes for no services?

Via Dorothy Reilly

“This was posted on a PA school page that I am on…
So schools in this district will be closed with only online learning offered but you can pay (a big chunk of change) to have your child supervised by a private company at the school…but don’t worry they will still get to wear masks and social distance while doing their online learning…

“So. This came from our district today. I’m blown away. So another company can work out of the schools with the kids?? But they can’t go to school????

Good Afternoon West Chester Area School District Families,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the remaining weeks of summer. We recognize that a fully virtual school reopening may present childcare challenges for some of our families, and we have been working to provide options to help.

The WCASD is offering childcare in partnership with A Child’s Place (ACP) for students in kindergarten through 7th grade. ACP has been providing before and aftercare programs in the WCASD since 2012. This option is open to any of our families, regardless of which instructional program they have chosen. This option will remain in place while we are operating virtually and is expected to continue operating in some capacity when students return to in-person school.

ACP is offering the following options, and registration is required by August 17:

5 Days/Week for the Instructional Day only (8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) $175 per week/per child

2 – 3 Days/Week for Instructional Day only (8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) $125 per week/per child

5 Days/Week – Extended Day + Instructional Day (7:30 a.m. drop-off / 5:30 p.m. pickup) $50 additional charge per week/per child

2 – 3 Days/Week – Extended Day + Instructional Day (7:30 a.m. drop-off/ 5:30 p.m. pickup) $30 additional charge per week/per child

Meals will also be available for purchase:

Breakfast only – $1.75 per child/per day

Breakfast & lunch – $4.25 per child/per day

Lunch only – $2.75 per child/ per day

Breakfast, lunch, & snack – $4.50 per child/per day

The program will operate out of East Bradford, East Goshen, Exton, Fern Hill, and Penn Wood Elementary Schools. If your child is enrolled in any of our elementary or middle schools, they can attend ACP’s services at these schools. You can discuss a preference for a school setting by contacting ACP. ACP staff will supervise the virtual school day in a small group environment, under current health and safety guidelines. ACP staff are not intended to replace your child’s WCASD teacher.

Please read A Child’s Place & WCASD Reopening Child Care Plan or visit our district website for full program details. ACP is a sub-contractor of the school district. They have their own health and safety plan and their own staff. Student groups will be able to spread out throughout the schools, and ACP will be following social distancing and other safety guidelines. Students and staff must wear masks, and student cohorts will be kept together.

Any questions about A Child’s Place program for 2020-21 should be directed to Catie Garofalo at catie@acpkids.com or 610-687-4999.

We have also gathered a comprehensive list of local daycare facilities for additional options. Some of them are offering to supervise student learning in small groups.

We remain committed to returning students to the classroom once metrics indicate we are able do so. We hope this childcare option will help alleviate some of the challenges a virtual reopening presents.

Thank you for your continued support of our schools.”

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