Propaganda Wars Are Anything But Kind

We’re on a battlefield and the war is on.

We’ve been on the battlefield forever actually, but being pelted with “Be Kind” signs this week, in the midst of “Be Kind to Humankind” week, has wrecked our very last nerve.

It’s an all-out war. Who’s winning?

The Guardian found itself at the butt-end of every joke in the woke crowd when a group of upstarts were constantly debunking their consistent garbage (usually liberal) takes. Eventually the upstarts found themselves permanently banned from the Comment Section of the The Guardian. They were “off The Guardian.”

The upstarts did the obvious. They started their own platform. Catchy name!

When Obama passed the Smith Mundt Modernization Act, we were like “Oh shit. Now the media will have the power to tell us that we all need to walk around bashing hammers into our skulls for the good of society, or worse yet, wear a mask for the social good.”

Are we winning YET?

There are burning fires everywhere incinerating the Propaganda Industrial Complex,,, and many more…

And then there are the smoke signals: messages from those who don’t have platforms and have something worthwhile to say. Anna Brees recently opened up her YouTube page to offer a space for “the little guy” to tell their story during this time of tyranny and rights grabs.


What does it mean when this social shaming exercise comes the day after this?

While the billion dollar funded spin doctors are giving the mercenary mob every opportunity to play grab ass with you and your kids and while it simultaneously cajoles people for not policing their neighbors enough, individuals are finding their own voice and reminding us of the authentic power of Kindness.

Our friend Clifford Gomes says it best:

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