“Lifelong Learning” Kicks Off Our Facebook Fundraiser

Lifelong Learning is inspired by the works of Alison McDowell, the foremost expert on militarized, digitized impact education introduced into our school systems

Have you seen the documentary above? If you haven’t, please watch! Any questions about what your child may be experiencing in school – whether it’s a public school, private school or home school will be answered and addressed in this video.

Here is the link to our Facebook Fundraiser: Book of Ours needs your help!

We are artists: creatives, designers, and we collaborate with others who have the same vision. We want to break the cycle that has seized society by the throat and forced them to succumb to a life of dull servitude. The Age of Covid has proven that society has been normalized into their chains of oppression.

Help us break those chains! You can become a patron of the arts by going to http://www.patreon.com and signing up for what you can afford. You can start with $2.00 per month!

What is Book of Ours? Why did we choose the name?

In times of old, only the Aristocracy were allowed to have access to education, knowledge, art, the sciences and philosophy. The aristocrats or the gentry were handed beautifully bound works of art as gifts. These were called the Book of Hours. You may often find them archived in libraries, behind glass with rare opportunities to leaf through them. While the wealthy experienced enlightenment, the peasant class were left in the dark, living off lies and shrouded in ignorance, beaten down though servitude to the masters, unaware of the transformative power of knowledge and the life-changing effects of discovery.

Book of Ours decided to create a platform that is accessible to all, no matter what class you were born into, or not born into. You deserve to know what is happening. You deserve to be told the truth. You deserve more than what life is handing you right now.

Let us help you to help yourself and your family, friends, neighbors and community. We must all be enriched. It needs to spread like wildflowers across this dystopian field where many have lost themselves to hopelessness and confusion and lies.

You can follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bookofours, http://youtube.com/bookofours, Twitter: @bookofoursjulie @bookofoursjp and Instagram at bookofoursart.

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