What The AZT Drug was for AIDS, Ab8 will be for COVID19

Today is October, 19, 2020. My husband, JP, and I have been attempting to archive history as we move forward into medical-bio tyranny, the Internet of Bodies (IoB) and neo-fascism.

I would like to interject a personal account.

Let’s begin.

I have an autoimmune illness. I was diagnosed at age 7 at Stanford University Hospital by leading specialists from around the world. My parents were very young at the time, and Stanford Children’s Fund and Stanford Children’s Hospital and all of their donations from rich people, from Hollywood stars and Academics to philanthropists, paid for all my medical expenses. My mother lived at the Ronald McDonald House, a resort-like place for parents to stay that was adjacent to the Children’s Hospital. This way she could be at my side while I underwent experimental treatments, blood draws, surgeries, and various other procedures.

In mid 2018, over 40 years later, my husband I bought a small old house in Pittsburgh, PA in a neighborhood of deep poverty as money is very tight and we could no longer sustain our rent controlled expense or living expenses in San Francisco, CA.

I started seeing an autoimmune specialist at UPMC. The first thing he asked me was “Did I have a specific antibody that proved I had this particular autoimmune illness.” I said, “Yes, both Stanford and Cal Pacific Medical Center can confirm this.” He triple checked by sourcing my anti-bodies through a blood draw which he sent to a lab to prove. Months later, the results came back and on my next appointment he very excitedly announced that yes, I did in fact have the anti-body. (As if I don’t know these things already, having lived with this rare autoimmune illness practically my entire life.) If you must know the details of the disease or the anti-bodies click here.

On March 6, 2020, almost one week before the COVID19 pandemic was introduced to the world and the Governor of the state I reside in , Pennsylvania, decided to lock down the state, I had my standing appointment with my autoimmune specialist. He told me that his department was commissioned to work on an important research project for autoimmune diseases and it was absolutely paramount and necessary for the fate of his department, their research, and the study of autoimmune diseases that I submit to a test so they could study it (me).

After reading over the paperwork and seeing all the buzzwords and how important research is, I consented.

Before continuing I must give an account of the general atmosphere of Autoimmune Department at UPMC that day.

It was buzzing with research assistants, which is unusual for this department. One research assistant was, I think, Bing Liu. When I had signed to have the special blood draw that would target my anti-bodies, my autoimmune specialist literally did a little dance when he saw the signed paperwork. He was extremely excited. There was an electricity in the air of the department at UPMC. The research assistant who did my blood draw, a young Asian, female, whisked me into a private room and I even asked, confused, “You mean I just don’t go to the lab downstairs like I always do?” She said, “No, this is a specially designated onsite lab specifically set up for this project.” There was lots of chaos and quick words and a general feeling of anxiety and excitement in the air, that I found to be odd.

Days later, when my husband and I were at UPMC for a different matter, the entire hospital had been cleared out. Empty hallways, darkened offices, lights were closed off. It was, as they say, a ghost town. In a bizarre coincidence, we came across Bing Liu in the hallway, he looked irate and completely disgusted and confused. We asked him if the Starbucks cafe was open and he said he wasn’t sure. I remarked to my husband that he seemed “off.”

Now that I have given you background on myself, let’s continue.

As mentioned, I am from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Let’s talk about AIDS.

Although the HIV/AIDS crisis was a global medical pandemic back in the 1980’s I believe San Francisco in particular was targeted. Gay men occupied a coveted area in San Francisco called “The Castro District” during the reign of Dianne Feinstein when she was mayor of the tiny city that is 3/4 surrounded by water. She had many developmental projects during her reign, including financializing The Castro District. The AIDS/HIV crisis made it easy for her to clear out The Castro District since gay men who had found a home there, in that neighborhood, were suddenly dying of AIDS.

This is the story we are told.

Since the HIV/AIDS crisis, many doctors, research assistants, specialists, infectious disease experts have come out to say that it was not what we were told through the medical community and the media spun false stories of medical crisis, pandemic and death by AIDS.

Many theories, mine included, is this: HIV does not exist. During a particularly heavy flu season many people, including gay men, were going to their doctor complaining of a bad cold or a flu. Doctors had been told through infectious disease experts, the government and various other so-called verifiable studies conducted by Anthony Fauci, to let all gay men know they had something called “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” (HIV), and that this virus was known to cause the killer disease Anti Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and that if they wanted to live they should take the drug AZT. (Keeping in mind, there were other drugs that were promoted as well, before AZT. Five pages of drugs for HIV. Lots of drugs. Big Pharma must have made a killing.)

Gay men, who were suffering nothing more than a bad cold or a bad flu, were told they had contracted the HIV virus through the absorption of body fluids or blood. This gave the opportunity for the media to have a field day with their lifestyle, excoriating that lifestyle any chance they could.

Gay men were eager to take AZT after they were told that the common cold they were suffering from was a blood-born or bodily-fluid-born virus called HIV. They were afraid they could contract the disease AIDS because they were told they could get AIDS from being HIV positive.

This was a complete lie.

Sadly, though, scores of gay men wasted away and died after taking the drug AZT.

How to Distract from killer AZT.

Tom Hanks, the actor who first claimed he contracted COVID 19, also starred in a movie about a man who died of AIDS. It’s called “Philadelphia.” Ironic, right? Also, ironic that in the same year (1993) “Philadelphia” was released, this conference took place in Berlin. This blog post is back when blog posts were not as slick as they are now.

As I’m sure you’ve read in the blog post I’ve embedded above, AZT is the killer drug. In my opinion, AZT took a paranoid and unsuspecting, but trusting population by force.

Let’s talk about Ab8.

I receive updates and emails from UPMC all the time. I am constantly reading about the latest in medical technology and usually I just shrug it off. I’m doing other things and there are better writers and bloggers than me who go into deep dives into the latest in medical technology. There are already hundreds if not thousands of doctors who have something to say about the latest in medical technology as we are slogging through the great marketing campaign that is COVID19 and its totally unrelated Great Reset, also a marketing campaign.

As mentioned, I receive emails from UPMC. One such email caught my eye. Introducing Ab8 and the beginning of October Surprise. As the article says, Ab8 is not a vaccine. Just like AZT was not a vaccine.

I assume you are paying attention.

Remember, AZT is the drug offered “HIV patients” (gay men are the “patients”) with a particularly bad cold or flu to keep them from getting AIDS.

Ab8 is a drug given to “Coronavirus” patients (human beings are the “patients”) with a particularly bad cold or flu to keep them from getting COVID19.

Remember when I gave you a brief history of my personal experience on March 6, 2020 at UPMC about how my autoimmune specialist wanted to source my anti-body? How’s your attention span these days?

Here’s an excerpt from the UPMC article I embedded above:

“Researchers from UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have isolated a tiny antibody component that completely neutralizes SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Scientists are using the antibody component to create a drug, Ab8, that could be used to treat and prevent COVID-19. “

No thanks necessary. No, really. Don’t thank me.

What is the correlation between HIV/AIDS and CORONAVIRUS/COVID19?

HIV is the infection that they say would cause AIDS. HIV, targeting gay men because of their lifestyle, is really nothing more than a common cold. AIDS is the “disease” they claim targeted gay men would get from HIV, and if you had a diagnosis of this it would be used to justify creating a bunch of medications for Big Pharma to make money on.

Coronavirus is the infection that they say would cause COVID19. Coronavirus, targeting human beings because we dare to be human, is nothing more than a common cold. COVID19, is “disease” they claim you would get from Coronavirus, and if you had a diagnosis of COVID19 it would be used to justify creating a bunch of wearable technology, bio-metric tracing, implants, vaccines and services that Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Military (just to name three Bigs) would make money from.

The Yin and Yang of Auto and Anti.

AIDS is the acronym for ANTI Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It means your body is completely devoid of immunities to kill off all manner of infections and you die of those infections. AZT was SUPPOSED to build UP the immune system before the AIDS diagnosis was made so the targeted population with HIV (gay men) could keep from getting AIDS.

I have an AUTO immune illness. This means I have a plethora of anti-bodies that typically keep me from getting a common cold. Chances are, if I was tested for a coronavirus it might actually come up negative because you all don’t have the antibodies like I do, you sorry coronavirus ridden people, you. (Don’t get tested, it’ll probably come up positive, then you’ll get tested again and it will come up negative. Besides, the PCR test wasn’t meant to be used for this, as we’ve all figured out)

Let’s go back to the UPMC post which I’ve embedded and which you’ve read, and how their magical antibody (you’re welcome. No really, no thanks necessary) has made the drug Ab8.

Ab8 is not a vaccine. It is a drug that they will give a Coronavirus patient (people) to keep that patient from contracting COVID19.

In the same way AZT is also not a vaccine, and was given to HIV patients (gay men) to keep them from contracting AIDS.

Have I lost you? I’m going to tell it to you straight then: AZT is the killer, not AIDS. You can’t die from something that doesn’t exist. You also can’t die from a very bad common cold which is what the targeted community (gay men) really had.

AZT was made and shipped worldwide. Ab8 is made and shipped worldwide.

UPMC created a company called “Abound Bio.” Abound Bio will be the company that distributes the drug Ab8 worldwide. It’s partnered with UPMC. I guess you could say it’s like the Dedicated Shipping Department of Ab8 with an office out of UPMC. You follow?

Who is the head of “Abound Bio.” Dr. John Mellors, that’s who. He is my autoimmune specialist’s boss, basically. He is also the Endowed Chair for the Global Elimination of HIV and AIDS, Director of the HIV/AIDS program at UPMC, Chief of Infectious Disease at UPMC. Look at all he’s done in AIDS research and anti viral meds. You know, anti viral meds like AZT.

This is why, as the title says, “What the AZT Drug was for AIDS, Ab8 will be for COVID 19.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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