You are Gollum

When you say you are looking out for the common good, or you’re a world
Citizen or you’re part of a global effort, what you’re recognizing is that the global citizen must invest in his own misery, poverty, deteriorating health, loss of sovereignty, and loss of potentiality for personal gain or success so that a few soon to be multi trillionaires can extract from you and gain more wealth and power. That’s what the common good or global citizen is. If you embrace this idea, you have deep psychological and mental problems and your pathology is destroying the world. Worse than Stockholm syndrome which only affects the individual deeply transfixed and in love with his oppressor, but now you must drag the rest of us with you. This is war. You’re a traitor, a deserter, a turncoat. You have turned your back on the cause for what you perceive to be safety or even good will. The cause is the human experience. Humanity. The sovereignty of self actualization. You’re willing to turn all of this over for a false sense of security. Your weakness and wormlike existence is disgusting. You’re no longer a human being in my eyes.
You are a revolting creature, diseased. Gollum, with a mask. You should be banished, to the margins of society to live your remaining puerile and pathetic days in servitude for the benefit of your masters.

Gollum, with a mask

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