You, Monetized

The real left has always been focused on the wealth gap and the never ending class war. The real left remains committed to economic warfare of the lower and middle classes, remaining unencumbered with fabricated social movements like BLM or distractions that falsely lift up founding fathers as benevolent men of reason. They were wealthy, white, land owning slave holders who came to this land to establish it as a fiscal military military state at the behest of the United Kingdom. The steady rise of neoliberalism has made us an exclusive fiscal military state. The police of the globe, if you will. The real left criticizes the fact that the USA has the highest prison population on the planet. We monetize human beings for the profit of the very few.

Recently Cory Morningstar opened up a dialogue about the 120% rise of adult children over the age of 20, being forced to live at home with their parents with no way out. This burden lies squarely on the shoulders of predatory capitalism, neoliberalism & now the scamdemic is ushering in “neo feudalism with iPhones” as I like to say.Eleven (11) months ago I toyed around with word play and made a little video. Since then our production values have gotten much better.

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We Are Not Governed By Science, Health Experts, Politicians, Shaming Others, Guilt Trips, Temper Tantrums, Government Officials, Propaganda, News Reports, School Boards, Teachers, Doctors, Social Media, Dept. of Health Websites Or The Common Good. We Are Governed By Law.

Below you will see some examples of local signs.

These signs have a message. Under the message is a code, or a string of numbers, or an Ordinance number. This means if you are caught by a policeman disobeying the rules on the sign, he can issue you a citation, or a ticket, based on your violation of the ordinance, or the code number you see on the sign. He will write you up a ticket and on the ticket he has to write down the code you violated. For instance, in this first sign if you were caught cutting off a bicycle on the road, he would write down “motorist violated Code CVC 21202.”

You can always take that citation, or ticket, and fight it in court. At this time it is up to the judge to decide if you give enough compelling evidence for him to waive the fee attached to the citation or ticket.

Now please take a good look at these signs, which are rules and which are law, and look for the string of numbers on the sign. These numbers or codes are what makes the sign itself enforceable by law.

This is how we are governed in civil society and how we keep law and order and practical usage of safety measures.:

The following signs are not law, for they are missing the key component that makes a sign enforceable. These signs need a civic code or ordinance number attached to it if it is to be enforced. Without the code, it’s just artwork. And we are not governed by artwork. Art can influence you, sure, but it cannot enforce its message on you.

If the stores that are displaying these signs are saying it’s “government orders” or “health orders” they must supply the statute to support this statement. If they can’t supply the statute number their “mask order” is not enforceable by law.

If these signs ever do start displaying civil codes or Ordinance codes that means your state’s legislative body has taken it to a vote, that vote was passed, a statute was created and it is now officially law. Hopefully as engaged citizens you will know when this is up for a vote and you can apply the appropriate amount of pressure and noise to keep it from getting passed. But if it is passed, remember laws, especially when they are human rights violations, are made to be broken.

If they say it’s store policy, then you would either put on a mask and shop, leave, or present them with information that they are required by law to publicly accommodate you. You don’t need to mention you have a medical exemption. Store policy does not circumvent public accommodation laws in your state. Here is an example of a public accommodation law. Notice that it has a date it was stamped into law, with a statute number. My suggestion is to commit your state’s public accommodation law to memory.

No doubt where you live there has been an uptick in mandates. Whether you are under more severe mask mandates, or under a curfew or your schools have been forced to close again, this oppression in our lives has taken its toll. These mandates are not law, but instead they are enforced through the military tactic of soft power. Perhaps your Governor’s orders are more severe. (Governors don’t make laws. The legislative body of your state votes on whether to put a measure into law or not, like forceful wearing of masks)

Soft power invests in propaganda and “common good” language. “I wear a mask to keep you safe and you wear a mask to keep me safe.” This is an example of the common good language we see a lot in commercials and poster designs.

The common good was also used as an excuse to stone people to death in the town square, publicly flog people, hang black men from trees, and burn women at the stake. The common good is the most depraved and base aspect of ourselves and it is now ruling the land, just as it did in medieval times.

There is no basis for enforceable law in common good language, either.

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Please also watch “Quarantyranny.” There are some shots of Pittsburgh and San Francisco, two cities that have seemed to quickly adopt the “common good” language in their communities.

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Sweden Will Update Their Ordinance on Gatherings on November 24, 2020 & A Small USA Civics Lesson

Today is November 16, 2020.

It has been exactly 8 months since our country (USA) was handed over to FEMA. It has been 8 months since the corporate restructuring of everything from our bureaucracy to the way our businesses are run to our individual sovereignty has changed the value of our human experiences and commenced with the underhanded Deconstruction of our country.

Sweden seemed to avoid the fascism that has encroached on all of our lives. I warned that lifting Sweden up as the standard was a false narrative and not to get too caught up in using Sweden as “the model for Freedom.”

On November 24, 2020 the Government of Sweden will update the Ordinance they instituted on March 11, 2020. Their current Ordinance states that all gatherings must be limited to 500. That means all concert halls, art museums, libraries, malls, or any place where people gather must be limited to 500 people.

As of November 24, the updated Ordinance will change that number to “8.”

My gut instinct about Sweden, having visited Stockholm in April 2018 and seeing their behavior first-hand, is that the Swedes are not only defiant of their government’s Ordinances but simply shrugging off their government. My personal experience is that despite this latest uptick in fascist rhetoric in the country, their response is as it’s always been. Swedes value ALLEMANSRÄTTEN above all else. The Swedish government can pass every Ordinance they want. These Ordinances, which from my understanding are Swedish law, are meant to be broken when they violate human rights.

Looking back, I realize all of the construction I witnessed while in Stockholm was most likely due to sustainable development models being put into place. These models include upgrades in civic areas all over the world where surveillance and tracking modes are installed. With these modes come widening of streets for bike lanes and various other data collection technology, like temperature checks in all stores and contact tracing and installing the correct systems that work in tandem with an app that each citizen will be required to download on their phone to give them access to any store or building they need to enter.

I’ll make the leap of logic and say that as far back as 2018 Stockholm had already signed on to this bio surveillance fascism and this is why Sweden was exempt from locking down their country while the rest of the world was forced to.

I don’t put any value in any government, including Sweden’s, but I do put value in the people who regularly ignore their government. In that sense, using the Swedish people’s response to their government as the model would be appropriate.

I’ve always been contemptuous of control or contorting myself into positions that meet other’s expectations, especially the government’s.

It is anathema to my existence.

As mentioned, today is November 16, 2020 and I am having deja vu. The behavior that is taking place in my own country (USA) is the same foolish behavior I witnessed in March.

Businesses are choosing to close down or choosing to force their consumers to wear a mask or choosing to limit their hours. Government agencies, like the local Transportation agency, is putting cute signs up saying they limit the number of passengers on a bus or train, and those same agencies are forcing their riders to wear masks. Some schools are choosing to close. Hospitals and doctors offices are choosing to limit care for their patients. People are choosing to limit the number of people they have in their home or events for gatherings.

I witnessed this nonsensical and self mutilating behavior in March and now I’m witnessing it again. Book of Ours has warned continuously that this behavior would resurface in the Autumn and sure enough it has. We would also like to remind you, once again, that this behavior will continue into infinity.

Most of the United States citizenry, present company excluded, have no interest in self actualization, sovereignty or even understanding how Civics 101 works.

The gibberishey, intimidating illogical language that comes from your Dept. of Health or your Governor or your Teacher or whoever you want to call your boss in life does not make “the law of the land.”

In the United States statutes are passed which support law.

We are not governed by cutesy signs on the sides of buses, or dim witted teachers or power hungry governors, or doctors. We are not even governed by science or scientism. We are governed by law. Those laws are held up with statutes. These statutes must be voted on by a legislative body then they are given a statute number, a date and passed into law.

I learned this in Grade 6 in California, the state where I grew up. Each state passes statutes which are put into that state’s law.

Here is an example of a statute in Pennsylvania which is law.

Notice there is a number and a date which indicates when this was signed into law.

This is why I say these continued “lockdowns” or “mask orders” are not lockdowns or mask orders at all. They are choices. You are choosing to lock down or close down your economy or shutter your business, or wear a mask or force others to wear a mask.

There is no statute that has been voted on by your state’s legislative body.

What you are witnessing is a stupid, insipid sycophancy to tyranny and fascism. Stop supporting small businesses that are too lazy to understand basic Civics.

When there is no statute or law to support a business kicking you out because you cannot wear a mask then that business is simply bullying you for the sake of bullying. It’s a power trip. It’s fascism.

There is no law in place that says you have to close your business, stop your means of production, or stop allowing your customers in, and there is no law that states you have to start torturing your kids in school.

When you, as a business or a school or a hospital, or any public accommodation, choose to do these things you are choosing fascism.

And when you choose to be intimidated by businesses or institutions that choose to do these things to you, you are choosing your own abuse.

This isn’t complicated because there is no law.

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Media Says Ticketmaster Requires Vaccine Before Entry to Concerts & Football Games – Welcome to the “Experience Industrial Complex”

I’m currently making a video essay about this story, exclusive for my patrons. As media artists, who have spent the last 35 years or more of our lives enjoying live music and concerts sometimes as much as 3 times a week, even going so far as to time our honeymoon in concert (pardon the pun) with my favorite band (Fever Ray), we felt this was something that deserved our attention.

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This week the propaganda wing of the Corporate owned State wrote many stories that caused an uproar in people who like to go places where tickets are required, places like concerts and football games. There were many propaganda outlets that covered this story but I will focus on the one from Billboard.

Read it here: here

There are seven take-aways from this story:

1. You’re already experiencing COVID-19 safety protocols every time you stand on line in a little circle or every time you mask up to go to the grocery store. This story is meant to prepare you for next level protocol in the Age of COVID.

2. The public were manipulated to respond. The emotional outbursts were heard all over social media. The manipulation may have caused a response on the street. The point is the story itself was meant to provoke a response of some kind from the public and it worked.

3. The story made seeing a concert or going to a football game seem complicated, expensive & time consuming. The anti-life goal in floating this story is to make you want to have all your experiences that require tickets whether it’s a concert or football game, enjoyed from the comfort of your home in front of your computer screen. You’ll happily avoid getting tested or getting a vaccine and you’ll do anything to avoid having to wear a mask. The goal is to get you to opt out of the real life experience and opt in for the online stream experience. You will not only buy the ticket but you will also buy the streaming service in order to have access to the experience.

4. There is an important sentence in the Billboard story which proves medical martial law or bio-fascism as I like to call, is underway: “Here’s how it would work, if approved: After purchasing a ticket for a concert, fans would need to verify that they have already been vaccinated (which would provide approximately one year of COVID-19 protection)“. To translate, after you’ve been vaccinated the first time, you would need to get another vaccine in a year. This is true. As many of us have said, in bio fascism where you are the chattel to make an industry rich, you won’t just get off with one vaccine. It’s many. And from this simple statement under the cover of a Ticketmaster story, you discover that yes, you will most likely be required to get one vaccine per year. In other words, COVID19 is here to stay.

5. Each venue will decide on their own if they want to institute these new policies. This tweet from Ticketmaster Fan Support is classic corporate speak. Of course Ticketmaster doesn’t pretend to be your doctor or the Ministry of Health. But, as they clearly state, they will work with event organizers on COVID safety measures & it will be up to the discretion of each event how they want to proceed. You see this kind of language on websites for all the stores and various other institutions where “covid safety measures” are put in place even though the stores or companies themselves play innocent to their role in these measures.

6. This sentence says a lot: “Ticketmaster also plans to deploy its new SmartEvent system, which helps event organizers and fans manage social distancing, delayed entry and provide possible opportunities for contact tracing.” To translate this means that investment opportunities will be made for venues and services who provide your personal health data. How is it that the venues can suddenly find the income to pay staff, run their light and sound, etc.? It’s because they’ve contracted themselves out to be contact tracers. I would even go so far as to say if a venue isn’t acting as cover for contact tracing, they won’t be allowed to open.

7. This is something I like to call the “Experience Industrial Complex.” What this story is telling you is that whether you attend the event or not, capital will still be made. People will still get paid. A term you should really normalize in your day to day language which is boring and corporate sounding is “impact investors”. In this particular scenario, impact investors are paying the following people: The drug store or health provider that takes your COVID-19 test which you will have to pay a fee for so not only are they making money off the cost of the COVID test from you, but they are making money from the impact investor on the back end; the impact consultant that makes every venue “COVID ready” is also getting paid- this is the person that walks around with the House Manager at a concert venue and gives them suggestions on how to “improve their COVID regulation” – they hand them over to another company that does the buildout of these new regulations; the person who actually re-does the physical space through installing safety zones or plastic dividers or various other specific COVID stations also makes money; the start up that designed the app you have to download onto your phone to prove you took the vaccine or took the test to prove you did what you had to do have your human-approved experience is also making money. There are a myriad of companies, investors, social impact consultants or investors, that have turned your experience into a money making scam. By the time you get into the venue, money has been made on all the hoops you jumped through just to get to the venue. And, if something comes up and you have to work late and can’t make the game or the concert, you will no longer be able to sell your ticket on Craigslist or Facebook. Your entry to the event is attacked to your passport, which has your health data and a picture of you. So, if you can’t make it to the venue, you eat the cost of the ticket too.

This story, if you really read it, is an opportunity for a myriad of people who you will never see, working behind the scenes, to make a lot of money based on a perceived need. If you want to experience a concert, a football game, a museum, a play, the symphony, a festival or anything that requires a ticket, then that experience will be turned into profit, big profit.

The days of just buying a ticket at your local box office to see a show is gone. There’s no money to made in that direct, easy transaction. The worst part of this, which is why I’m glad to see such an explosive response to this exploitation of our human experiences, is that the performers, the musicians and those who we want to see live and in person will see very little, if any, of the money that’s being made.

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Make Sure You Have A Back Up Plan This COVID-19 Holiday

I don’t have anything particularly profound to say about Holidays in the Age of Covid except that I imagine it will be far worse this year than any former family Holiday get together you may have experienced in the past.

Think of your worst family dinner or your most awkward moment opening gifts in the past, or the most infuriatingly dysfunctional conversation with your crazy uncle you have every year, after he’s had one too many brandied egg nogs, and add a couple extra layers of anxiety-making gibberish propaganda to it and that’s what it’s going to be like for you this year, in the Age of COVID.

Ask yourself what part of your life has been normal since we’ve transitioned into this COVID obsessed world. Now ask yourself how normal you really think your family holiday dinners or vacations are going to be this year. And ask yourself if it’s worth it and if you benefit from any of it.

I’m bringing this up because a friend of mine dropped a bombshell that I hadn’t thought of at all, so I thought why not do a quick blog blip to warn others?

My friend confided in me that his family has requested he take a COVID-19 test prior to him visiting for the holidays. After recovering from my shock, I realized this brought up variables that in the end, in my opinion, would only end up hurting him. Plus it adds another layer of confusion to what is already a stressful time of year even without adding COVID-19 or the Election Crisis into the mix.

He doesn’t want to get tested but he wants to see his family. He is as intelligent as he is diplomatic so based on what I could get out of him he voiced his concerns with his family about the test, who then offered to pay for the more expensive spit test as opposed to forcing him to go through the torture of the brain puncturing nasal swab.

But what if his test came up positive? Could he explain that a positive test is actually meaningless? Would he have to quarantine and then test again and then if that test came up negative, would he be given the green light to finally go visit the family for the holiday? What if there are other people visiting and they’ve already cemented their plans while he may have to quarantine?

There’s an unfairness around this request that made me uneasy for him.

Ultimately what he decided was to get some distance from it. When it comes down to it, he says he will eventually say to his family that if they want him to come it’s going to have to be when they are not afraid. In other words he says he is happy to visit them when they feel safe to be around him, without him having to succumb to a test.

This may work but it may not.

What if they lay a guilt trip on him? “It’s just a test! Why are you being so difficult? It’s the holidays!” But, his response that he will be happy to visit once they are not seized and controlled by fear is very rational, especially since their request is so irrational.

Life in the Age of COVID, as we’ve already experienced is defined as irrational, isn’t it? The rules change everyday and we are always surprised at the next level bullshit we have to wade through. This has been a divisive-making, derision-inducing life of misery. Every person I have talked to has said the same things: they’ve lost friends and family over this thing.

To think that we can just pick up as if things are 2019, and to think we can have a nice family holiday in the Age of COVID is fantasy I suggest you snap out of quickly. It’s already November 11 after all. Thanksgiving is around the corner, then Christmas, Hanukkah etc. then New Years. The Age of COVID isn’t going away anytime soon and neither will the dysfunction and real pain that comes with it.

I cannot imagine anything more awful than having to wear a mask while heads are lowered in thankful prayer over Turkey dinner. The hypocrisy that that image presents is galling, outrageous and off-putting. I cannot imagine having to get tested just so you can go play golf or ice hockey with your dad or bake pies with your aunt or open gifts with the kids.

It’s bad enough that our municipal holiday events are so fascist now. Only a certain amount of people allowed on the ice skating rink at one time. Circles for people to stand in while they wait on line for a bag of roasted chestnuts from the vender. Public Christmas markets with long lines of people waiting to get in may require invasive (not to mention unlawful) temperature checks at every entrance. Security guards may loom at every entrance barking “PUT ON YOUR MASK!” Everyone probably looking like a scene out of Night of the Living Dead wearing masks with their dead eyes peeking over their designer face diapers. This does not give me the warm fuzzies no matter how good the spiced cider smells as it wafts through the air.

Maybe before the Age of COVID your arguments were about politics or life choices or why a person is still single, or why someone couldn’t get a job or hold onto a job, or why someone is failing in school. Maybe there was that awkward moment when you have a big announcement to make and you are scared of what the reaction to that announcement might be. Or worse, maybe your announcement has banned you to the margins and you’re no longer treated the same by your family.

Then there’s the subtle inherited hierarchy in the family. The scapegoat, the narcissist, the enabler, the flying monkey are all in the same room and the air grows thick with tension as all the toxic little games and bullshit that come with each role each person has been designated to play their entire life gets played over and over again like clockwork during a family holiday event.

There’s a myriad of awkward, difficult and emotionally-charged conversations and blame and arguments that tend to shape our holiday experiences with our families.

Imagine all of that now in the Age of COVID when the stakes are so much higher. “Why don’t you call your mother once in a while!” has now been super charged to “Put on a mask or else you’ll kill grandma you murderer!”

Make sure you have a back up plan this year. That’s all I’m saying.

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The Image Makers

The Image Makers, or the “Creators” as they are sometimes referred to in hushed tones in the dark corners of social media or press studios, are giving birth to thought and emotions. Sometimes for good. Sometimes not. But they are there leaving their mark on just about everything you see on the screens.

They are the consultants, the marketing agencies, the PR firms, the psychologists, the color coordinators, the lighting coordinators, the script writers, the CGI experts, the clothing consultants, the voice trainers, the body experts, the directors and the scene builders.

They run the show to make you feel a feeling.

I stumbled across this beautiful video when I had insomnia one night. My roommate at the time had a TV so I turned it on while she slept and settled on the local PBS station run by KQED. They air a program called “Image Makers.” Image Makers showcases short movies or anecdotal films, usually in vignette form. This one, Nuit Blanche, grabbed my attention immediately. It is directed by Arev Manoukian and has stayed with me for years.

This profound little film, less than 4 minutes long, caught the eye of Sony a few years after it was originally aired. Leonard Cohen was brought in and gave it a richer tone, speaking one of his poems over the imagery. Some changes were made but the essence of Manoukian’s original film was captured and made into a one minute ad. It’s called “Two Worlds.”

Over the last four years, I’ve been thinking a lot about image makers. I’ve been resistant to the insistence that Donald Trump is a bloviated, narcissistic man-child in the form of an orange monster.

I’ve seen evidence of it when it benefited ratings. CNN did a breaking story about the dangers of Trump moving things. By him moving things it made him a chauvinist, where experts had to weigh in on his hidden anxieties. Chances are Trump was just playing for the camera. After all, I can’t imagine a person who is a MEDIA BRAND not doing anything to play for the camera.

I’ve seen evidence of the opposite as well.

When someone who I assume voted for Joe Biden asked me what I thought of this speech, I was looking at the color of his tie. I was looking at the flag. I was looking at his demeanor. I was listening to the inflections of his voice. I was listening to what he was saying and deciding for myself if it sounded reasonable. My response was that it sounded Presidential and maybe a little bit like he was conceding, but that was my personal opinion.

For four years we have not been allowed to see the rational man that millions of working class Americans voted for.

Like every human, there is a bit of a narcissist in all of us. Traits that make us unlikeable or make people feel uneasy are part of the complicated and often mysterious measures of being human.

Can you imagine, though, if we had a personal brand consultant following us around 24 hours a day, seven days a week curating our complicated existence to only show a one dimensional side of ourselves?

Do I think Donald Trump was the innocent victim to the “image makers” who curated his image? No. More times than not, I think he knew exactly what was going on and didn’t care if he came across as the clownish, narcissistic one dimensional piece of himself that only exists in parts, but these parts do not define him completely. I reminded myself of this daily.

Did you?

For four years our ignorance of the image makers and their creation of the feelings we feel in response to the images and videos we see on screens, big or pocket sized, has seized all sense of rationality. The academic class is horrified by what they see, preferring to take an air of snobbery and armchair analysis to the horror show they feel is an embarrassment to our country. Some in the working class saw through it and maybe on some unconscious level knew it was an act but didn’t understand how devious the manipulation behind the image curation went. Some who feel they have been ridiculed and called “deplorable” for too many years saw this narcissism and bellicose rhetoric as something to look up to and they cheered it on.

But in all cases, none of what we were allowed to see over the last four years was a complete picture of the man. In the same way none of what we saw of Obama for 8 years was a true depiction of him.

And, none of what we are seeing now in Joe Biden is a complete picture either.

In his recent “acceptance” speech Joe Biden said the phrase “two hundred million thousand” when referring to the alleged number of people that had died of the non existent disease “COVID-19.” This was not a gaffe. In fact, this isn’t the first time he had used that number specifically. This does not mean he has dementia. This was a calculated insertion in his speech to put a seed of doubt in your mind about him and his ability to run the country. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before you have to ask yourself why we’ve been allowed to see this curated image of Biden as a bumbling fool whose faculties seem to be rapidly disintegrating.

We’ve been allowed to see it because that’s what they want us to see in the same way that they wanted us to see Trump as a racist and a chauvinist. Why was it so important to relentlessly besiege us with this idea of Trump? For four years we have been attacked from every single corner from water cooler talk at the office, to social media memes, to state media stories, to dinner with family, to personal stories whistleblowing his darkest secrets, to alternative media rhetoric that he is a woman hating racist. We could not escape these attacks on his character and eventually the vitriol toward him mounted and the cacophony of voices emerged as a result of this curated image, a curated and repurposed image of a man that only demonstrated a portion of the entirety of his character until in one singular resounding voice, it became evident we were victims of psychological warfare.

The image makers breathed a sigh of relief as their years of hard work and creative manipulation justified their lofty paychecks. Thus, they gave birth to Trump Derangement Syndrome. It worked. Whether you were deranged into voting for a giant pile of garbage or Joe Biden, it didn’t matter.

As long as it wasn’t Trump.

The image makers were given one task and they succeeded in that task: make Trump a chauvinist and a racist.

Now, ask yourself why.

Here’s a hint:

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Shepard Smith Interrupts Trump. Here’s Why.

We’ve all seen this clip.

We were all shocked. That shock is justified. The hubris of the media eclipsed Trump’s own hubris for a minute. After all, what if Smith had interrupted Obama or Biden at such a crucial juncture in a political storm?

Semiotics and signaling are at play here. This little act of theater is not about whether Trump is lying or telling the truth. It’s about what we can expect in the future. We are being trained to stop thinking and accept whatever the media, and even social media, tells us.

Let’s look at Biden. Why have we been allowed to see his stutterings, ramblings and incoherent mutterings? Everything we see in video or in text is because we are allowed to see it.

When, or if, he ambles off into the dark and Harris takes over the role of POTUS, it will most likely happen quietly with nary a blip on the media radar. OR conversely, the media will blast it all over the airwaves, announcing that Harris is now the President.

What will our response be? “Well, I guess this makes the most sense since he has been a little addled lately.” We will believe the media, after all we’ve been allowed to think he isn’t all there cognitively because that has been signaled to us.

What the media is doing is telling us how to think. In fact they are taking it even farther and saying, “Don’t worry your dim little minds. Let us do the thinking for you.”

If we were living in a functioning transparent democracy with a responsible Fourth Estate, the feed would have been cut for a second, Smith would have been removed altogether and Trump would have been allowed to continue his speech. And we would have an opportunity to make up our own minds how we feel about what Trump said.

When, or if, Biden is removed due to health concerns and Harris takes his place, our first response should be “That isn’t the person I voted for, and yes I know this is protocol, but I’ve been led to believe he has health issues because that’s all I’ve been allowed to see.”

By cutting into Trump’s speech, Smith at direction from the corporate establishment is telling us, the people, loud and clear, “You’re too dumb to make up your own minds about anything. Don’t worry we will explain it all to you and do the thinking for you.”

What other subjects or analogies about our lives will be uttered as truths, or simply matter-of-fact “facts” that we will just blindly accept? Have you thought about it?

Trump is wrong. War is Peace. Biden is too sick to rule. Harris is a good President. Bombs bring life. Removing your children from your home helps the common good. Surveillance is protection. Poverty is wealth. Experts mean well and never lie. Human extraction for profit isn’t slavery, it is actually saving the planet.

Who died and made Shepard Smith the Ministry of Truth? To speak plainly, what should be even more concerning to you is that you are being told you don’t have the right to think. it doesn’t matter who is speaking. Whether it’s Trump, or Biden, or The Flying Spaghetti Monster no one has the right to interrupt what you’re hearing and authoritatively tell you what to think.

If we can’t use our own minds, without outside influence, to ascertain what we are hearing or what is being told us, then we are not human. Worse, the signals they are sending is that we are not allowed to be human.

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Mirroring a Censored Article from

We often go to: “the anarchist library dot org” (WordPress is suppressing the hyperlink) and read articles. We found one we enjoyed. It’s very short and easy to understand.

Here is the link for the original article, which is censored on various social media platforms. It has been translated from Italian.

The article speaks of the hypocrisy around forcing a society to immiserate and deprive itself of its rightful need to survive over a disease that’s never been isolated, but when disasters such as Fukushima take place and we have actual proof of the health dangers to these toxic “mistakes” it’s business as usual? These hypocritical measures that force us to self isolate, self censor or destroy our livelihoods in the name of saving the planet or even saving the common good are tools of oppression.

“In these days a new nightmare is spreading: the contagion from the so-called Coronavirus. Ten villages in the Lodi area, considered as the outbreak of the infection, and one village in the Veneto region, where the first death from the virus occurred, have been placed under quarantine. This means no possibility for people to move around and leave their homes. Throughout Lombardy, power forces people to limit their social mobility. From the closure of the meeting places to the curfew, the step is short. Prisoners of themselves and something imperceptible to the human eye, the pastoral government has even ordered through a flash decree to close the streets and reinforced the garrison of police and army, intimating that if someone does not comply with state orders they could also face arrest. A social epidemic, power can only respond with repression and surveillance. The hunt for the anointer has begun.

A new spectre looms around us and its strength is its presumed medical truthfulness and the power to erase in a flash all other spectres invisible to the human eye. Bizarrely, when we talk about fast death, the social epidemic becomes urgent. When death settles into life, everything returns to the world of catastrophe. Isn’t there an emergency when the places where we live become unbreathable from industrialization and from the machine-world?

No emergency when GMO necro-cultures devastate the air we breathe and the food we eat? No emergency even when we are still eating from radioactive soil contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986? And Fukushima, where nuclear technicians in that area announce that the only way to stop the radioactivity in progress is by dumping the waste into the ocean?

With this epidemic, it seems that the certainties of the experts have collapsed in 24 hours. And when certainties fall, chaos is around the corner.

Aphorisms about disaster

This is the first globalized epidemic. Not global mind you, but globalized. There have always been epidemics that have crossed continents, spread like wildfire, caused death and pain.

This, however, is the first viral epidemic that crosses a world in which individuals are increasingly similar to each other, living conditions increasingly standardized, consumption habits standardized.

What is the ecological role of the disease? In this era of experts, where the main place is reserved for supposed medical science, little is being done about this issue. Where COP21 has failed, 2019n-CoV could succeed. Disease, and the death resulting from it, are escaped only in a world that has made mythology of the perpetuation of itself. Once cannot think that in places where millions of people live amassed, abusing antibiotics and junk food, these phenomena do not occur. The ecological question also finds a solution in the quantitative decrease of human beings, as well as on the necessary qualitative transformation of their lives.

After all, how do we differ from Pinne nobilis? These amiable relatives of the mussels lived happily in the immense underwater prairies of Posidonia ocenanica. The human being destroyed the prairies where they lived, fished them for souveniers and opened new ways of communication across the seas (Suez Canal). Now a bacterium is exterminating the few remaining individuals.

Or are we like Irish potatoes, all the same, grown in intensive monoculture? Hectares of potatoes, clones of other potatoes, with the same characteristics, the same weak points. All it takes is a parasite to wipe them out.

The geneticist Lewontin wonders in his book Biology as Ideology: was it a bacterium that caused the explosion of tuberculosis in the nineteenth century or was it the living conditions in the factories?

They tell us not to leave home, not to embrace the people we love, which borders or roads we cannot go beyond. They tell us that we risk our lives. But what life? Maybe the non-life that we had previously endured, in which the quarantine was the cabin of our minivan stopped on the ring road? Or was it the isolation in the apartment, the very cell of a huge concrete hive?
When it is possible only telework and socializing passes entirely through the internet, the antennas and what feeds them becomes a necessary condition for maintaining social order in the face of the disorder of dreams.

Eduardo De Fillipo, in Millionaire Naples, wrote that to recover from the war it was necessary to survive after the war. Adda passà a nuttata, she sighed, referring to her sick daughter. We too live in the midst of a disease, a tumor growth that affects relations between human beings and the environment around them. State, Capital, Technical System. Fever is the body’s reaction to an external invasion. Can a possibility for liberation pass from fever?

When you hear the bleating wolf, if you are a sheep, worry. Power does not care about our happiness, it cares that we continue to produce, to live within the patterns of exploitation and survival. When the state asks for cooperation that you find desertion wonderful.

Many civilizations have been destroyed by disease. The more complex a civilization is and imposes discipline in order to survive the more fragile it is. While the army and the police guard the sick, the nerves remain uncovered. To block this society, to interrupt its supply lines is a very understandable and desirable gesture: in the face of the abyss of ecological disaster and daily annihilation, the possibilities remain desires that we can finally find a way to express. And block our social role of not being able to do anything about it.

What remains when the state fails? What remains when trust in the state is lost? What remains when the state has to shoot its subjects who don’t want to be locked up in quarantine areas? What happens when the state proves unable to govern and protect? The possibility. Caracremada ran alone in the Pyrenees chasing the possibility of the overthrow of Franco’s dictatorship, we could one day find ourselves locked up with other individuals to face the disease on one side and the state on the other.

Re-passionate life

The language that can no longer express itself is still understandable. It interrupts oblivion. Faced with the most discouraging of deserts, the forest of knowledge and perspective. Each construction is a simulacrum of debris and its form is nothing new. For this reason the forms must be destroyed.

Launtréamont said that poetry could be made by all, not by one. Science, instead, can only be the bulwark of experts. That’s why poetry is the absolute rejection of science. And this is a fundamental step to go in search of the gold of the time against the commodification of survival in quarantine, restoring its spontaneity to thought. Beyond the horror, everything is imaginable.

To quote Breton:

Choose life with its conspiratorial sheets
Its scars from escapes
Choose life choose that rose window on my tomb
The life of being here nothing but being here
Where one voice says Are you there where another answers Are you there
I’m hardly here at all alas
And even when we might be making fun of what we kill
Choose life

from the areas of the virus and beyond, some survivors of the breaking waves

(via Round Robin, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

We Are In a Live Exercise

I wanted people to understand we are in a live exercise of a simulation (a practice run, a game, a dress rehearsal) that took place in June 2020. This comes down to psychological warfare and social media and state media (which are quickly becoming one and the same it seems) signaling how you should respond and react. You must play your part and the dress rehearsal that took place in June lays out scenarios and gaming techniques to ensure that you do.

I don’t know about you. But I do not like to be manipulated.

I wrote a blog post about the simulation. Click here to read it

Embedded in the blog post is the result of the simulation. It’s a 22 page report.

Let’s draw our attention to this page. And I will make my own interpretation through a media and marketing lens Games 1, 2, 3, 4.

Game 1. Ambiguous Result. The ballots are still being counted. We’re not sure we can quite call it yet. Let’s make sure every ballot gets counted. Everyone work hard and work together.

Game 2. Clear Biden Victory. Oh look. Surprise additional ballots have surfaced! The media signals to the entire world that Biden has been victorious. Social media silences anyone who doesn’t parrot this sentiment. Signals are everywhere that Biden has won. Parades in the street. Surprise eruptions of celebrations in neighborhoods. The signals and the excitement are what’s important here. A very electrified media. Maybe a New York Times headline and article that announces to make it seem reputable and believable.

Game 3. A Clear Trump Win. We can’t let people think about anything like electoral fraud or let any news get out that poll workers or poll observers were kept out of their stations. We can’t admit federal laws were violated. So look it’s a Trump win! The electoral college came through! The media grumbles their discontent. The pundits duke it out. Van Jones cries some more on CNN. Trump supporters rejoice. It’s a clear win, most likely because the electoral college pulled through. Or maybe some missing ballots were found. Maybe throw in a few articles on alt media or near alt media like The Intercept or The Canary talking about how a Biden/Harris presidency would be disastrous for say the Palestinians. Maybe dredge up some negative hawkish remarks either of them have said in the past. The public becomes simultaneously worried and hopeful. Social media clashes break out.

Game 4. A Narrow Biden win. Wait. There was a miscount? Something went wrong with the electoral college vote? What’s this? Numbers were inverted? Oh dear. BREAKING NEWS. He just squeaked by with just a few extra thousand votes and through “system glitches” we discover this. We knew he could pull through. So close but in the end he wins.

You’re in a live exercise of a simulation that exists to exhaust you, deplete you and drain you.

Don’t let it.

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