If You’re Not Talking About The Transition Integrity Project, You’re not Talking About USA Election 2020

Look, I’m the last person you should be looking to for advice or information on the USA Election 2020. Podcasters, writers, investigators, whip smart (not mainstream) pundits, analyzers and researchers have offered every answer to every question you could ever have on a silver platter.

My personal take is that there is no difference between Republican or Democrat. We live in a one-party system that has the interest of big business, Big Tech, Wall Street and Big Pharma, Big Military and Big Prison and Big Investors in Human Capital (slave markets in the digital age). They surround each candidate with their funding and then throw them in the ring, and the candidate pretends to care about the people. Then the people get all crazy with it and somehow lose sight of the fact that they are voting in their own oppression.

Thanks, voters, for dragging the rest of us down into your self imposed persecution and imprisonment.

The simplest answer to this latest crisis, also known as “USA Election 2020”, is always the best and that simple answer is the Transition Integrity Project.

The Transition Integrity Project is launched by Rosa Brooks and Nils Gilman. Founded in December 2019, their goal is to identify potential risks to the integrity of the November 3, 2020 election and transition process.  In June 2020, TIP did a 4 part war-game simulation about Election 2020.

I keep telling you that we are in the throes of a regime change and war-time tactics are being used against us. In October 2019, Event 201 was staged to simulate the plague and how to handle bodies that will probably be lying in the street and the chaos that will come from it, or as you like to call it, “A legitimate pandemic caused by the common cold. It’s important we kill everything about our humanity in order to flatten the curve for a disease that’s never been isolated.” Event 201 simulated it all out and like clockwork, we, the predicable humans, are following that simulation. Two months later, the Transition Integrity Project was formed and gamed it out in June 2020. They produced their report on it in August 2020. I assume we will also predictably fall into their simulation as well.

Who are Rosa and Nils, the founders of TIP?

According to Wikipedia, Rosa Brooks’ work history has included previous government service as a senior adviser to Assistant Secretary Harold Hongju Koh at the U.S. Department of State. She has also taught at the University of Virginia School of Law, and worked as Special Counsel to the President at the Open Society InstituteGeorge Soros‘ philanthropic foundation. She is the former director of Yale Law School’s human rights program. She has also been a consultant for Human Rights Watch, a fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard, a board member of Amnesty International USA and a member of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law. She served on the board of the Open Society Foundation‘s US Programs Fund and currently serves on the board of the Harper’s Magazine Foundation, the Advisory Committee of National Security Action and the Steering Committee of the Leadership Council for Women in National Security.

If you’re a liberal and reading Rosa’s impressive dossier you’re thinking AWESOME. if you’re intelligent and have done your research about these institutions, think tanks, propaganda outlets and national security agencies, you’re concerned.

Nils Gilman, Rosa’s partner in crime, doesn’t get a Wikipedia insert. His bio on the Bergen Institute “people” page says Dr. Nils Gilman is the Vice President of Programs at the Berggruen Institute, in which capacity he leads the Institute’s research program, directs its resident fellowship program, and is also Deputy Editor of Noema Magazine. He has previously worked as Associate Chancellor at the University of California Berkeley, as Research Director and scenario planning consultant at the Monitor Group and Global Business Network, and at various enterprise software companies including Salesforce.com and BEA Systems. Gilman has won the Sidney Award (for long-form journalism) from the New York Times and an Albie Award (for international political economy) from The Washington Post. He is the author of Mandarins of the Future: Modernization Theory in Cold War America(2004) and Deviant Globalization: Black Market Economy in the 21st Century (2011) as well as numerous articles on intellectual history and political economy. He holds a B.A. M.A. and Ph.D. in History from U.C. Berkeley.

Basically, dude works for an Institute that is all about trans-humanism and a bunch of other stuff, plus he’s a bad propagandist to make all this experimental crap on your economy and your humanity to “make the world a better place” seem like a good idea.

Michael Steele is the most obvious connection I could see between the Transition Integrity Project and the Political Action Committee the Lincoln Project. Founded simultaneously with the Transition Integrity Project in December 2019 the goal is to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump.

You have to ask yourself what do the elections have to do with trans-humanism (Human 2.0)? Why do we need to war game out every little scenario of our life like we are enemy combatants in a war torn country? Why would a sitting President who is ahead in the election ballot count, stop the ballot count? Maybe he’s in on it?

Since you looked at the report, you see that they compared this USA Election 2020 to USA Election 2000 which means this is going to get lost in the quagmire of lawsuits and bullshit.

My advice is to know when you’re being played.

My husband and I are going to do a special “Bookmark: The Election Edition” on our youtube page this week, but I thought I’d at least give you this little morsel to chew on because everyone seems really freaked out. – Julie

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