A Kamala Harris Presidency Will Fast Track the Bio Security State

I have been telling people for years that the goal of an appropriate figurehead in the age of bio fascism is Kamala Harris. She’s that perfect combination of San Francisco Silicon Valley tech surveillance state interests, corrupt judicial system and the prison industrial complex interests. She’s that sweet spot for human capital profiteers.

Oh, I’m sorry. You thought we were looking at a Joe Biden presidency. That’s hilaaaaaarious.

Kamala Harris will fast track the bio security state.

I personally have no faith in our judicial system to “correct the electoral fraud” because we are already right now existing in a fraudulent system. COVID19 itself is fraud. You can’t correct fraud with more fraud.

I know this entire election shenanigan was gamed out in June 2020 by the Transition Integrity Project. (See previous blog post)

Kamala wasn’t born with a soul. Her own family in Canada has disavowed her. She’s worse than Hilary in that she was born malignant. Hilary was made that way over time.

I’m disgusted with the people who lift this Joe/Kamala ticket up as the answer because “at least it isn’t Trump”

I’m basically just disgusted in general.

I’ve been warning about Kamala for years. We all know her record. If you don’t think she will support and sign off on full scale martial law or bio security state fascism on you in a heartbeat, you’re delusional. The last tattered remnants of your individual rights and freedoms will be signed off with her signature with such lightning speed you won’t even know what hit you.

This is how abuse works. You mess with the victims mind by gaslighting them into believing they are walking talking vectors of an invisible disease. You play games with them for nearly a year. You’re open. Whoops now you’re closed. Open! Closed! Free! Lockdown! Free again! Lockdown! You create despair by removing joy. You create a joyless existence. You terrorize them with a boogey man who has a history of murdering people with vaccines. You place figureheads who your victims kinda trusted and turn those figureheads into depraved power hungry lunatics (governors). You create a huge distracting mega event to capture the attention and energy of your victim while you’re building out a prison. Your victim is playing with their shiny bobble (election) while you’re putting the pieces in place to ready them for permanent calculated misery.

Then you install the Tyrant of all Tyrants. She will not sugarcoat her edicts. You will comply or suffer consequences. You will capitulate or die. You will do exactly as you’re told.

It’s clear people have lost their minds. They’re either putting faith in a Supreme Court ruling which seems childish and a little “false hopey” or they’re putting their faith in fascists that were born that way.

Meanwhile, the sovereignty of the self is collecting dust on the shelf.

Your prison planet awaits. Actually, it’s already here.

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