Shepard Smith Interrupts Trump. Here’s Why.

We’ve all seen this clip.

We were all shocked. That shock is justified. The hubris of the media eclipsed Trump’s own hubris for a minute. After all, what if Smith had interrupted Obama or Biden at such a crucial juncture in a political storm?

Semiotics and signaling are at play here. This little act of theater is not about whether Trump is lying or telling the truth. It’s about what we can expect in the future. We are being trained to stop thinking and accept whatever the media, and even social media, tells us.

Let’s look at Biden. Why have we been allowed to see his stutterings, ramblings and incoherent mutterings? Everything we see in video or in text is because we are allowed to see it.

When, or if, he ambles off into the dark and Harris takes over the role of POTUS, it will most likely happen quietly with nary a blip on the media radar. OR conversely, the media will blast it all over the airwaves, announcing that Harris is now the President.

What will our response be? “Well, I guess this makes the most sense since he has been a little addled lately.” We will believe the media, after all we’ve been allowed to think he isn’t all there cognitively because that has been signaled to us.

What the media is doing is telling us how to think. In fact they are taking it even farther and saying, “Don’t worry your dim little minds. Let us do the thinking for you.”

If we were living in a functioning transparent democracy with a responsible Fourth Estate, the feed would have been cut for a second, Smith would have been removed altogether and Trump would have been allowed to continue his speech. And we would have an opportunity to make up our own minds how we feel about what Trump said.

When, or if, Biden is removed due to health concerns and Harris takes his place, our first response should be “That isn’t the person I voted for, and yes I know this is protocol, but I’ve been led to believe he has health issues because that’s all I’ve been allowed to see.”

By cutting into Trump’s speech, Smith at direction from the corporate establishment is telling us, the people, loud and clear, “You’re too dumb to make up your own minds about anything. Don’t worry we will explain it all to you and do the thinking for you.”

What other subjects or analogies about our lives will be uttered as truths, or simply matter-of-fact “facts” that we will just blindly accept? Have you thought about it?

Trump is wrong. War is Peace. Biden is too sick to rule. Harris is a good President. Bombs bring life. Removing your children from your home helps the common good. Surveillance is protection. Poverty is wealth. Experts mean well and never lie. Human extraction for profit isn’t slavery, it is actually saving the planet.

Who died and made Shepard Smith the Ministry of Truth? To speak plainly, what should be even more concerning to you is that you are being told you don’t have the right to think. it doesn’t matter who is speaking. Whether it’s Trump, or Biden, or The Flying Spaghetti Monster no one has the right to interrupt what you’re hearing and authoritatively tell you what to think.

If we can’t use our own minds, without outside influence, to ascertain what we are hearing or what is being told us, then we are not human. Worse, the signals they are sending is that we are not allowed to be human.

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