We Are In a Live Exercise

I wanted people to understand we are in a live exercise of a simulation (a practice run, a game, a dress rehearsal) that took place in June 2020. This comes down to psychological warfare and social media and state media (which are quickly becoming one and the same it seems) signaling how you should respond and react. You must play your part and the dress rehearsal that took place in June lays out scenarios and gaming techniques to ensure that you do.

I don’t know about you. But I do not like to be manipulated.

I wrote a blog post about the simulation. Click here to read it http://www.book-of-ours.com/blog/2020/11/04/if-youre-not-talking-about-the-transition-integrity-project-youre-not-talking-about-election-2020/

Embedded in the blog post is the result of the simulation. It’s a 22 page report.

Let’s draw our attention to this page. And I will make my own interpretation through a media and marketing lens Games 1, 2, 3, 4.

Game 1. Ambiguous Result. The ballots are still being counted. We’re not sure we can quite call it yet. Let’s make sure every ballot gets counted. Everyone work hard and work together.

Game 2. Clear Biden Victory. Oh look. Surprise additional ballots have surfaced! The media signals to the entire world that Biden has been victorious. Social media silences anyone who doesn’t parrot this sentiment. Signals are everywhere that Biden has won. Parades in the street. Surprise eruptions of celebrations in neighborhoods. The signals and the excitement are what’s important here. A very electrified media. Maybe a New York Times headline and article that announces to make it seem reputable and believable.

Game 3. A Clear Trump Win. We can’t let people think about anything like electoral fraud or let any news get out that poll workers or poll observers were kept out of their stations. We can’t admit federal laws were violated. So look it’s a Trump win! The electoral college came through! The media grumbles their discontent. The pundits duke it out. Van Jones cries some more on CNN. Trump supporters rejoice. It’s a clear win, most likely because the electoral college pulled through. Or maybe some missing ballots were found. Maybe throw in a few articles on alt media or near alt media like The Intercept or The Canary talking about how a Biden/Harris presidency would be disastrous for say the Palestinians. Maybe dredge up some negative hawkish remarks either of them have said in the past. The public becomes simultaneously worried and hopeful. Social media clashes break out.

Game 4. A Narrow Biden win. Wait. There was a miscount? Something went wrong with the electoral college vote? What’s this? Numbers were inverted? Oh dear. BREAKING NEWS. He just squeaked by with just a few extra thousand votes and through “system glitches” we discover this. We knew he could pull through. So close but in the end he wins.

You’re in a live exercise of a simulation that exists to exhaust you, deplete you and drain you.

Don’t let it.

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