Sweden Will Update Their Ordinance on Gatherings on November 24, 2020 & A Small USA Civics Lesson

Today is November 16, 2020.

It has been exactly 8 months since our country (USA) was handed over to FEMA. It has been 8 months since the corporate restructuring of everything from our bureaucracy to the way our businesses are run to our individual sovereignty has changed the value of our human experiences and commenced with the underhanded Deconstruction of our country.

Sweden seemed to avoid the fascism that has encroached on all of our lives. I warned that lifting Sweden up as the standard was a false narrative and not to get too caught up in using Sweden as “the model for Freedom.”

On November 24, 2020 the Government of Sweden will update the Ordinance they instituted on March 11, 2020. Their current Ordinance states that all gatherings must be limited to 500. That means all concert halls, art museums, libraries, malls, or any place where people gather must be limited to 500 people.

As of November 24, the updated Ordinance will change that number to “8.”

My gut instinct about Sweden, having visited Stockholm in April 2018 and seeing their behavior first-hand, is that the Swedes are not only defiant of their government’s Ordinances but simply shrugging off their government. My personal experience is that despite this latest uptick in fascist rhetoric in the country, their response is as it’s always been. Swedes value ALLEMANSRÄTTEN above all else. The Swedish government can pass every Ordinance they want. These Ordinances, which from my understanding are Swedish law, are meant to be broken when they violate human rights.

Looking back, I realize all of the construction I witnessed while in Stockholm was most likely due to sustainable development models being put into place. These models include upgrades in civic areas all over the world where surveillance and tracking modes are installed. With these modes come widening of streets for bike lanes and various other data collection technology, like temperature checks in all stores and contact tracing and installing the correct systems that work in tandem with an app that each citizen will be required to download on their phone to give them access to any store or building they need to enter.

I’ll make the leap of logic and say that as far back as 2018 Stockholm had already signed on to this bio surveillance fascism and this is why Sweden was exempt from locking down their country while the rest of the world was forced to.

I don’t put any value in any government, including Sweden’s, but I do put value in the people who regularly ignore their government. In that sense, using the Swedish people’s response to their government as the model would be appropriate.

I’ve always been contemptuous of control or contorting myself into positions that meet other’s expectations, especially the government’s.

It is anathema to my existence.

As mentioned, today is November 16, 2020 and I am having deja vu. The behavior that is taking place in my own country (USA) is the same foolish behavior I witnessed in March.

Businesses are choosing to close down or choosing to force their consumers to wear a mask or choosing to limit their hours. Government agencies, like the local Transportation agency, is putting cute signs up saying they limit the number of passengers on a bus or train, and those same agencies are forcing their riders to wear masks. Some schools are choosing to close. Hospitals and doctors offices are choosing to limit care for their patients. People are choosing to limit the number of people they have in their home or events for gatherings.

I witnessed this nonsensical and self mutilating behavior in March and now I’m witnessing it again. Book of Ours has warned continuously that this behavior would resurface in the Autumn and sure enough it has. We would also like to remind you, once again, that this behavior will continue into infinity.

Most of the United States citizenry, present company excluded, have no interest in self actualization, sovereignty or even understanding how Civics 101 works.

The gibberishey, intimidating illogical language that comes from your Dept. of Health or your Governor or your Teacher or whoever you want to call your boss in life does not make “the law of the land.”

In the United States statutes are passed which support law.

We are not governed by cutesy signs on the sides of buses, or dim witted teachers or power hungry governors, or doctors. We are not even governed by science or scientism. We are governed by law. Those laws are held up with statutes. These statutes must be voted on by a legislative body then they are given a statute number, a date and passed into law.

I learned this in Grade 6 in California, the state where I grew up. Each state passes statutes which are put into that state’s law.

Here is an example of a statute in Pennsylvania which is law.

Notice there is a number and a date which indicates when this was signed into law.

This is why I say these continued “lockdowns” or “mask orders” are not lockdowns or mask orders at all. They are choices. You are choosing to lock down or close down your economy or shutter your business, or wear a mask or force others to wear a mask.

There is no statute that has been voted on by your state’s legislative body.

What you are witnessing is a stupid, insipid sycophancy to tyranny and fascism. Stop supporting small businesses that are too lazy to understand basic Civics.

When there is no statute or law to support a business kicking you out because you cannot wear a mask then that business is simply bullying you for the sake of bullying. It’s a power trip. It’s fascism.

There is no law in place that says you have to close your business, stop your means of production, or stop allowing your customers in, and there is no law that states you have to start torturing your kids in school.

When you, as a business or a school or a hospital, or any public accommodation, choose to do these things you are choosing fascism.

And when you choose to be intimidated by businesses or institutions that choose to do these things to you, you are choosing your own abuse.

This isn’t complicated because there is no law.

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