We Are Not Governed By Science, Health Experts, Politicians, Shaming Others, Guilt Trips, Temper Tantrums, Government Officials, Propaganda, News Reports, School Boards, Teachers, Doctors, Social Media, Dept. of Health Websites Or The Common Good. We Are Governed By Law.

Below you will see some examples of local signs.

These signs have a message. Under the message is a code, or a string of numbers, or an Ordinance number. This means if you are caught by a policeman disobeying the rules on the sign, he can issue you a citation, or a ticket, based on your violation of the ordinance, or the code number you see on the sign. He will write you up a ticket and on the ticket he has to write down the code you violated. For instance, in this first sign if you were caught cutting off a bicycle on the road, he would write down “motorist violated Code CVC 21202.”

You can always take that citation, or ticket, and fight it in court. At this time it is up to the judge to decide if you give enough compelling evidence for him to waive the fee attached to the citation or ticket.

Now please take a good look at these signs, which are rules and which are law, and look for the string of numbers on the sign. These numbers or codes are what makes the sign itself enforceable by law.

This is how we are governed in civil society and how we keep law and order and practical usage of safety measures.:

The following signs are not law, for they are missing the key component that makes a sign enforceable. These signs need a civic code or ordinance number attached to it if it is to be enforced. Without the code, it’s just artwork. And we are not governed by artwork. Art can influence you, sure, but it cannot enforce its message on you.

If the stores that are displaying these signs are saying it’s “government orders” or “health orders” they must supply the statute to support this statement. If they can’t supply the statute number their “mask order” is not enforceable by law.

If these signs ever do start displaying civil codes or Ordinance codes that means your state’s legislative body has taken it to a vote, that vote was passed, a statute was created and it is now officially law. Hopefully as engaged citizens you will know when this is up for a vote and you can apply the appropriate amount of pressure and noise to keep it from getting passed. But if it is passed, remember laws, especially when they are human rights violations, are made to be broken.

If they say it’s store policy, then you would either put on a mask and shop, leave, or present them with information that they are required by law to publicly accommodate you. You don’t need to mention you have a medical exemption. Store policy does not circumvent public accommodation laws in your state. Here is an example of a public accommodation law. Notice that it has a date it was stamped into law, with a statute number. My suggestion is to commit your state’s public accommodation law to memory.

No doubt where you live there has been an uptick in mandates. Whether you are under more severe mask mandates, or under a curfew or your schools have been forced to close again, this oppression in our lives has taken its toll. These mandates are not law, but instead they are enforced through the military tactic of soft power. Perhaps your Governor’s orders are more severe. (Governors don’t make laws. The legislative body of your state votes on whether to put a measure into law or not, like forceful wearing of masks)

Soft power invests in propaganda and “common good” language. “I wear a mask to keep you safe and you wear a mask to keep me safe.” This is an example of the common good language we see a lot in commercials and poster designs.

The common good was also used as an excuse to stone people to death in the town square, publicly flog people, hang black men from trees, and burn women at the stake. The common good is the most depraved and base aspect of ourselves and it is now ruling the land, just as it did in medieval times.

There is no basis for enforceable law in common good language, either.

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