You, Monetized

The real left has always been focused on the wealth gap and the never ending class war. The real left remains committed to economic warfare of the lower and middle classes, remaining unencumbered with fabricated social movements like BLM or distractions that falsely lift up founding fathers as benevolent men of reason. They were wealthy, white, land owning slave holders who came to this land to establish it as a fiscal military military state at the behest of the United Kingdom. The steady rise of neoliberalism has made us an exclusive fiscal military state. The police of the globe, if you will. The real left criticizes the fact that the USA has the highest prison population on the planet. We monetize human beings for the profit of the very few.

Recently Cory Morningstar opened up a dialogue about the 120% rise of adult children over the age of 20, being forced to live at home with their parents with no way out. This burden lies squarely on the shoulders of predatory capitalism, neoliberalism & now the scamdemic is ushering in “neo feudalism with iPhones” as I like to say.Eleven (11) months ago I toyed around with word play and made a little video. Since then our production values have gotten much better.

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