How Pittsburgh “opportunity zones” are fascistic in nature and screwing over the working class

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Cory Morningstar, a veteran writer in the critique of capitalism and the financialization of human beings and nature, speaks candidly about the cynical use of Greta Thunberg, a teenaged Swedish activist with a privileged nearly royal background, to combat climate change.

Capitalism needs $100 trillion in order to keep itself viable and the use of our emotional attachment to the planet is being exploited.   Careful of trojan horses come bearing bright a bright and shiny future for the unwashed masses.

STOP.  Giving to campaigns.  STOP donating your meager pay to politicians,  Green Non Governmental Agencies whose only goal is to deplete you of your hard earned money, browbeat you into submission and for you into an apology for simply being a human being.


Dr. Vandana Shiva explains how India no longer has an economy because of Bill Gates’ rapacious technology –  the slavery model is the technocratic model for all futures markets

please do not be put off by her bindi (the dot on her head).  She is a brilliant mind and offers a warning we must pay attention to.