Long Game to Kamala (Teaser)


After about 6 weeks, we’ve finally finished our latest project, “Long Game to Kamala” available on our Patreon page to our patrons right now! But, for those of you who haven’t yet become a patron of Book of Ours here is a little teaser.

We will release the full video to the public in about a week.
We asked ourselves, “What if elections weren’t real? What if they were actually rigged?’ So, we created a satirical look at who could be behind their funding and how candidates were picked. This is a comical video, not to be taken seriously and is not meant to persuade anyone in any way or another.

Julie did the voice over for Miranda, taking her inspiration from Annie Jacobsen, an author who has done investigative work into the CIA and #OperationPaperclip. Tory, who you may remember from our “Greta Sails” video, makes a cameo!

Julie also does the voiceover for Nancy Pelosi, taking her inspiration from a crazy cat lady, and the voiceovers for current San Francisco Mayor London Breed whose inspiration she took from, well, knowing her and she did the voiceover for US Presidential Candidate “top cop” Kamala Harris.

JP does the voiceover for Nick Pacilio (he’s one of the heads at Twitter) current Vice President Mike Pence, former San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Venture Capitalist the Bear.

Please enjoy this teaser video.

Long Game to Kamala took quite a few weeks to complete and we so appreciate your support as we continue to make fun, thought provoking content.

Please consider becoming a patron for just $2.00 per month by going to our patreon.com/bookofours. And speaking of Patrons a very special shout out to Barry Winsand, our top patron. With Barry’s contribution we were able to speed up production on this video. Thanks Barry!

Andrew Bird

Six years ago we attended a concert at a synagogue in San Francisco.

We recorded the artist, Andrew Bird, who is playing in our new hometown of Pittsburgh, just a short walk from our house!  He’s playing tomorrow, Friday, September 13!

We remastered the video, despite not having the equipment to do so.   Please consider being a patron of the arts, and supporting Book Of Ours for only $2/month.

Enjoy the video:


Greta Sails 3

By Julie Collins

We are continuing our pledge drive and busy working on more creative and social commentary content for our patreon page.

We are immensely grateful for the few patreons we have picked up so far and are excited to release the full “Greta Sails” video for free to the public very soon, hopefully before Ms. Thunberg launches for Germany. She has just docked in NYC.

Ms.  Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager, is being exploited by her parents, their billionaire friends, the media, politicos, venture capitalists and anyone else who feels they can gain influence, notoriety and money on her popularity. She is autistic and has Aspergers Spectrum Disorder.  With too much fanfare, technical feedback, and excitement she becomes disoriented, stressed, fatigued and unwell.  Children and adults afflicted with these anxiety making disorders need calm, stability and thrive in controlled routines and environments.  Young Greta is now in distress.  This was witnessed when the media descended upon her in a frenzy, moments after she docked in New York.  She was confused, shaking, and even said aloud, in a pleading tone, “My brain isn’t working right now.”  After many days out on the calm ocean with her daily routines going uninterrupted she was a very happy teenager. However, right now many people are concerned over this child in distress.

Here is our third  teaser video of “Greta Sails” and we hope it will inspire you to visit our patreon page at www.patreon.com/bookofours and make a pledge of just $2.00 per month.  It certainly makes all the difference.  Also, don’t forget to visit our “Book of Ours” YouTube page and while you’re there, be sure to hit the subscribe button.

This teaser video illustrates all the things that this child is expected to be as she campaigns against climate change and air travel:



In this video, Julie and JP reflect on the San Francisco Unified School District’s decision to destroy 13 frescos that are 83 years old.

The artist who painted the frescos was funded by the Works Progress Administration which was part of the New Deal during the Roosevelt Administration.

The artist, Victor Arnautoff, was a communist, a leftist, and highly critical of the founding of the United States and illustrated that criticism openly in his art.

The question begs:  since these true depictions of the founding of the United States may be the only pieces in existence, why is San Francisco ok with destroying them?

Ironically, George Washington High School, which is at the center of this unilateral decision to destroy the historical frescos, is located in Nancy Pelosi’s District.  And, the San Francisco Unified School District was  awarded $600,000 to find “environmentally responsible ways” to destroy the art.  This sounds like a cover for pay to play politics.

Here is our nearly 20 minute response to the story:


Boiling Frog

Julie took a couple minutes out of her day to talk about how a frog doesn’t know when it’s being boiled. She describes three things currently happening that are subtly boiling our existence.


On April 29, 2019, we attempted to go live to address some questions and comments that our followers and subscribers had asked.  However, we discovered that YouTube has changed their live streaming policy quite recently.  In order to go live from a mobile device, a YouTube channel is now required to have 1,000 subscribers.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that we can build up that 1,000 subscriber number and go live in the future.  Our YouTube channel is “Book of Ours” and here is the link to subscribe:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL17omUxm36gOYVerD3630A

In the video below, we address some of the questions that our followers and subscribers have asked.  We talk about three upcoming projects (video essays) that are in the hopper and we just chat a little bit about our big life changing move across the United States.

Restriction of Movement

The Real ID Act was introduced in 2005 and will become Federal Law on October 1, 2020.

This modification of freedom of movement has prompted a wider discussion about the nature of its agenda.

What does it mean when a society is forced to show a specific ID in order to travel freely within their own borders?

Have we lost our capacity to understand what freedom is?

What will it take for us to take back our sovereignty of movement?  Please watch our video as we attempt to address what it means for the state to restrict our movement in modern society.

Free Speech

Text from the video:

Striking down the laws that govern free speech are not necessarily the goals of Antifascists.

Antifascists are usually more in favor of free speech than liberals.

The difference between what somebody says and the act of saying it, is in the effect it has.

For example saying something racist in the home is much different than having a racist rally in an African-American neighborhood.

In this case, the rally has a more chilling effect.

Fascists don’t value free speech. They only pretend to when it works in their favor.

Liberal Democracy does value free speech but doesn’t differentiate between the content and the act of saying it, nor the effects it may have.

Liberals assume that everyone who has something to say is coming to the table in good faith. Fascists exploit that.

Allowing fascist speech into political discourse gives room for their ideas to slip into the mainstream-liberal “marketplace of ideas.”

Because Liberal Democracy treats all speech more or less the same (with some exceptions) based on social bias or current norms, fascist speech will be permitted.

Fascists will claim that they have a right to their free speech, even though it may run counter to existing, current social norms.

As a result, the state will allow fascist speech into a community even if that community opposes what that speech is and who represents it.

When fascists’ free speech is advanced on paper, it’s enforced in the streets by the police. Police protect fascists and fascist speech.

Taking away the platforms to speak disallows the normalization of fascist propaganda.

To claim that shutting down fascist speech is a fascist act is a false equivalence because fascists will take away more than just your speech when you give them the space to take control.

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Philosophy Tube “The Philosophy of Antifa

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