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Restriction of Movement

The Real ID Act was introduced in 2005 and will become Federal Law on October 1, 2020. This modification of freedom of movement has prompted a wider discussion about the nature of its agenda. We explore what this looks like.

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Free Speech

We explore the discussion around free speech and what that means when we allow fascist speech into political discourse.

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S47 Theft of the Commons

In this Book of Ours video we talk about Bill S47. In January 2019, Bill S47 was secretly introduced under Suspension of Rules.

Bill S47, also known as the Conservation, Recreation and Management Act, claims that it provides for the management of natural resources for the United States and for other purposes.

Under the “Suspension of Rules” law, which is a step in closing a Democracy, Congress is giving away thousands of acres of wilderness to powerful interests. This occurred behind closed doors in January 2019 and Bill S47 has already passed the Senate.

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Jeff Adachi

In this Book of Ours video “Jeff Adachi” we talk about the untimely death of San Francisco public defender attorney Jeff Adachi. Adachi like former San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee died of a heart attack which seems kind of weird to us since this is a favored method of spy craft assassination, but hey, we’re not accusing anyone of anything in this video. Although we do point out that Jeff Adachi and current presidential candidate Kamala Harris were adversaries and Adachi probably had more dirt on her than was already brought into the public.

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In this Book of Ours podcast, Exodus, JP & Julie report on the scene of chaos taking place in San Francisco.

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It's Earthquake Prevention Month in San Francisco - here's a few tips to keep another Big One from leveling our City.



In this segment, OSL, our first cultural review, we show clips from the Outside Lands Music Festival held in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and talk about some of the performances as well as review the festival itself.

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Labor Day 2017

It's labor day. We talk about labor and unions, and the necessity of protecting workers' rights.

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MAGA (Make A Guillotine Again)

The Arkansas executions showed to us how boring execution by injection is and an old way of statutory killing is new again.

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In this segment, Ghost, we discuss the horrific fire at the Ghost Ship artist collective warehouse in Oakland California. This event took place in our metropolitan and creative community and has had a huge impact on the Bay Area arts and music community. We question the blame placed on the victims and artists by the mainstream media but instead point toward the economic conditions that brought this about and the couple who exploited this condition that led to this disaster.



In this segment, Sunday, we take a break from things and give you a bike tour of Golden Gate Park.

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