book of ours is an art collaboration between JP & Julie Collins. We observe, interpret, comment and critique politics, culture and current affairs through a variety of creative media. We try to connect disparate ideas that stem from a confusing and overwhelming landscape in a rapidly changing culture of 24 hour news cycles and social media, and place them into a context that we hope provides new meaning in a familiar landscape. 

We use conceptual art strategies to produce: video, commentary, digital art, installations, site-specific installations, sculptures, drawings, text and sound art. We critique capitalism, the state and society through a leftist lens. Our focus is on the environment, psychology, creativity, autonomy and collective liberation. We consider book of ours as a platform for us to address what we feel needs to be said, from an artist’s point of view.

book of us

Conceptual Image Maker

JP is a Conceptual Artist & Designer, every-day cyclist and urban-homestead-gardener. He received his BFA in Conceptual Design and Painting at San Francisco State University.

The Conceptual Design department (Later known as Conceptual & Information Arts) was headed by Steve Wilson. JP primarily studied with professors: George Legrady and Sarah Roberts. In the painting department JP studied with Robert Bechtel and Cherie Raciti. When not on his bike or stirring things up, he finds himself put on the spot by Julie.

Cultural Story Teller

Julie is a former Administrator for Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco. For five years she worked with students introducing them to the Culinary Arts, encouraging them to tap into their creative nature to set them apart. She writes poetry, is vegetarian, dabbles in homeopathy, enjoys writing prose and pens her stream of consciousness on the many essays on http://www.book-of-ours.com/blog  She can often recognize the “feel good” language coming out of the media and translate it in real terms. Considering herself a political junkie, urban dweller and a non performing thespian her armchair analysis of the world is reflected in Book of Ours video essays and live commentary.