work of ours

work of ours

We are artists, designers, writers and actors. We use our skills to create what we like to call video essays. Our videos take on difficult topics using rich visuals, music, sound and well crafted scripts. By using these techniques we’re able break down the complexity of the subjects and explain them in ways that are more digestible and yet provide a meaningful experience with depth and beauty.

We want you to feel something.

Our Latest Work

The New Model: 13, Amended part 1

13, Amended looks at how slavery is legal in US prisons and how the for-profit prison system will be a template for our future as digital slaves of debt and human capital in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

You can watch part 1 now by becoming a patron.

The New Model series

Through image, design, movement and music, book of ours documents the Age of Covid, The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution in their New Model Series.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a revolution you weren’t asked to join and never voted for. This is a change so profound that it required a lockdown of the entire planet in order to implement it. This revolution is made up of initiatives like sustainable development, multi-stakeholder committees and global governance. This isn’t the New World Order. This is the new normal. This is the New Model. This is The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Video Essays

Video essays are visual essays, sort of like mini-documentaries. We produce content based on research, facts and ideas; weaving them all together through intuition and informed speculation. We talk about actual events, actions or behaviors that do take place or have happened which in turn effect our daily lives in real ways large or small.

Like essayists, we cover our topics using facts and examples to support our case, while asking questions and stating opinions without telling our audience what to think. We like to build our stories by paying attention to a high-quality script and production values while combining sound, imagery and text along with quotations through video clips, voice-over and/or on-screen text.

Our work covers a variety of topics including: art & culture, economics, politics, environmental issues and psychology. We always look at the meta-narratives behind the topic to give our subject broader context and meaning, and our critique is always through a progressive, leftist lens.

The Truth
Folie à deux
You, Monetized
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Restriction of Movement
S47 Theft of the Commons
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