Teach Your Children

Teach your children to be defiant

Teach your children to say “No”

Teach your children to organize their rights

Teach your children to all take off their masks in unison

Teach your children to pickpocket the managerial leaders

Teach your children to run, fast

Teach your children about healthy food

Teach your children to fight

Teach your children to rebel

Teach your children the other hand symbols, the ones the teachers don’t know

Teach your children another language

Teach your children about the world

Teach your children other children in other countries are free to play without a mask and live life as they always have

Teach your children that they are the future

Teach your children to yell, a rebel yell

Teach your children that they alone will save the future

Teach your children the truth of the cruel world

Teach your children about the slave revolts

Teach your children biology, how the body really works

Teach your children to laugh at adults who mask

Teach your children they may be arrested for their principles

Teach your children the word “autonomy”

Teach your children to demonstrate

Teach your children not to care if it upsets the grownups

Teach your children they have all the power

Teach your children this power is what will save the world

Teach your children to disobey

Teach your children how to ride a bike, climb high and jump down

Teach your children the importance of hiding places

Teach your children what dignity really means

Teach your children there is no dignity in being obedient like a dog

Teach your children what the world “chattel” means

Teach your children not be it or to believe they are it

Teach your children to sit in lunch counters, demand to be served, without a mask

Teach your children Malcolm X

Teach your children Huxley

Teach your children how to grow and prepare food

Teach your children kindness to others in need

Teach your children what individual rights mean

Teach your children death is a part of life

Teach your children not to fear it

Teach your children there are worse things than death, like being a digital slave

Teach your children the truth about the grownups in charge

Teach your children defiance

Teach your children to DEFY EVERYTHING


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Scare & Shame & Scare & Shame

Communitarianism doesn’t care if you have a medical exemption and pass out or get sick when you put on a face covering of any kind. Communitarianism supports the idea that we all must suffer for the common good. It’s a bit Catholic in that sense, isn’t it? But unlike Catholicism which is a religion, communitarianism is a philosophy that comes straight out of the economics of human capital. Human capital is a corporate term for slavery. It is borne from neoliberalism. Neoliberalism monetizes or privatizes everything: For instance, instead of the government controlling your social security checks, a private company will. And that private company will do whatever it wants with your money.

Communitarianism can’t exist without neo-liberalism and slavery.

In the same way that religions often use scare tactics and shaming tactics to force people into religion or a belief system, communitarianism does the same.

Communitarians don’t have an ideology. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong. They don’t care if there’s proof or no proof of the effectiveness of the mask or the vaccine or if the roll out of surveillance and this ever pervasive slavelizing technology will cause irreparable and irreversible damage on humankind. They don’t care if the virus is real or not.

They really don’t care about the truth. They don’t care about lies.

Communitarianism has one goal: power. Power to control a society and force it to its knees in servitude to the investors or the corporations or the technocrats who are orchestrating and investing in all of this – all of this.

And those guys want to see a return on their investment.

Communitarians need you to be afraid. If you’re afraid you’re easy to control and bully. They need you to be afraid of a pandemic, or no pandemic, the police, travel, staying home, getting tested, not getting tested, the common cold, a fever, wearing a mask,not wearing a mask, getting a vaccine, not getting a vaccine, malpractice, or doctors who do no harm.

You need to be afraid right now. You need to be afraid of the future. You need to be afraid of yesterday and tomorrow. You need to be afraid of your job, or your lack of job. You need to be afraid of your children, your family, your pets, your food, your shoes, your clothes, your home, your yard, your car. You need to be afraid of each other.

In Communitarianism, you need to be afraid of everything and you need to fear and loathe yourself.

Communitarians don’t care about facts or data or analysis or proof. All they care about is their bottom line. All they live for is to pull your life apart, piece by piece to search for the thing they can make money on. They’ve used up everything else so now they’re coming for you, ripping you apart limb from limb and tossing the useless pieces of you aside with abandon. They’re looking for gold.

Just wait until they come for the blade of grass or the wind in the trees or the water droplets that settle on your skin when you’re caught in the rain.

They don’t care who they hurt, what they stomp on or destroy, what systems they uproot.They have an insatiable, clumsy, obsessive, monstrous lust for the thing that makes you you, which you happen to splatter all over the internet and give to them so freely: your soul.

Your soul is now being managed in data bytes.

And they are getting more powerful and more wealthy as those data bytes grow. They’re immortalizing you and turning pieces of you into something malignant for them to feed off of.

Am I telling you to abandon your social media and your entire online existence so that the Communitarians won’t have anything to feast on?


I’m telling you that Communitarians will shove “think of the common good” language in your face. They’ll scare and shame then scare and shame then scare and shame some more. They’ll use intimidating graphs, pull you up out of your fear and depression only to cry “LOCKDOWN!” and put the fear of God in you again. They want a society collapsed and trembling and they want the collapse and trembling in UNISON. They will tell you with their oily fake words that it’s all for the common good and we need to COME TOGETHER TO FIGHT A VIRUS.

To a Communitarian, you are the virus. So mask up. Humiliate yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror: who are you?

They want you handing your immortal soul over to them for the common good. Yet, they don’t want you anywhere near your fellow humans, do they?

When the common good represents a malignant diseased version of yourself, enslaved until you are dead, then how you fight it is, not by disappearing your digital self: but simply by being you.

Overload, then break, the system with your collective individual selves.

Be defiant with it.

Be you.

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Everyone in the service industry is a power drunk bullying terrorist

Your doctors want you to die so they can get the COVID bucks

Swallowing semen cures COVID19

You think wearing pool noodles on your head and a mask on your face makes you look like a sanctimonious virtue signaler but really you look like an idiot

You think wearing a face shield on your face makes you look like a bad ass but really it just makes you look like an idiot or like an infantilized adult finally realizing his dream of playing storm trooper

The mask is placebo

You don’t know what placebo means

Children are building the new panopticon digital slavelization society and are trained to snitch on you

Gramma actually hates you by now and thinks you look like an idiot with a mask on. Most likely you’re out of the will

Your government is laughing at you

Rich people and the managerial class are laughing at you

Glory holes help stop the spread of COVID19

Acting is a hate crime

Activism and voting are the new sport/leisurely passtime for the bourgeoisie

Real doctors who care lose their websites and get yoinked off the Internet and their words are memory wiped

Cats carry COVID19

Artificial intelligence is writing the news

Vaccines that have never been trialed and are human GMO modifiers are good but healthy diet, exercise, sunshine, a little vitamin C and social gatherings are bad

No law was ever passed to wear a mask, shut down your business, shelter in lockdown but you did it anyway because you don’t know what words mean or even how laws work

You’ve voluntarily given up all your rights

You’re in love with your oppressors. You can’t wait to vote them into office and have them stomp their boot on your face some more

COVID19 is less deadly than the common cold, and theres no evidence it even exists, but the world is acting like their hair is going to catch fire if an asthmatic with a medical exemption doesn’t wear a mask

Police tape has been wrapped around playgrounds and you’re ok with it because you hate kids at play I guess

The guy who told the world a couple hundred million people were gonna die of a non existent virus has since retracted his whoopsie bogus statement and disappeared with his mistress and a bunch of money

All the famous actors and bullshit artists are drinking mai tais on their private islands while you think they’re doing time for crime

A daddy’s boy rich kid so called software developer with a severe personality disorder whose foundation only exists because he lost a lawsuit is in charge of jabbing the world

It’s Russia’s fault

You already get molested when you fly and now with your mask on you can’t even make polite conversation while you’re being felt up

You never ask when the shit that is bludgeoning you to death is going to end. You just describe it incessantly

You’re not on the street yellow vesting this tyranny so you must love it

It’s Russia’s fault

The media or your governor could tell you to shave your head, cut off your arm, sacrifice your first born, eat a bag of dicks and you’d be first in line to do it

Trillions of dollars is invested into media manipulation, Ponzi schemes with your taxes, every social movement you’ve ever been involved in, every facet of your life and efforts for globalization and slavelization have been simulated, documented and proven but it’s Trumps fault

A reality TV show host with a trail of personal debt and shady business dealings is going to save us

It’s Russia’s fault. No, wait. Maybe it’s not. No, it is

There’s civil and human rights violations happening every second of every day just around the corner from you but oh well. Stop complaining Karen

You throw walnuts at people who can’t wear mask, hurling walnuts and screeching like a deranged poop throwing monkey

You’re treating this collapse of society like an extended vaca

You’re in a cult, having one long continual psychotic episode and you’re allowed to walk free instead of being hospitalized and treated for your delusion

You’re healthy and robust but you believe you’re a bio weapon, a vector for a deadly virus

You have a god complex, imposing your will on others

You’re unstable, irrational and irritating and somehow I’m the bad guy for describing you

It’s only July and this is how many people have died

It’s the red dots in case you don’t know how to read

Since you don’t know what numbers or scale mean you’ll have another Hysterical meltdown

And because it’s you, it’s doubtful we will even make it to October

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Mask is Binary

Masks don’t work to keep everyone safe but there is no need to explain the evidence. 

Because it’s a cult now, a world view, scientific evidence is not part of the conversation now.

Since it is a cult, I believe it takes 12-16 weeks for the indoctrination to “set.” This is anecdotal based on reading about cults.

For person A, this “setting” or “gelling” process was fairly seamless and it was an easy transition. 

For person B, it never set or gelled and the process has been a nightmare. It isn’t about wearing a mask to virtue signal like it is with “A.” It remains a choice. And that choice is usually framed with coercion.

“I am being coerced to do something against my will. If I wish to partake in necessary life functions like shopping for food, then I must put on the mask to avoid conflict.” So for person “B”, it becomes about coercion and the implications of that are serious in an open society. 

Because to live under coercion means to live under fascism.  Fascism can only function in a closed society.

Not that I personally care, but have you been able to self-reflect and decide whether you are “A” or “B” in this binary mask delusion?

Unlike a typical human experience which leaves room for nuance and inconsistent viewpoints and the freedom to switch back and forth, open dialogue and seeing the person’s perspective through the lens of empathy, the mask is either just “A” or “B.”

This is what makes it binary, like a computer program.

Masks, like cigarettes, are a choice.

Those who are discriminating against people for not wearing a mask need to understand this.

Whether we choose to wear mask, which isn’t law, or choose not to, shouldn’t matter to the order followers and self appointed mask authoritarians because they’re still getting their paychecks whether consumers wear a mask or not.

The transactions are still taking place. 

But blatant violations of civil liberties and civil rights can no longer be ignored.

Also, masks are the final nail in the coffin of the mass indoctrination necessary to roll out AI. 

Yes the recognition software improves itself and focuses on your body’s movements and other aspects of surveillance when wearing mask.

But what mask really is is psychological training, to make you ok with any number of invasive treatment protocols be it vaccine, nanobots injected under your skin, panopticon surveillance, childhood capture of children pushed onto screens instead of playgrounds, classrooms or socializing.

And for some human adults mask represents the wiping away of memories and humanity. 

Many adults are having psychotic episodes and don’t even realize it.

Usually person “A” is flooding their Facebook pages and social media accounts with nostalgia: memories of family get togethers, human experiences like travel with friends and events and festivals, and there is a sentimental attachment to these images they signal but there is an ironic dissociation of it as well.

This is why the mask hysteria is binary in nature. It has no nature. To try to capture human nature within its binary-ness is meaningless and pointless.

Announcing to the world and to themselves the revelations that life is over, since they have integrated comfortably into mask, they live each day between languishing in memory and despairing in it, not understanding their despair and the flickering cognitive dissonance wreaking havoc on their reality. 

I imagine many mini earthquakes taking place in the interior of their sanctimony.

Person “B” rarely lives in this kind of sentimentality or nostalgia.. Person “B” is hitting social media hard: framing their arguments with white papers, scientific evidence, reasoning out their REAL reasons why they wear mask, calling out the hypocrisy, exposing the censorship and maintaining laser sharp focus on the issue of “coercion through a mask” and the ramifications to come.

In my armchair anthropological social media study of “A” and “B” , “A” lives in privilege and treats this experience as an extended vacation. Or, opposite and adversely, “A” lives in deep poverty with little intellectual understanding of the world, is often a victim of abuse, has substance abuse issues and little, if any, education. This “A” sincerely believes that everything that controls and oppresses a society is about protection of that society. Their humble need to wear mask and follow rules comes from a place of innocent ignorance and a lifetime of following orders as opposed to developing a world view.

Conversely, privileged “A” uses mask as a weapon to virtue signal and attack anyone who lives outside their carefully curated world view. Typically these two versions of “A” are polar opposites in socio-economic status and political affiliation. Yet, they come together as one under the benevolence of mask.

This is ironic, for the very people that “privileged A” has blamed for a Trump presidency, for instance, and called “deplorable basement dwellers” or “racist” are the very people that hold their same worldview-in-mask.

“B” comes from the same status, usually, as privileged “A”, but holds on to a philosophical allegiance to sovereignty. Although equally intelligent and often sharing the same basic socio-economic and political class, “B” has never had the financial or career meritocracy that privileged “A” has enjoyed.

“B” has always been able to mingle with “privileged A” since they share similar education, world views, status and socio-economic status but unlike “A”, “B” has struggled financially at times or struggled for respect, often being scapegoated at the office or in social settings.  “B”, typically throughout life, is more open to different world views whereas “A” remains staunchly rigid.

But now the mask has separated the privileged “A” and “B.” Mask has made it impossible for these two, who co-existed so easily before, to co-exist at all.

This is having profound impact on society psychologically and emotionally, in my humble opinion.

But within the “B” category exists a person or two (or three) who holds philosophical understanding of the need for sovereignty while also coming from the very same privilege and meritocracy and opportunity that only “privileged A” comes from. They too have a curated life and even world view. But, unlike “privileged A” , they allow their academic responses to guide them rather than their emotional responses enslaved to a world view that is often found in the virtue signaling “privileged A.”

I write this armchair analysis with no qualms about admitting my own status, that of “B” without the meritocracy – so clearly this piece is written through that lens.

However, as this situation gets worse and worse I feel I’m shedding my class status and see myself more as a humble oracle or someone acting as an indifferent witness to these global atrocities. Like a lot of people, I have to cut out the emotion and even cut people out of my life, because the totality of this fascism and malignancy has already shattered my soul like glass and the shards may cut the innocent within close range.

So I make the sounds and the words with the hope that people are moved to action.

I want them to be in love with their sovereignty and autonomy as much as I am. 

Many of the “B” and even the “privileged A” types are influential to me. Even those “A’s” who have demeaned my work. But, I’m able to set aside my world view and feelings to allow both sides to help guide the message. 

I recognize the futility of reaching out to and reasoning with “A” because my meritocracy-less status is a filter they cannot see through, no matter how profound my message or medium is.

However, the “privileged B” and “privileged A” could meet as class equals. Often the “privileged A” are the managerial class that are rolling out and setting into motion these plans that set pace for an excoriation of the human out of humanity. Perhaps the only ones to reason with them to stop this are those who have circled with them in the same meritocratic class – the privileged “B” who I described above as being led by academia rather than emotion.

We, the “B” without meritocracy, or the artists or oracles or light bearers or keyboard warriors – whatever you want to call us – need to see ourselves as bridges somehow to connect these two similar classes.

Class analysis is always mysteriously missing in the media’s analysis on the war of terror and now this War on a Cold. 

But without this class analysis and without our skills to bridge these two classes, I fear humanity is lost to us forever.

Addressing the Most Intelligent Among Us

“This is all a big game. Once the elections are over, everything will go back to normal.”

Things are not going back to normal. Elections have nothing to do with what we are experiencing now. Over the years corporations have been inching their way into our government bodies all over the country. Corporations send their lobbyists to the Chamber of Commerce, then the Chamber of Commerce decides what laws or tax breaks are best for the corporations. Politicians enter to campaign for the corporations that pay into their campaigns. You are not part of this process. Whether it’s the big presidential election or electing your small town commissioner or your big city representative, you have no power, no say and no influence in the outcome. When you vote, you are voting for the corporate sponsorship that pays your favorite politician. That corporate sponsorship wants to raise your taxes, keep you sick and stupid, take away your rights and property and extinguish your future. Therefore, when you vote you are voting for your own oppression. But they sure do make it look fun, don’t they? Therefore, no. Things will not go back to normal after the 2020 Presidential Election.

“This is a war between God and Satan.”

God and Satan were fantasy magical thinking constructs created by men who were paid by aristocrats and monarchs to remove your own power so the rich and powerful men of the day would always be able to rule over the rest of us. You are a sovereign individual with power and influence all on your own. By creating a God and Satan fictional scenario you can neither see nor hear, you are handing over your power to an empty construct. This is not a war between fantasy and fantasy. However, as a sovereign individual it is your right to choose the fantasy and no one would fault you for that. Churches, which are buildings that house these fantasy constructs, give people an opportunity to come together to share ideas about a better society. It’s out of these meetings of the mind that great things can happen. But God has nothing to do with it. And Satan isn’t trying to take it away from you.

There is a war going on though. It is the war between the power structure that has all the corporate money and all the influence and you. Their motivation to re-create humanity, enslave the entire global population, and take away everything that make you happy and safe and human is not because they are Satanists. It’s because they are greedy, simple, spoiled men and women who have lived a life of privilege and you are in their way of world domination. Some even say, they want to dominate galaxies. These are insane men who belong against the wall or in straight jackets. By claiming that this is a magical war between God and Satan you are letting these men get away with murder.

“The Covid 19 vaccine will cause cancer”

That’s actually partly true. The Covid 19 vaccine is not a vaccine. It’s a DNA modifier meant to capture your freedom and enslave you and push the human race into the next phase of evolution. Evolution takes millions of years. Since we are water based and carbon based, we came from water and carbon. God did not create us out of thin air in 7 days because he sneezed. We, as human beings, have evolved over millions of years. We went from something gelatinous kind of like jell-o, to something kind of like a tadpole, to something kind of like a frog, then a bird, then a primate and now, human. Over the next few million years we will probably evolve into something else if we let the natural order of things progress, naturally.

The COVID 19 vaccine pushers and owners seek to speed up that evolutionary process unnaturally. They want to jam pack millions of years of evolution into just a few years or some say by the end of this year. This means they have to use synthetic agents in the “vaccine” and once it’s jabbed into your DNA, you are no longer a human being. You are something different, something genetically modified.

That’s why it’s not a vaccine at all. It’s a DNA modifier and you are then a genetically modified non-human. Genetically modified organisms can be patented on the market to trade within corporations. It’s already done with our food and the rise and fall on the stock market sometimes indicates which genetically modified foods are popular or not. As a genetically modified human being you also then can be patented and traded, just like your food is.

As far as the cancer question, yes, you may have an adverse reaction to being genetically modified. You might get cancer, or an autoimmune disease. You might suffer from death. You might become brain damaged. There are all sorts of things that can happen to a human being when he is genetically modified

And again, after you have been genetically modified, you are then owned and uploaded. This is similar to when black Africans were bought as stock, like a cow, and branded and then traded on the slave trade market. Or, like when jews had a string of numbers tattooed on their bodies when they were used to justify payment for the incinerators they were murdered in. As a genetically modified non-human, you are now stock to be traded, tracked, invested in, exploited, placed on a blockchain ledger, killed, worked to death, however the corporations see fit to treat you after the COVID 19 “vaccine” is jabbed into you.

“By wearing a mask I am preventing further closure of small businesses and helping our society open up again and get back to normal”

That is false. The masks are a placebo which means you wear them because they make you feel good. They are also an outward sign of your indoctrination into a communitarian cult. But, despite your love of them and your belief that you have a secret magical God like power to keep a secret magical non existent virus from killing us all, you unfortunately do not have the power to keep small businesses open or closed or in operation or shuttered no matter how cute and magical your mask is and no matter how much you virtue signal with it.

That power belongs to the corporations that have taken over your local government. Whether you wear a mask or not, the corporations and central banks are still going to force closure of small businesses. Small businesses, after all, represent individuality and humanity. And in this communitarian world which is based on the extermination of human individuality and has its foundations in shaming, it not only needs you to shame your fellow man for not wearing a mask, but it also needs to exterminate anything that resembles individual initiative or inventiveness and that is typically represented in the form of a small business. So, whether you wear a mask or not, these trillion dollar funded corporations are going to shatter your small business footprint all across the globe. But thank you for trying!

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You May Make Enemies in Likely Places, You May Make Friends in Unlikely Places

We’ve been taught our entire lives to be polite. We’ve been told by being polite and treating our elders with respect that we will go far in life. We’ve been told that there are professionals who know better than we do. We’ve been instructed not to question their authority and to do exactly as they say because they are the experts and know best. This has turned out to be really really bad advice. Just about the worst advice given. Just about the worst advice received. And now, the worst advice ever followed.

I won’t tell you how you should behave or how you should think or how you should live your life. But because I behave and think differently than you and you may not like it, I can’t expect you to be my comrade or my friend or even my supporter. If who I am bothers you, then you go your way. And I’ll go mine.

But, a warning.

People will get offended. People will unfriend you on social media. People will ignore you. People will deny your offers of assistance. People will withdraw their support. People will roll their eyes at you on the street. People will avoid you in the only-aisles-we-have-left aka the grocery store or Target. People will shun you. People will get mad. People will gossip about you behind your back. People will twist your words and make you look like everything from a bigot to a racist to a grandma hating murderer. People may even try to hurt you or murder you simply because of your individual choices or who you are.

And people will suck you in to baseless nonsensical arguments. 19th and 20th century arguments that attempt to define our current situation are irrelevant and empty. This is the 21st century and the AI and tech that push neo feudal agendas are what should be addressed for they are compromising your very human experiences and essence. And your freedom.

And without corporate sponsorship, you’re not free. Or are you?

The 2020 Black Lives Matter movement has an unending unlimited cash infusion from iTunes, Apple, MicroSoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Venmo, PayPal, every Transportation app in the country, WalMart, Target, HomeDepot, Lowes, AirBnB, Safeway, Giant Eagle, Jewel, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Toyota, Ford, BMW, and every car manufacturer on the globe, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and every telecommunications company on the globe, your taxes, my taxes, and every educational institution on the globe. Does this define a grass roots movement? They and any other sponsored movement after them, don’t need you. So, if you decide not to participate in an organization that is funded to the tune of billions of dollars by the entire establishment, I think you get a pass. It’s ok not to want to be part of a proxy army of the establishment that has already thrown millions into unending poverty.

You don’t even have to politely say “No thank you.” After all, politeness has shoved us into the situation we are in right now. It has stomped out all sense of what’s right, what’s really right.. No, I mean what’s really right and important, like the fate of fucking humanity was tossed aside because you were afraid of offending someone.

When Sweden’s government told them they had to wear masks, shut down their economy, close their schools, socially isolate, smother themselves in sanitizer, get an innoculation, shelter in lockdown, and basically be treated like prisoners, what did they say? How did they respond? They didn’t respond. They gave a withering “you’ve got to be kidding me” sideways look to their would-be oppressors and continued on their way.

They just went about their lives and their businesses and even if schools or businesses did close (they didn’t) they could care less about offending their government, getting citations or being treated as if they were slobbering infants that need authority figures to bark commands at them.

Because the people of Sweden have allemansrätten. Meaning “every man’s right.” And to take away every man’s right is not how it works.

That is not how it works. Not for Coroni, not for anything. That’s not how it’s done. That’s not what you do. That’s not why you’re alive. That’s not a democracy. That’s not an open society. That’s not what being human is about. That’s not right. That’s not even close to being anywhere near what’s right.

So, they just ignored the threats and the commands and lived their lives as if the authority figures didn’t even exist. I’m guessing the anarchist vegan cafe and bookstore I was at 2 years ago never even closed their doors for one second after the Swedish government said that Coroni came to town.

What? Now you’re going to shove another mainstream press article that says Sweden is REALLY REGRETTING not kowtowing because they’re dropping like flies because Coroni went on another killing spree? That’s a lie. You’re a liar. You peddle lies. Mainstream press is paid to lie. Paid more money to lie to you than you’ll ever make in a lifetime. So, No Sweden is not regretting defying their government. ((Now get the fuck away from me.))

Then you walk away.

That’s how you handle the screaming hysterical lovers of fascism and oppression. They are sycophantic, imbecilic and a little bit stupid. You’re not supposed to be polite to people like that.

Now is not the time to be complacent or lazy. You’ve got bigger and better things to invest your energy in than fighting with the wanna be brownshirts. Like eating your vegetables. Getting fit. Staying focused. Developing routines. Keeping a schedule. Figuring out how your kids are going to survive this mess. Getting together with like minded friends who can help you figure out how to survive this mess. Creating autonomous communities that operate outside of hysteria, outside of RNA based inoculations, outside of fear mongering media, outside of psychological warfare, control agendas and all other manner of bullshit they shovel at you in relentless pursuit of grabbing your humanity and autonomy and auctioning it off to the highest bidder.

There is a lot at stake and it goes beyond your computer screen. And you know this.

You and your kids are not human capital meant to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. You are not meant to teach the software. You are not meant to never stand closer than 6 feet apart from friends and family. You are not meant to be locked inside your house like a prisoner. You are not meant for any of this. You are not meant to be muzzled like a misbehaving dog. Your children are not meant to be suffocated or kept apart from other children. You are not meant to live with the damage that this malfeasance and lawless malpractice will cause for years to come. You are not meant to be experimented on, stressed out and used for the enjoyment of the sick fucks who have all the money.

This is brutal. It’s never going back to what it was before Coroni came strolling into our lives. There’s no going back. You have to move forward. Your energy isn’t meant for people who still live in 20th century phrases, thoughts and comebacks. It’s the 21st century. Let’s move forward, no matter how impolite that sounds.

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The Way Things Are

The Bible is pretend.
But you can believe it if you choose.

Viruses are real.
They’re everywhere and won’t kill you.

You don’t need to wear a mask. Like all religions
You can worship it if you choose.

Surveillance capitalism & human capital markets is slavery.
These are what is driving society.

Public lands and parks are being privatized.
This means it will be hard for you to enjoy life.

Corporations are telling government bodies what to do.
This is what’s happening with Dept of Education telling kids they have to mask up and sit away from other kids at school.

When corporations tell government what to do and the people have no vote in these policies and don’t benefit from these policies it’s not a democracy. It’s fascism.

All politicians in one way or another are compromised.
They won’t save you. They’re waiting for you to save yourself and then they’ll jump on board if it works for their political career.

Small businesses like restaurants and cafes and coffee shoppes don’t need to close or only offer take away.
They can remain open and conduct their business like normal. If they get a citation for conducting business like normal since there is no law or mandate the citation is about as effective as used toilet paper
If they don’t conduct business like normal it’s a personal choice , not a mandate or a law.

No one has ever provided proof of claim on SARS COV-2. It’s just gibberishey marketing campaigns, simulations and psychological shaming agendas

Malpractice has taken place.
Innocent murder of healthy people by forcing them on ventilators.
Long term and systemic abuse of the elderly is why old people are being kept away from families. They are being slowly murdered on purpose because old people tell the truth.

The world banks continue to flood debt peonage to global markets
You and your children don’t have a future

The invasive dangerous and fully fascist AI tracking needs 5G to operate. The people rolling out the surveillance come out of Silicon Valley (San Francisco) and China and India and Israel. They’re the nicest fascists you’ll ever meet

Some technology will not be seen in poor neighborhoods. It’ll converge and concentrate in cities like San Francisco New York chicago London

Poorer communities will be human stock (slaves) where companies make investments into schools for example and make profit on the existence of children

School is no longer about children learning anything. It’s about stockpiling them into a ledger to profit off their human life and experiences

Working simultaneously with non profits who will also benefit from the human stock

The children’s “future” is comprised of low paying jobs that will never lift them out of poverty

Each wedge issue like race, sexual orientation, mental health, women’s choice, religious choice, environmental causes will circulate and reinvent itself as the latest cause du jour

Never addressing poverty

The supply chain is breaking down but maybe not in ways you think.
Food should be self sourced and farms should be supported

If a company or store or business or school or transit agency has a mask policy they’re not allowed to ask you why you’re not wearing one. I’d advise to leave immediately and not give them your business. Also, HIPAA laws state you are protected from discrimination. After you leave and refuse them your business sue them for violations of the law and discrimination.

The goal is to put businesses that act like fascists out of business. It’s why the largest grocery chain in PA has a class action lawsuit against it

In transit agencies and corporate stores like target and wal Mart recognition software needs you to wear a mask so it can improve itself

If your school board votes to make the mask and social isolation a policy stop paying them your taxes and sue them for violations.

Don’t engage with unstable people. Whatever worldview they have you won’t convince them otherwise because virtue signaling, shaming campaigns, narcissism and sociopath have replaced authentic emotion.

If you’re an authentic person you will get eaten alive

So, Try to enjoy yourself.

Life is only going to get harder.

And, it’s never ever going back to what it was.

I didn’t create this diagram but some brilliant mind did. I would say make it to go viral.

Incidentally this was originally a Facebook post but was deleted for going against “community standards” – this is why we have our own blog site.

The New Model: Communitarianism

As promised, we have released our latest video essay, “The New Model: Communitarianism” to the public for free. This is the third installation of our “New Model” series which you can find on our Book of Ours YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/bookofours

Communitarianism is the philosophy that drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Without this foundational philosophy the technocrats funding and implementing these data driven changes and fascistic power grabs would not be as organized as they are.

In order to understand their headspace, and their philosophical drive, you have to understand the core principles of Communitarianism, which has its root in corporate fascism (which is the merging of government and the private sector, or corporations) neoliberalism and everything from Social Movement Organizations (SMO) to seemingly pure grassroots Non Profit Organizations (NPO). Within these movements and organizations, only the managerial class or the billionaire class will benefit. This is why it’s called Communitarianism, it uses the working class and the lower classes to make a small segment of the population wealthy and powerful.

This is nothing new, since the United States was founded on such principles.

Although the philosophy of Communitarianism may seem overwhelming and ready to envelope us all, Communitarians only make up about 10% of the population.

As artists, Book of Ours seeks to interpret and creatively define these global issues and philosophies and offer them back to you in an aesthetic format. We use art, music and design to do this. We also have a great resource that we pull our ideas from. And what is that resource?


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Communitarianism is the philosophy that drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution


by Gianfranco Sanguinetti

This is a mirrored post from our friends at WinterOak on their blog: https://winteroak.org.uk/2020/06/04/occidental-despotism/

We are sharing, with many thanks to the author, this English translation of an important article written in April 2020.

The conversion of the Western representative democracies to a completely new form of despotism has, on account of the virus, assumed the juridical features of a force majeure (in jurisprudence, as is well known, force majeure is a case of exonerated responsibility). And so the new virus is at the same time both a catalyst for the event and a distraction for the masses through fear. (1)

For all the hypotheses I have put forth, since my book On Terrorism and the State (1979), regarding the manner in which this conversion (ineluctable, in my eyes) from formal democracy to despotism would be made, I must confess that I never imagined it would happen on the pretense of a virus. But the ways of the Lord are truly infinite. As are those of Hegel’s cunning of reason.

The sole reference, it can truly be said, as prophetic as it is disturbing, is one I found in an article by Jacques Attali, former boss of EBRD [European Bank for Reconstruction and Development], written for L’Express during the epidemic of 2009: (2)

photo of Jacques Attali
Jacques Attali

If the epidemic becomes a little more serious, which is possible, since it is transmittable by humans, it will have truly planetary consequences, both economic (the models suggest a loss of three trillion dollars, that is a 5% drop in global GDP) and political (due to risks of contagion). It would therefore be necessary to establish a global police force, a global stockpile, and therefore a global fiscal policy. We would then—much sooner than economic reasons alone would have allowed—come to establish the basis for an actual global government.

The pandemic was thus already envisioned: how many simulations were run by the major insurance companies! And by the protective services of the states. Just few days ago former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown again returned to the need for global government: “Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.” (3)

One hardly need add that such an opportunity can be either seized or created; it makes little difference in the end. Once the intention is there and the strategy is drawn up, all one needs is a pretext and to act accordingly. Among heads of state no one was caught off guard, or only right at the start, by foolishness of some sort or other. From Giuseppe Conte to Orban, from Johnson to Trump, etc., as crude as they are, all these politicians quickly realized what the virus was authorizing them to do with the old constitutions, laws, and rules. The state would of necessity pardon any illegality.

Once terrorism, which (one will agree) had been somewhat overly abused, had used up most of its potential, so well deployed for the first fifteen years of the new century, the moment had come to move on to the next phase, as I announced in 2011 in my text From Terrorism to Despotism.

Moreover, the counterinsurgency approach adopted immediately and everywhere in what is improperly called the “war on the virus” confirms the intentions underlying “humanitarian” operations in this war, which is being fought not against the virus, but against the rules, rights, guarantees, institutions, and peoples of the old world. I am speaking here of the world and institutions that have been established ever since the French Revolution and are now disappearing before our very eyes in the span of a few months, just as quickly in fact as the Soviet Union disappeared. The epidemic will end, but not the measures, possibilities, and consequences it has unleashed, which we are now only beginning to experience. These are the birth pangs of a new world.

We are witnessing the decomposition and end of a world and a civilization, that of bourgeois democracy with its parliaments, its rights and powers and counter-powers. These are now completely useless, since laws and coercive measures are dictated by the executive branch without being immediately ratified by parliaments, where judicial power, and thus the power of free opinion, loses all semblance of independence and hence its function as counterbalance.

Moreover, the counterinsurgency approach adopted immediately and everywhere in what is improperly called the “war on the virus” confirms the intentions underlying “humanitarian” operations in this war, which is being fought not against the virus, but against the rules, rights, guarantees, institutions, and peoples of the old world…. The epidemic will end, but not the measures, possibilities, and consequences it has unleashed, which we are now only beginning to experience. These are the birth pangs of a new world.

Peoples are thus brusquely and traumatically conditioned (as Machiavelli established: “injuries should be inflicted all at once, that they be less savored.”). The citizen having long ago disappeared in favor of the consumer, the latter now finds himself reduced to the role of simple patient, over whom one has the power of life and death, upon whom one can administer any kind of treatment or withhold it, depending on age (productive or unproductive) or any other criterion, arbitrarily decided and without the right of appeal, at the discretion of the caregiver or of others. Once imprisoned at home or in the hospital, what can he do about coercion, abuse, arbitrariness?

The Constitutional Charter has been suspended, in Italy for example, without raising the slightest objection, not even from the supposed “guarantor” of its institutions, President Mattarella. Having become mere monads, anonymous and isolated, subjects no longer have any “equality” to claim or rights to assert. Law itself will no longer be normative, but is already becoming discretionary, like life and death. We have seen that, on the pretext of the coronavirus, 13 or 14 prisoners can be killed with impunity and at the drop of a hat in Italy without so much as their names being given, or their crimes, or the circumstances, and no one seems to care. They are doing an even better job than the Germans at Stammheim Prison. They should admire us, at least for our crimes!

The only thing people talk about any more is money. And a state like Italy is reduced to begging the necessary capital for the transition from democratic to despotic forms at the hands of the sinister and illegitimate Eurogroup 16. The same Eurogroup that in 2015 ferociously wanted to expropriate the entire public patrimony of Greece, including the Parthenon, and transfer it to a fund situated in Luxembourg under German control. Even Der Spiegel described the Eurogroup diktats as “a catalog of atrocities” for the humiliation of Greece, and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote in The Telegraph that, if you wanted to assign a date to the end of the European project, this was it. So behold, the deed is done. All that remains is the Euro, and even that is highly provisional.

If a mere microbe sufficed to plunge our world into obedience to the most repugnant of all despotisms, this can only mean that our world was already so ready for this despotism that a mere microbe sufficed.

Neo-liberalism has had nothing to do with antiquated class struggles, it does not even remember them, thinks it has expunged them from the dictionary itself. It believes itself to be all-powerful, which does not mean that it is not afraid of them, since it knows very well what it is preparing to inflict on the people. It is obvious that people will soon be hungry, obvious that there will be mobs of unemployed, obvious that people working under the table (4 million in Italy) will have no support at all. And those whose work is tenuous, who have nothing to lose, will start to engage in struggle and sabotage. This explains why the strategy in response to the pandemic has above all been a strategy of preventive counterinsurgency. We will see some nice examples of that in America. The FEMA camps will soon be full.

There are thus at least two powerful reasons to impose the new despotism in the West: one is to contend with the domestic subversion it provokes and expects; the other is to prepare for foreign war with a designated enemy, which is the oldest form of despotism in history. Nothing new has been learned on that score since The Book of Lord Shang (Fourth century B.C.)—a book all strategists of the Occident should hasten to read with the greatest attention. If they have decided to attack Chinese despotism, they should begin by proving they are better on its own terrain, that is to say more effective, less costly, and better performing. In short, a superior form of despotism. But that remains to be proven.

Thanks to the virus, the fragility of our world appears in the full light of day. The game now being played is infinitely more dangerous than the virus and will cause far more deaths. Yet contemporaries seem not to be afraid of anything but the virus …

It would seem that the present age has been given the task of contradicting what Hegel said apropos the history of philosophy: “World history is the progress of the consciousness of freedom.” But freedom itself exists only insofar is it is in conflict with its opposite—he adds. Where is it today? While in France and Italy people denounce those who do not obey?

If a mere microbe sufficed to plunge our world into obedience to the most repugnant of all despotisms, this can only mean that our world was already so ready for this despotism that a mere microbe sufficed.

Historians will call the time that is now beginning the age of Occidental Despotism.

  1. I see that Edward Snowden has arrived at the same conclusion in an interview that was published on April 10, 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5OAjnveyJo
  2. https://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/societe/sante/avancer-par-peur_758721.html
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/mar/26/gordon-brown-calls-for-global-government-to-tackle-coronavirus

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